Ronald Reagan: America’s Refounder

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By: Jay Loeffers

Hello all… Today, I am reading from the letters of Ronald Reagan. He confirms everything I have been reading and studying up on and I mean everything. Reagan was at one time a Democrat and voted for Roosevelt during his time in college.

Reagan later learned that both the hard core radical liberals and socialists/communists had hijacked his beloved “loyal opposition” party. He also discovered that the Communist Soviet Union had a hand in this political penetration. Even as President of the S.A.G., he was fighting Communist infiltration in Hollywood. Reagan was leading the fight long before Glenn and Rush… Reagan had written a book about this warning all about Communism worldwide and about American socialism as well.

As President of the United States, Reagan revealed his historical knowledge on both America and the world around him. As I read his letters, I note he had been reading the very same books I have been reading: George Washington, Cicero, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, John Locke and oh yeah, that small 4 page document, the US Constitution.

I have Reagan’s speeches from when he was President and these revealed a leader reintroducing Americans back to the founding father’s principles and common sense values that defined America and separated her from the other 3rd world Communist hell holes. His wide knowledge of basic capitalist economics is what set him apart successfully from Jimmy “malaise in America” Carter.

Reagan’s humor and attitude even in the worst of times was and still is today second to none. (In 5 minutes the bombings in Libya will now begin – a Reagan classic.) Reagan earned the respect he got from both enemies and colleagues alike.

Reagan’s letters reveal a man, husband, dad, leader and a fighter for America. This bit of history will piss off Democrats… Reagan and John Wayne have two things in common. Both were good friends and both, long after their deaths, are still the most popular and famous icons among both average Americans and the military. No president in 30 years has ever beaten Reagan’s popularity within the military. Not even the last Bush in office beat him and the troops love President Bush.

Reagan has been the only president to take down a Communist empire without a shot being fired. Reagan was a leader who knew the value of staying out of the way of the people and let Americans rediscover what they believed in… themselves and in America.

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