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By: Dave Logan

DAY 15 will test the organizational skills of TPX III. With six Michigan tour rallies staring them in the face, it will no doubt be an exhausting affair. However, with two recent, high profile successes under their belt — endorsing Rep. Michele Bachmann and Bart Stupak’s forced retirement — this crew’s not only up for the challenge, but looking forward to it. You see, these patriots don’t dig foxholes. Don’t even know how to. They’re headed in one direction and one direction only: down range.

TODAY’S MICHIGAN TOUR SCHEDULE: Cheboygan — 8 am; Petoskey — 10 am — Traverse City — 11:30 am; Big Rapids — 3 pm; Grand Rapids — 4:15 pm; Lansing — 7:15 pm. All times EDT.


TPX tour embed Andrea Shea King — The Radio Patriot — reports on yesterday’s big news: Stupak’s forced retirement, and she includes many photos from the Escanaba rally. Reporting alongside Andrea, Fox News’ Griff Jenkins.

Last night, the TPX crew was treated to a night out for a good meal. TPX TV set up live-streaming equipment table side and sent out invites so TPX supporters could attend the dinner via computer. During the dinner, viewers enjoyed watching many of the crew members being interviewed. They even had a chat room feature so viewers could interact with the crew. A huge success for TPX TV’s Wm and Selena Owens.

President of America’s Mighty Warriors, Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, attended the dinner and took a few moments to talk about her son, Marc Alan Lee. Marc was the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq while defending our freedoms back here at home.


MORE TPX COVERAGE can be found at Marathon Pundit, Noisyroom, and Instapundit. The TPX crew greatly appreciates everyone’s tour coverage. Everyone’s. It’s made a real difference. Less than a week remains, so let’s finish strong. **Stupak saves TPX 200 Grand**


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