Apocalypse Nowish

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I can’t take it any more. Did someone order an apocalypse? I know there is always one bearing down on us somewhere, but come on! Have you read the headlines lately? By Friday of last week, I was ready for a major meltdown. Looks like I wasn’t the only one:


Oh, how I can relate. (Massive screaming and hair pulling.) What the hell is wrong with us? Everything is upside down and backwards. Just the highlights:

1. Europe is melting down and about to fall into a black hole of debt which will draw us into the whirlpool right along with them. No one seems to really want to control their spending. It’s like the elite are paying all their crony friends, providing for themselves and knowingly bringing on the destruction of finances planet-wide. Screw the common man – they are taking the system for all it’s worth and then getting out before the implosion hits.

2. Our government — in secret — gave out 7.7 Trillion dollars worth of bailout money to banks – worldwide. Where the hell did they get it? I suspect, they just ‘digitized’ it and spread it around. It made NO difference, just forestalled the inevitable implosion. See #1 above. Say it with me: Weimar Republic.

Digitize me, Fred…

And it exploded…

3. Any time now, the Middle East is going to blow up and hello $200 a barrel for oil. It could be Iran and Israel (or Iran and us). It could be Syria. Hell, it could be Pakistan. WWIII is about to announce itself on the global stage and I’m not convinced we’ll be on the right side of the fight.

4. The minority inmates of the asylum are in control of our country, all the while claiming they are the 99%. (Really, does anyone in government look like a 99 percenter?)

5. Communism never went away… It has surged back thanks to the Progressives putting their comrades in positions of power throughout our nation. The red menace is back baby and it is within our own walls and halls, not to mention spreading across the globe again.

6. Hyperinflation is on it’s way as the world prints money trying to stave off a global depression. Never worked before, won’t work this time. Don’t these idiots ever learn?

7. Our government has gone rogue. They no longer fear having to pay for any transgressions from insider trading to falsifying testimony on things like, oh, I don’t know, running guns to Mexico. There are soooo many corrupt issues in our government these days, I just don’t even know where to start. Get rid of all of ’em and start over.

8. Taxes, taxes, taxes…

9. Regulations out the wazoo. It’s Atlas Shrugged come to life. We literally can’t breath without violating one law or another.

10. God is being removed systematically from every part of our society. In it’s place, some of the most violent and horrific examples of barbarism are taking place right here in America and elsewhere that I have ever seen.

11. Antisemitism is raising is ghastly head once more. Those that stand against God’s chosen ones will surely fall from grace. Count on it.

12. The Constitution is being utterly ignored and circumvented by our politicians and elite Progressives on both sides of the aisle. I’ve just about had all I can take from these politicians. We must restore the original intent of the Constitution and the ideals our founders based this country on or we are toast.

And speaking of our current economic and political situation, this episode was badly written:

What’s happened to personal responsibility? What’s happened to independence and innovation? Where are morals and ethics any more? Maybe they are all still there, it’s just that the minority is in control and they have the morals of an alley cat and the ethics of, well, a politician. In fact, many of them are politicians. Isn’t it time America put people of character back in control of our homeland? Isn’t it time for the majority to say that’s enough, we aren’t going to take this crap any more? I really, really think so.

Can you blame people for panicking? Can you blame them for storing food, paying off debt and moving to a state that has some sanity left? Gun sales are the highest they have ever been and I personally believe that it has everything to do with what is happening in our country and worldwide today. No longer are survivalists being called crazy, everyone is at least attempting to prep. I’d say if you just read the headlines, you can’t help but think things are trending darkly – Apocalypse Nowish.

32 thoughts on “Apocalypse Nowish

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  3. Pretty good rundown of events and circumstances.

    If the political elites get lucky, things will appear to hold together on the fronts you mention through 2012.

    I can’t see it going much farther than that unless something things start going right in a big way. Unfortunately, no one in power seems to have the political will to set a corrective course.

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  5. Making a list and checking it twice!
    Nice recap of many of the ills and disasters staring us in the face. We have wandered far and let our guard down for too long.

    The remediation work is grueling and painful, to continue to be oblivious wold be fatal to our freedoms and therefore to America as anyone knows it.

  6. I have followed your work Terresa for years now and simply want to thank you for your stance. Knowing what we had, and seeing it become what it is compels me to agree with you on numerous accounts. The largest of movers and shakers learned long ago that by moving together they would be in much better position to guard one another’s position, title, agenda, etc. Unfortunately I have to agree with you. Though I can say we are living in one of the grandest moments in time and marvels at our whim, we are also witnessing Prophesy being fulfilled. What saddens me is that as I watch, observe, the subtle yet influential decisions that are being made daily across the globe, most don’t see how the puzzle’s pieces are falling together and the end picture it will produce. The Republic intended I fear has now moved far left of even a democracy. Those in influential places and or position by large don’t even seem to see what is happening right before their eyes, or, they are very much part of the machines agenda. Salutations for your endeavors, they speak volumes for what you stand for. I close with encouragement and a reminder to take rest and a moment to Bless God.

  7. Thank you Saved prepper! I agree with you wholeheartedly and I make sure to take time to pray each and every day – most days, multiple times. He has a plan for all of us – if I can help just one more person, that is all I ask.

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  15. Just wait until ANOTHER Wall Street bailout occurs due to Europe’s banks all detonating due to exposure to PIIGS debt.
    But don’t worry, the government plans to take your 401k to help pay for it.
    The United States is becoming a third world state, just like Argentina and Mexico. You already have a deeply corrupt and unaccountable (elected for life) Congress and Administration which has abandoned the Rule of Law to benefit cronies via Bailouts (Wall Street, GM) and is in the process of removing your constitutional rights, one agency, TSA and regulation, SOPA at a time.
    The next stage of the crisis, in 2012, will see the mass wealth confiscation, socialist agitprop and police state thuggery that made Argentina the economic powerhouse it is today.
    As the United States spends 42% MORE than it earns, you only need to find $1,300 BILLION in CUTS to get the deficit under control (passed 100% debt to GDP ratio last month). Good luck with that.
    Ask Greece how the spending cuts are working for them.

    A Republic IF you can keep it. It looks like the answer is NO we can’t.

    A nation of sheep WILL be RULED by wolves. The United States of Zimbabwe – change your getting hard and fast…

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  18. You have outlined a 12 step program to disaster. The sad truth is, they are all real and happening now. And all the president is worried about is re-election at any cost.

    Great post!

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