Financial and World News Update – 03/04/11

Food Prices Approaching ‘Dangerous Levels;’ ‘Volatility’ On The Horizon? (UPDATED)

Bill Gates Addresses The ‘Completely Unsustainable’ Crisis In Public Pensions

Is Portugal’s Treasury Down To Just $4 Billion?

Did U.S. Intelligence Mastermind The Stuxnet Cyber-Missile?

Mind-Blowing Satellite Pictures Show How Cities Grow Over Time

Qaddafi Takes His First Western Hostages

Dylan Grice On The Awful Interest Rate Situation That Will Crush The Back Of The American Government

Wisconsin Senate Wants AWOL Democrats Arrested

Egypt’s Military Junta Starts Handing Out Jail Sentences, And Activists Are Freaking Out

The 23 Governments That Could Get Crushed By Food Price Inflation

“At some point you’ve made enough money…”

EDITORIAL: Holder ill serves his ‘people’ (Hat Tip: Curtis Frantz)

US Naval Update: It’s A Mediterranean Party And The Enterprise Is Invited – Libyan Endgame Expected Within 5-7 Days

NIALL FERGUSON: Democracy Is The Least Likely Outcome In The Middle East, And Oil Could Spike To $200

Forget Trichet’s Hawkish Comments, Here Are Three Reasons The Euro Is Still Screwed

Wis. governor warns of layoffs, talks to Democrats

Judge: States must continue with health overhaul

Public Broadcasting Should Go Private

Oil’s surge felt by drivers, fliers and shoppers

Bail Out Europe’s Banks?

Watch Out, Africa … The World Bank Has a ‘Plan’

Three Investing Gurus See Dark Days Ahead for the Dollar (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

How Do We Check Runaway National Power? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)


192,000+ JOBS

Dow Plunges 170 Points Amid Rising Oil


Libyan Troops Strike Rebels; Battles Rage in Oil Ports

Army shells Zawiyah; at least 30 civilians killed


Yemeni army ‘fires on protesters’

Iraqi forces use water cannon to disperse protests

Sunnis, Shi’ites clash in Bahrain

New Egyptian PM cheered in Tahir Square

SOROS: Iranian regime will be overthrown in ‘bloodiest of the revolutions’

Oil tests investor resilience

Gas Prices See Biggest One Week Increase Since Hurricane Katrina

Raised 17 Cents on NJ Turnpike

Biden opens budget talks — then leaves country

China’s defense budget to rise 12.7%

Lawmakers Push To Ban Photos, Videos At Accident Scenes

Egypt’s top archaeologist warns of looting

SHOCK REPORT: GM sells just 281 Chevy Volts in February

Obama: No Arming of U.S. Agents in Mexico

Agent killed at border shot beanbags at armed illegals

DeMint: Execs of PBS, NPR make more $ than Obama

‘The beast has eaten!’ MS-13 gang member yells after killing innocent man

Last World War I vet denied Capitol honor

Utah Considers Return to Gold, Silver Coins

24 States Look to Enact Arizona Immigration Law

UPDATE: Air Force’s 2nd Secret X-37B Space Plane Likely Testing Spy Satellite Tech

WI moves to bring AWOL Dems back — by force!


Making secret visits home?

…layoff notices to come Friday

Pressure Mounts


WI OFFICIALS: Statehouse suffered $7.5 million in damages during protests

NJ Union Workers Suspended for Calling Out Sick

CT Town Ordered to Pay for Union Workers’ Coffee

Homeland Security explored covert body scans

Protesters leave Capitol after 17 days of protests

Police facing growing protest at UC Berkeley

Shhhh … Nobody Tell Iowahawk

Greenspan Waking Up; Founding Fathers Clean His Clock

Victory Gardens Produce Abundance (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Egyptian special forces secretly storm Libya (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Obama, the Apostate (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

How Do We Check Runaway National Power? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Reid Seeks Senate Votes on Democratic, Republican Budgets

Record Gasoline Grips Europe, California Faces $4 a Gallon

California’s `Cadillac’ Death Row Complex a Budget Target

Brits Swing Budget Ax at U.N. — Will U.S. Do Same?

Mexico Police Chief Quits, Flees to U.S.

