Robert Gibbs the Perfect Reverse Barometer

By: T F Stern
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There’s a short AP article which has advice from Robert Gibbs, one of Obama’s re-election campaign strategists (“strategerists” for Rush listeners). Immediately the thought occurred, General Custer supposedly asked an Indian scout which way to go at the battle of Little Big Horn. In the movie, Little Big Man, Custer explained, “whatever this scout says will be exactly the opposite of what he wants me to do.” So it is with Robert Gibbs, anything he says will be a reverse barometer.

“Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says Republicans must decide whether they’re going to “swear allegiance to the tea party” or work with Democrats to create jobs.”

Let’s take that statement apart and find out what Gibbs is actually saying. Republicans must decide whether they’re going to “swear allegiance to the tea party;” isn’t that the same as reminding folks “tea party” is code for main stream America? The Tea Party movement represents a broad swath of middle American values which are easily identifiable; government should follow the rule of law and stay within Constitutional limits, enforce immigration laws, stop spending money we don’t have and sharply curtail entitlement programs to name a few.

Gibbs made it sound like an “either/or” proposition, “work with Democrats to create jobs” or abandon all hope; as in Hope and Change. He meant to say Union jobs; but in either case government cannot create jobs. They can only hinder the free market where real jobs are born of necessity. Gibbs thinks Republicans should abandon American values and join with Democrats; swell, just swell!

“He also suggested that some Republicans “do not want to see this economy get better” because they know continuing misery will likely improve their election prospects.”

The Democrat’s agenda leads to destruction. Pardon me if I associate them with Progressives, or should I simply call them Marxists, intent on destroying our Constitutional Republic? Isn’t that what redistribution of wealth is all about?

Printing money at record rates will eventually make the Dollar worthless and inflationary prices on basic commodities which follows will make it extremely difficult (extreme is a trigger word used by the left when labeling conservatives; turn about is fair play). At the same time our ability to run industry will no longer exist since Obama’s directives to the EPA have handcuffed the coal and oil industries and the jobless rate will be near twenty percent before it’s all over. Which party doesn’t want to see the economy get better?

We are nearing that point in time when the American people will do like other desperate people have done across the earth; they will grab hold of anything which looks like it might keep them afloat, even if that means living in bondage under socialism. When we as individuals forget to be self-sufficient and permit ourselves to take government handouts a little piece of liberty is sacrificed. Is this what Obama meant when he asked every one to sacrifice a little more in order to bring about the Transformation of America?

The end game of the Democrat Party is totalitarian socialism. This is not a hidden agenda, only now have all the stars been aligned in such a way as to make it possible to complete. Don’t believe me? Go down the list!

One last quote from Gibbs and it’s time to give it a rest… I had to put brown shoes on prior to including this last quote.

“Gibbs says Obama favors a number of moves to help businesses step up hiring. He says “the president is not focused on keeping his job, most of all. He’s focused on creating jobs for the American people.”’

Gibbs would have us believe; speaking as one of Obama’s re-election campaign strategists, Obama’s current bus tour isn’t a re-elect Obama campaign tour on wheels. Obama has never stopped running for office; that’s the only reason he steps in front of a teleprompter. He certainly can’t run on his accomplishments, only on the promise of better things to come while continuing to blame the previous administration for all our ills. You want jobs, you’re family has lost its house, you’re unemployment check is about to run out, “Here I am to save the day…Mighty Mouse will save the day!” I mean “Obama and government handouts will save the day.”

Obama’s focused on doing a number on the American public, not on creating jobs for the American people. Obama and those in his close knit circle of advisers despise main stream America and what we stand for. Is it any wonder their attacks on the tea party movement are so vicious? When they tell us our only hope is to join with them, shouldn’t we first ask, “Why would we want to join with you in destroying the greatest nation ever?” No thank you; instead let’s restore that which was great to begin with!

Thank you Robert Gibbs for reminding everyone of what really is going on. Your advice is priceless.

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