By: AJ

Chris Coons – D-DE

The media has failed Delaware voters; they have not vetted Senatorial candidate Christopher Coons.

Delaware voters need to know that if Christopher “Chris” Coons is elected as their Senator, he will vote for legislation that will wastefully spend taxpayer dollars (e.g. Stimulus 2, 3, 4, etc.), cause more jobs to be lost, raise their taxes as he’s done time and again, support the most extreme radical-left special interest groups and grow the size of government.

How do we know this? Chris Coons has already shown us what he really plans to do as Senator.

Chris Coons is to the far, far left of Joe Biden (former Delaware Senator). Chris Coons has demonstrated that he says one thing to voters to get elected, then does the opposite once he’s elected. Delaware voters should know the truth about Chris Coons’ accomplishments, positions and plans before they cast their vote.

1. What is Chris Coons’ position on Taxation and the Redistribution of Wealth? (Notice he campaigns on one thing, and when elected, HE DOES THE OPPOSITE.)

“In 2004, while campaigning to become New Castle County’s top executive, a position he was elected to, Coons promised not to raise taxes. Since then he has raised taxes three times.

From The Washington Examiner:

“Coons inherited a surplus. Celebrating victory on election night in 2004, he said his ‘top priority would be to continue balancing the budget without increasing property taxes,’ according to an account in the local News Journal.”

“Yet in 2006, he pushed through a 5 percent increase in property taxes. In 2007, he raised property taxes 17.5 percent. In 2009, he raised them another 25 percent. Coons wanted to raise other taxes, too. He proposed a hotel tax, a tax on paramedic services, even a tax on people who call 911 from cell phones.”

Also see: The Chris Coons Project – how Tweed Park Project gave to the rich and took the property of the working class – Delaware News

2. What will Chris Coons do if he is elected Senator, and what has he already done?

“The size of County government has grown every year under Coons and the budget has steadily increased. (Who is Chris Coons? – Marxism Blue Hen, Sept. 17, 2010)

“Coons raised taxes in 2005, 2007 and 2009. He also raided the county’s reserve fund and increased water and sewer fees.

“His support for taxpayer-funded abortion and partial-birth abortion earned him a 100 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America.

“He favors amnesty for immigrants who are here illegally.

“His statements on the economy indicate that he thinks we need another stimulus bill.

Tax Reform

Increase property & sewer taxes; layoff 75 county employees. (Mar 2009)
New approach to replace Bush tax cuts. (Aug 2010)

Energy and Oil

Oil drilling poses an environmental risk. (Jul 2010)
Buildup of carbon dioxide is unsustainable. (Jul 2010)

Free Trade

Link fair trade with national security. (Jul 2010)

Homeland Security

Link security with development and human rights. (Jul 2010)

Obamacare and Washington

Coons stated at a debate in Wilmington, DE that he supported Obamacare as currently written and indicated that there was little going on in Washington that he would change. (Sept 2010)


Coons supports extending Miranda rights to terrorists. (Sep 2010)

3. What is Chris Coons’ intent if he becomes Senator, according to Chris Coons himself?

“Serving in the United States Senate would be a “great way for me to apply the principles and values that were honed at YDS.”

4. What are the principles and values Chris Coons honed at Yale Divinity School (YDS) where he earned a Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) in 1994?

Yale Divinity School Courses and Required Reading:

Witchcraft and Witch Hunting: Specifically listed as REL 717: Witchcraft and Witch Hunting, the “REL” presumably stands for “Religion.”

Queer Worship: The formal name for this course is REL 786, Liturgy and Gender (Queer Worship).

Queer Globalizations: Citizenship and the Afterlife of Colonialism is a great place to start. And Queer Globalizations? What values are to be found there? A check over at Amazon shows such interesting chapters and sections as “The Wily Homosexual” “Queer Values in a Global Economy” “Redecorating the International Economy: Keynes, Grant and the Queering of Bretton Woods” and “Stealth Bombers of Desire.”

