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Did a Pro-Eugenics Org Advertise on MSNBC During the GOP Debate?

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So just what is Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS)? According to their website, the group focuses on “runaway population growth,“ a problem it says will have ”severe and irreversible consequences for our children and grandchildren”:

The solutions are limiting immigration, encouraging lower fertility and educating the public about likely outcomes if we fail to take decisive action today.

“Encouraging lower fertility”? Is that a milder way of saying “population control?” Indeed, Californians for Population Stabilization allies itself with Planned Parenthood in several places on its website, and praises Margaret Sanger, a known proponent of eugenics, for her “important work.”


Occupy Wall Street Stages a Dry-Run

Hat Tip: Talk South Radio

From Occupy Wall Street:

On Thursday, Sept. 1st, a small group of demonstrators were met with police intimidation while performing a peaceful and legal occupation of a public sidewalk on Wall Street for a single night. Nine were arrested for disorderly conduct and later released without charge. One demonstrator was held for 24 hours because he was unable to provide proof of residency.

This demonstration was intended to serve as a one night test run for the September 17th occupation using the “legal encampment” strategy. According to a federal court ruling in 2000, the use of “public sleeping as a means of symbolic expression” is allowed on public sidewalks in New York City. (METROPOLITAN COUNCIL, INC., Plaintiff, -against- HOWARD SAFIR, Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, et al., June 12, 2000 [99 F. Supp. 2d 438; 2000 U.S. Dist.]). The demonstrators of Bloombergville also employed this tactic for an occupation that lasted a few weeks.

Despite fully obeying the law, demonstrators were still met with police harassment and intimidation. This event serves to remind us that we’re living in a police state with absolutely no respect for the right of the people to peacefully assemble and exercise their constitutional free speech. But we will not be scared away or deterred. This abuse of authority by the NYPD only serves to strengthen our resolve and reinforce our belief that corruption and injustice in America must be fought.

More will be coming September 17th.

It’s coming people. There will be violence – don’t be part of it.



Trials and Tribulations of Life on the Road

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Doing a national tour for 17 days is not without its challenges. The weather turned foul once we got into New York last Sunday (remnants of Hurricane Katia), and hasn’t abated since. Last night as we traveled through Pennsylvania, we hit some pretty heavy rain. It was stop and go traffic, bumper to bumper, and more than once our driver had to hit the brakes hard, sending everything flying that was not nailed or sitting down. Gold Star mom Debbie Lee, standing middeck on the bus, was saved from being torpedoed some 15 feet forward into the windshield by a quick acting Eric Odom who grabbed her jacket and stopped her momentum.

Kay Rivoli reorganizes our food cabinet following last night’s sudden stop that sent contents bursting out and spilling all over the floor.

Exhausted after two rallies in the rain, a long drive, frayed tempers, and numb posteriors, we finally arrived at our hotel and collapsed gratefully into a dry and comfortable bed for a short six-hour sleep. But some of us weren’t so lucky. Our sound guys — Jeremy and Jason Kadinger — met with near disaster during the tropical storms that have overflowed rivers and caused Pennsylvania to be declared an emergency disaster area. Jeremy tells the story in an email we got this morning:

Good morning folks,

My brother and I were driving down the turn pike to the hotel and got caught in a massive downpour. The hills started giving way and the road flooded with water. We hit a mud slide, swerved and ran into a foot of water. This sucked water into the engine, fowling it. We got towed to a service station that opens at 7:00 AM.

Not wanting to wait we went to work fixing the problem our selves. As my brother started tearing into the engine I called a taxi to take me to Walmart for supplies. After many attempts the taxi driver had to give up as the whole town of Harrisburg is cut in half by flood waters. We have tried and tried with the supplies we had on hand with out success. A county worker told me the county is a disaster area. It is 6:30 am and we will have to wait until the service station opens and hope that we can be put in the front of the line.

The bus has our emergency sound system for a contingency such as this and the product truck has out mid sized sound system.

We are working an the challenge. maybe someone (Gary?) could pick up one of us to run the sound system and one of use can stay with the van repair?

Pray for us if you are the praying kids as we are exhausted by this.


Jeremy Kadinger

We are praying for them, and some of our guys — Ron Rivoli, David “Polatik” Saucedo, and comedian Jimmy Labriola have offered to take over the driving when they catch up to us to let the Kadingers get some sleep on the bus.

During a truck stop this morning to fuel up and get supplies, some of the guys on the bus engaged in an impromptu game of touch football. In the photo are: Taylor Budowich, James Lyle. Also playing but out of the frame were Levi Johnson, Jimmy Labriola, David Saucedo and Chris Pagard.

