Fantastic Aerial Footage of Massive Crowd – Boston Tea Party

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What an amazing day for great patriots – here’s the aerial footage from the “Boston Tea Party” that we here at the Tea Party Express just hosted with Gov. Sarah Palin.

You – our supporters – made this happen with your donations and volunteer assistance. You all should be so proud! It was a fantastic event. Really incredible. Well over 10,000 people streamed in during the 2 1/2 hour event!!! Watch the aerial footage:

And tomorrow it gets better as the Tea Party Express pulls into Washington, D.C. for a series of events. We invite you to join us if you’ll be in or near the D.C. area.

For complete details on our April 15th events in Washington D.C. – CLICK HERE.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Aerial Footage of Massive Crowd – Boston Tea Party

  1. You know that picture only shows a few hundred people. I’m not sure if that is anything to be too excited about. I mean more people show up to womens golf than that.

  2. dose is obviously using CNN style math – you know, the kind of math where they call thousands of people ‘dozens’.

    Pretty impressive sized crowd.

    Only a small handful of ‘crashers’ and it was fairly easy to pick out the racist, moronic, unwashed liberals.

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  4. No CapitalG I’m actually using the photo in the article and using common sense. There are only a few hundred people in that picture maybe 500 at most. If you have a picture that shows a larger crowd by all means lets see it.

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