Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings


Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a mass murder occurs when at least four people are murdered, not including the shooter, over a relatively short period of time during a single incident. Over the last 30 years, the United States has seen a significant increase in mass shootings, which are becoming more frequent and more deadly.

Seemingly every time a mass shooting occurs, whether it’s at a synagogue in Pittsburgh or a nightclub in Orlando, the anti-gun media and politicians have a knee-jerk response – they blame the tragedy solely on the tool used, namely firearms, and focus all of their proposed “solutions” on more laws, ignoring that the murderer already broke numerous laws when they committed their atrocity.

Facts matter when addressing such an emotionally charged topic, and more gun control legislation has shown that law-abiding Americans who own guns are not the problem. Consider the following: The more gun control laws that are passed, the more mass murders have occurred.

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STEM School Already Had Major Warnings Prior to Shooting

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

In part from (CNN) Five months before Tuesday’s fatal shooting at a Colorado charter school, a district official urged the school’s administration to investigate allegations of violence, sexual assault and campus bullying that an anonymous parent feared could lead to “a repeat of Columbine,” according to a school district letter obtained by CNN.

The parent called a member of the county Board of Education to express “concerns about student violence due to a high-pressure environment,” according to the letter. The parent referenced an alleged bomb threat and other student clashes as evidence that the school could become the site of another Columbine, the infamous school shooting that occurred 20 years ago, only around seven miles from STEM School Highlands Ranch.

Douglas County School District official Daniel Winsor wrote the letter in December to STEM’s executive director. He noted that the parent complained that “many students are suicidal and violent in school. Several students have reported sexual assault in school and that nothing is being done.”

Winsor asked the school’s executive director to “investigate the allegations … determine their legitimacy and to take any remedial action that may be appropriate.”

Another 2018 letter from the county Board of Education said it had “significant concerns” about STEM’s compliance with the charter school contract and legal requirements, and questioned its willingness to serve students with disabilities. It also cited “ineffective leadership,” saying, “the tenor of the comments at our meetings suggests that the relationship between STEM and some of its parents is irretrievably damaged.”

An online petition signed by multiple parents and a post on a Facebook page for the school district community also expressed concerns about the leadership of the school. And minutes from a “School Accountability Committee” meeting at the school describe “a small group of people who speak against STEM.”

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Island Gun Laws: The History of Gun Control and Crime in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK


Island Gun Laws: History of Gun Registration and Gun Control in Australia and the UK

“We know that other countries in response to one mass shooting have managed to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours, allies of ours, Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it.”President Obama, Oct. 1, 2015

Politics nowadays are dominated by what gets attention, because what gets attention spreads the fastest and furthest. This is the dark side of social media and 24/7 news, and one event in particular in the firearms world is ground zero for this phenomenon – mass shootings.

In the wake of a mass shooting, politicians who already dislike law-abiding Americans owning guns use the tragedy to push for additional gun laws, irrespective of the existing laws already broken. This is done when emotions are at their highest (and thus rational thinking at its lowest), usually under the auspices of enacting gun laws like those in the U.K. and Australia. President Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said it best:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

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Freedom vs. Liberty: How Subtle Differences Between These Two Big Ideas Changed Our World


Freedom vs. Liberty: A Guide to Defining Independence and Why it Matters

“I see the liberty of the individual not only as a great moral good in itself (or, with Lord Acton, as the highest political good), but also as the necessary condition for the flowering of all the other goods that mankind cherishes: moral virtue, civilization, the arts and sciences, economic prosperity. Out of liberty, then, stem the glories of civilized life.”Murray Rothbard

The terms “freedom” and “liberty” have become clichés in modern political parlance. Because these words are invoked so much by politicians and their ilk, their meanings are almost synonymous and used interchangeably. That’s confusing – and can be dangerous – because their definitions are actually quite different.

“Freedom” is predominantly an internal construct. Viktor Frankl, the legendary Holocaust survivor who wrote Man’s Search For Meaning, said it well: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way (in how he approaches his circumstances).”