Florida Gov Given the Right to Refuse Rail Funds

New Proof Retired FBI Agent Missing in Iran Is Alive

Morning Bell: The Jobs Obama is Leaving Behind

Libyan Revolution Reveals Foolishness of Arms Trade Treaty

NEW VIDEO: Collective Bargaining 101

Repeal is Not Enough: How States Can Survive the Impending Medicaid Crisis

Why the Unions Are Really Protesting

House Judiciary Committee Passes No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Hillary Clinton says US in direct competition with China

Obama Administration Refuses to Call Germany Attack an Act of Terrorism

Obama administration prepares for possibility of new post-revolt Islamist regimes

Now We’re Cooking: Judge Vinson

Judge to Prez: You Have 1 Week to Save Obamacare

Real-World Cases Prove: Spending Restraint Works

De-Banked By Dodd-Frank

The Only Way Out for the American Economy (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

You Call This An Economic Recovery? 44 Million Americans On Food Stamps and 10 Other Reasons Why The Economy Is Simply Not Getting Better (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Will Statue of Liberty be fitted with Muslim burkha? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Protests Reported At Iran Chemical, Tire Factories

How Libya’s tribes will decide Gaddafi’s fate

Krauthammer criticizes Obama for treating U.S. troop shooting in Germany like ‘a bus accident’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WISCONSIN UNIONS Continue to Threaten Local Businesses

It Begins… WI School President Threatens Private Business For Printing Pro-Walker T-Shirts

Unemployment Rate at an Awful 8.9% – White House Says This Proves Their Policies Are Working?

Union Goons Storm Ohio Restaurant and Threaten Republican Lawmakers

Nice. Wasserman Schultz: If We Don’t Fund Early Schooling for Poor Families Their Kids Will Become Criminals (Video)

Ohio Senate Prevents Professors From Engaging in Collective Bargaining

SCREAMING LEFTIST MOB Storms Wisconsin State Capitol

It Begins… WI Assembly Democrats Move Desks Out of Capitol Building

Leftist Loons & Pro-Shariah Muslims Protest Proposed Tennesse Shariah Law

Wisconsin Officials Says It Will Cost Up to $7.5 Million to Clean After Protest “Slobs”


Democrats co-sponsor House bill to curb EPA

Fired workers burn Indian executive to death

Iowa Democrats prepare for Wisconsin-type collective bargaining threat

Mideast Unrest Could Push Oil Over $140 a Barrel, Roubini Says

Greenspan: Soaring Oil, Deficit Pose Huge Risks to Recovery

ATF begins spin in wake of devastating press reports

CBS Blows the Lid off of ATF Gunwalker Scandal

Senator Grassley’s latest letter to Holder & Melson. 5 Pages and 10 Attachments (gunwalker)

One, two, three punch: LA Times follows up on CBS & CPI. (gunwalker)

Mexican truckers to be allowed in U.S.

Sebelius: Yes, we’re double-counting Medicare savings (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Hey, Eric Holder: Meet My People

Rocket Carrying Global Warming Satellite Crashes Into Ocean… Again; Global Warming to Blame

Update: Tackled Wis. Rep Admits ‘I Was Aggressive’

Unemployment Falls to 8.9% — Hits Two Year Low

Alan Greenspan Says Too Much Government Is Preventing Economic Recovery

‘Hate Comes to Orange County’: CAIR Pumps Video of ‘Anti-Muslim Bigots’


State Worker Retirements Soar Across the Country

The Dollar, and The Next Ten Days. “The next ten days will be key: Will the dollar spike up? Become the safe haven of everyone fleeing from the world’s troubles? Or will the dollar nosedive, the first big step down in its death spiral?”

James Turk – The Dollar Collapse Will Shock the World

It’s Taps For the Still Weakening Dollar

February Retail Sales Rise In Most Categories

Oil Jumps Above $102

Bernanke Sees 200,000 Hit to Jobs From Budget Cuts

Feeling the Heat: Global Inflation

Britons face soaring food prices as supermarkets boost margins and blame inflation, analysts warn.

File Under “Humor Department”: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Tuesday the U.S. central bank is ready to respond as necessary to a surge in global commodity prices caused in part by unrest in the Middle East, though he said inflation expectations remain low.

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