During the stop, David Saucedo called his Mom Cathy who lives only a mile away in the Shenandoah Valley, and she drove out to say hi. We had just enough time to grab a photo of them.

“Polatik” and his Mom Cathy. “That’s the Tea party”

This coming Saturday when we’re in Jacksonville, more TPX members will hop on and the bus will become a little “cozier” as they join us for the CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate set for Monday night, Sept. 12th. Elizabeth Letchworth, our friend and Capitol Hill Insider will be among them.

So… life on the road is not without its travails and challenges, but it is adventurous and mostly a lot of fun. The laughter, lively conversations, and fellowship make for a memorable experience, one that none of us would want to miss.


Post’s “Top Secret America” Hides the Real Secrets

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the Washington Post has published excerpts of Top Secret America, a book based on a series of articles in the Post by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin. The book refers to “the new national security state,” meaning the U.S. military, the CIA, the FBI, and other public entities and even private contractors engaged in defense or intelligence work. One waits in vain for the Post to investigate and expose the strategic plans of the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups that want to destroy us.

“More than a dozen Washington Post journalists spent two years developing Top Secret America,” we are told.

The answer to the expansion of the “national security and intelligence system,” which is presented as a major problem in the work of Priest and Arkin, can be found in the activism of Priest’s husband, the silent partner in the series, a left-winger by the name of William Goodfellow. This is an open “secret” that the Post wants desperately to conceal from its readers. It leads to the exposure of the far-left networks behind much of the “real news” we see, read, and hear in the mainstream media.

Goodfellow runs the Soros-funded Center for International Policy (CIP), which “is in the vanguard of the movement to develop an alternative foreign and defense policy based on international cooperation, demilitarization and respect for human rights,” its newsletter proclaims.

Its other goals include:

  • Finding “new ways to encourage cooperation” with the Castro dictatorship.
  • “Reining in the CIA.”
  • “Ending the war in Afghanistan,” and
  • “Building public support for peace.”

The Goodfellow connection is never mentioned in the Priest bio on the paper’s website. William M. Arkin, a columnist and reporter with The Washington Post and washingtonpost.com since 1998, is the co-author of the book and the series and “has worked on the subject of government secrecy and national security affairs for more than 30 years,” his bio says.

In fact, he has made it his mission to expose the means by which the United States defends itself, in order to disarm the nation in the face of threats from the old Soviet Union and international communism and now from global Islam. In the 1980s he worked for the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), which provided cover and protection for such figures as Chilean Marxist Orlando Letelier, a paid agent of Cuba, and CIA defector Philip Agee, another paid agent of Cuba. The IPS also conducted international conferences with Soviet KGB-affiliated research organizations such as the Institute of the USA and Canada and the USSR-USA Friendship Society.

The IPS is the same organization that then-Rep. Leon Panetta, now Secretary of Defense, was associated with. Panetta and his wife were sponsors of an IPS anniversary celebration in 1983. During the 1980s, Panetta joined with IPS in opposing every major weapons system proposed by the Reagan Administration.

The IPS affiliation is not noted in an old Post bio of Arkin but it is mentioned that he “co-authored Nuclear Battlefields in 1985, revealing the locations of all U.S. and foreign nuclear bases worldwide” and that the book was “condemned by the Reagan Administration” for obviously threatening the security and safety of those weapons. Publicity for the book’s release was handled by Fenton Communications and its president, David Fenton, later to become a paid agent of George Soros when he campaigned in 2004 to defeat George Bush for re-election. (Fenton also represented the Salvadoran guerrillas, the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, CIA defector Philip Agee, the Marxist government of Grenada and communist Angola.)

Since Arkin and Panetta, now Secretary of Defense and before that, CIA director, were associated with IPS during the same time period, questions will naturally be raised about whether they have exchanged information as the series and book project were underway. This is not an unfair line of inquiry, since the Post bio claims that Arkin in the past has spoken to “a number of government audiences, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the CIA, various offices on the Air Staff and various senior service schools and war colleges, the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, naval intelligence, the Central Air Forces (CENTAF) staff, the Defense Intelligence Agency…” and others.

Arkin co-authored Nuclear Battlefields when he was on the staff of the IPS. A press release said he was a “Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies” and had directed its “Nuclear Weapons Research Project” since 1981. The book was designed to alarm the public about a “nuclear infrastructure” that was said to be “out of control and beyond accountability,” a press release said, adding, “It is vital that citizens, legislators, and elected officials begin to comprehend this hidden world and try to bring it under control.”

This is the template that we see at work in the Post series. The Post publishes an analysis of the alleged terrible danger posed by “top secret America” and then the left-wing groups come forward to argue for “social justice and peace,” in the words of the CIP. Clearly, they are hoping to use rising concern over the debt and deficit to make massive cuts in what the paper describes as “the huge national security buildup in the United States after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.”