Feminist/Womanist/Gendered Theologies: This course is listed as “REL 749.” It is designed, the course description says, “to formulate a robust theological understanding of today’s theopolitical issues” by “using feminist, womanist, and ethnic gendered theologies.” A religious movement focusing on how exactly to liberate African women in America. Drawn from feminist and liberation theology.

Introduction to Christian Ethics II: Yet another opportunity here in “REL 715” for Coons to study up on his favorites. Black Liberation Theology guru James Cone is mandatory reading here. Values taught in the reading for a class on Christianity? In God of the Oppressed, Cone salutes the values of Marx in a chapter called “Marx and the Sociology of Knowledge” while also musing about “Jesus is Black and the “Meaning of Liberation.”

We’ve only scratched the surface of Chris Coons’ track record, positions, intent and background. Clearly there is a great deal more to learn about him. Will the media vet him and inform Delaware voters? Probably not, but KeyWiki is vetting him. Go to http://keywiki.org/index.php/Chris_Coons to learn more.

It might also interest Delawareans that Coons lost faith in America’s free market system as a child… long before his trip to Kenya where he said he became a “Bearded Marxist.” You see, his family fell on hard times when he was a pre-teen and his parents divorced. But what Chris Coons fails to mention much is that soon after those tough times, his mother, Sally, re-married when Coons was just 14 years old. Who did she marry? Robert Gore, wealthy Chairman of W.L. Gore & Associates, the Newark-based fabrics-maker.

By 1984, after observing Kenya’s socialistic system, Coons wrote, “I realize that Kenya and America are very different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America might be largely untrue.” The boundless opportunities to be had n America might be largely untrue? Perhaps Chris Coons decided he needed to ‘transform America.’ What has Coons done to make things better for Delawareans?

As New Castle County’s “top executive.” Chris Coons’ policies led his county to the top spot… with the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of all three Delaware counties.

With 35,300 unemployed Delawareans, voters will need to make a choice.

Do Delawareans want a Senator like Chris Coons who will continue to raise taxes and kill jobs? Do they want a Senator who doesn’t believe in our free-market system and, under his watch, drives his county to the highest unemployment rate in the state? If that’s what they want, Chris Coons is their guy.

But if Delawareans want what 70 to 80% of Americans want – lower taxes, job growth and reduced government spending/waste, then Christine O’Donnell is their gal.

It’s a simple choice and it has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican. It has everything to do with what each candidate will do once they’re elected and we know what Chris Coons will do based on what he’s already done and his stated positions.


Sharia in Minnesota – Sympton of a Wider Problem?

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

In a free society, the cab company depicted above would simply be able to fire their Muslim drivers who refused to carry passengers not in compliance with Sharia law.

Then the Muslims could go and set up their own company and attempt to survive in a tiny market of Sharia compliant fares – until economic reality forced them to re-evaluate their ideas.

Target would simply fire those Muslim employees who refused to handle pork products. They could then go to work in a Sharia compliant store and try to make a living in Muslim minority Minnesota – or change their values and thinking to reflect local conditions.

From the 17th to the early 20th century, immigrants to America had to integrate in order to survive. You had to “meet the market,” or you would be on the breadline until you did. There was little government welfare and no anti-discrimination laws.

If you adapted and integrated you had the chance to prosper. If you chose not to integrate, you lived in a ghetto, until you saw the error of your ways.

Today, too many immigrants realize they can exploit local welfare and anti-discrimination laws to achieve a privileged status not enjoyed by the locals – a sure recipe for resentment, jealously and racial and ethnic discord.

The solution is simple. Return to the open, free market economy and the non-regulated non-“Politically Correct” society that made America an example to all.

E Pluribus Unum – out of many, one, is both a noble ideal and a cold hard social necessity. It can only be achieved through economic and social liberty and equality before the law, never through special privilege and imaginary “group rights.”