The system, the Post says, is “so big, so complex and so hard to manage, [that] no one really knows if it’s fulfilling its most important purpose: keeping its citizens safe.” Unfortunately, the Post does not really seem concerned about the latter. After all, Post reporter Marilyn Thompson covered and wrote a book, The Killer Strain, on the anthrax case and unfairly pointed the finger at Dr. Steven Hatfill, who was labeled a “person of interest” but never charged and was later officially exonerated, to the point where he collected $6 million in damages from the Department of Justice and the FBI for using the media to finger him.

The anthrax case, which was prematurely closed by the FBI when another persecuted suspect killed himself rather than fight for his reputation, was the work of al-Qaeda operatives on U.S. soil, according to the most authoritative book on the subject, Anthrax and Al Qaeda: The Infiltration of US Biodefense. This evidence suggests that the real problem facing the “National Security State” is infiltration and penetration by enemies of the U.S. and not enough safeguards against the internal subversive threat.

Thompson had been the Post Assistant Managing Editor for Investigations, which hardly inspires confidence in the paper’s ability to get the facts straight in this or any other national security-related matter.

As with the anthrax coverage, every story or series in the Post is dependent on government sources and the “Top Secret America” articles are no different. But why would officials in the Obama Administration want to expose what are described in the new book and series as people and groups engaged in “top-secret” work? The Post says it examined nearly 1,000 threat documents marked “For Official Use Only.” If the Post is not investigated by Attorney General Eric Holder for illegally obtaining access to information not appropriate for public release, then we will know that the “leaks” were authorized from the very top of our government.

On one level, the database assembled by Arkin and the Post is certain to make it easier for our enemies to know how the federal government is trying to understand and measure the threat. On another level, the intention seems to be to scare the American people—not about the radical Islamists who are trying to defeat our defenses but about those in the national security field who are trying to protect us.

The expected fallout is already starting. A Filipino newspaper is now reporting, “A secret US military organization rivaling the CIA has mounted intelligence-gathering missions and lethal raids not only in Afghanistan and Iraq but also in countries including the Philippines with which the United States is not at war, The Washington Post reported.” The “secret” organization is the U.S. military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which is engaged in fighting terrorists.

As part of this onslaught, the public television Frontline series is airing a special September 6 program on “the secret side” of America’s war on terror. It says, “From the creation of black site prisons abroad and super-secret facilities here in America, to targeted killings and covert wars waged by special forces, and the creation of a multibillion-dollar terrorism-industrial complex, Frontline and Dana Priest ask how a decade of fighting terrorism has reshaped the country and whether it has made us any safer.”

Interestingly, the Post article in Sunday’s paper reveals that former CIA director and now Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has a son who had deployed with JSOC. Indeed, James Panetta, a Navy Reserve lieutenant, served in Afghanistan and was awarded a Bronze Star “for exceptional service as an intelligence analyst who tracked high-value al-Qaida targets,” another report says.

“It’s a true honor to receive this award, but it’s also very humbling, because the people I served and worked with in Afghanistan are the real heroes, who made the real sacrifices,” James Panetta said in remarks following the pinning. “The fact that I’m receiving this just means that I did my job, and did it well. It was an honor just to be there as part of the team, going after those who started all this. I was simply fortunate to have been in the position.”

One can only wonder whether James Panetta’s father will disavow his far-left connections of the 1980s and take the side of the U.S. military as it comes under assault by those he once embraced. The official Pentagon reaction to Top Secret America will tell us a lot.


Buying votes the Socialist way.

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Eric Odom predicts this issue will be epic. Brace yourself for a helluva dogfight between the Republicans and the Democrats — neither of which party wants to get into. Another spending battle? Especially this close to the primary season? He writes at Liberty News:

The Republicans who caved and gave Obama his wish on the debt ceiling hike are about to get yet another test they’ll be judged by come 2012. Before we get into the guts of what Obama is about to propose, let’s go back and look at 2009 and the “stimulus” junk they jammed down our throats at the time.

If you’ll recall, Obama and his ilk in Washington called for $800 billion in “stimulus” spending… claiming the economy would collapse without it. Both Republicans and Democrats went along with the lie, many going as far as championing Obama’s corrupt false claims.

Remember, Obama claimed his epic stimulus spending spree would keep unemployment below 8%. We’re currently above 9% unemployment, with many states well above 10%. What happened? Where did all the money go? Where are all the jobs?

In short, Obama’s union friends and special interests/banking buddies got it all. And taxpayers are left holding the invoice.

The RNC has a new ad out exposing what we’re about to see.

Read the whole thing.