In other words, to be free is to take ownership of what goes on between your ears, to be autonomous in thoughts first and actions second. Your freedom to act a certain way can be taken away from you – but your attitude about your circumstances cannot – making one’s freedom predominantly an internal construct.

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America’s Sovereign States: The Obscure History of How 10 Independent States Joined the U.S.


Sovereign States of America: The History of 10 Independent States & How They Joined the U.S.

It is often said that before the Civil War, the United States “are,” but after the War, the United States “is.” This is a reference to the formerly theoretically sovereign nature of each state as compared to “one nation, indivisible.”

More than just the theoretic sovereignty of the individual states, the territory now comprising the U.S. has a rich history of sovereign states outside the control of the federal government. Some of these you’ve almost certainly heard of, but a lot of them are quite obscure. Each points toward a potential American secession of the future.Table of Contents

Vermont Republic (January 15, 1777 – March 4, 1791)

Current Territory: The State of Vermont

The earliest sovereign state in North America after the Revolution was the Vermont Republic, also known as the Green Mountain Republic or the Republic of New Connecticut. The Republic was known by the United States as “the New Hampshire Grants” and was not recognized by the Continental Congress. The people of the Vermont Republic contacted the British government about union with Quebec, which was accepted on generous terms. They ultimately declined union with Quebec after the end of the Revolutionary War, during which they were involved in the Battle of Bennington, and the territory was accepted into the Union as the 14th state – the first after the original 13.

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UGETube and GunStreamer have merged! Please check them out!

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hey, please watch tonight’s episode of Who Moved My Freedom podcast on Lifestyles of The Locked and Loaded. Sam from Utah Gun Exchange and Austin from GunStreamer were on announcing they have merged and are working together!!! Please, any and ALL content creators… if your tired of YouTube’s random rulings or want a backup platform, UGETube.com GunStreamer.com have apps where they can transfer all of your videos painlessly and all voices are welcomed including ones I would disagree with. #Constitution #Liberty #MoreVoices



By: Wesley Oaks | Gun Goals

Have you just gotten into firearms and are thinking about concealed carry? Or maybe you’ve been interested in firearms for a while but are looking to purchase another pistol to conceal carry? We’ve done the research and selected the 8 best concealed carry guns anyone can buy. While everyone has slightly different preferences for the gun they choose to conceal carry, most people can probably agree on this list we’ve compiled.

If you’re a smaller female and you want a smaller gun that’s easier to conceal, we’ve got you covered. But if you’re not worried about concealing a slightly larger gun and want one that’s easier for you to handle, we’ve got that too.

We’ve included 9mm and .45 pistols (the most common calibers for concealed carry) as well as one .380 pistol in case you’re looking for something a little bit smaller and one 40 S&W pistol in case you want an excellent magazine capacity without compromising in concealability. No matter if you prefer 9mm as most women do or a .45 as most men do, we have it all.

Depending on the features and characteristics you’re looking for, we’ve got them all and organized the list in terms of size, ranging from smaller pistols to larger pistols.


  • Caliber: 380 Auto
  • Barrel Length: 2.75 inches
  • Height: 3.8 inches
  • Length: 5.33 inches
  • Weight: 14 ounces (loaded)
  • Magazine Capacity: 6+1
  • Price: $379

Why It’s Cool: At such a small size, the M&P Bodyguard 380 is very concealable and ideal for a smaller individual or someone who doesn’t want a very heavy gun.

If you’re looking for a very small concealed carry pistol, the M&P Bodyguard 380 could be a great option for you. Even when it’s loaded, it weighs less than a pound! Although the capacity can’t compare with a larger gun, it still has a 6+1 capacity.

Because it is so small and lightweight, it’s easy to conceal. Depending on the user, it might be more difficult to operate. Its small size makes it a bit challenging and finicky to fire. But some individuals like smaller females may prefer that it is easier to conceal because .380 ammo still can get the job done, especially given shot placement. .380 ammo is just one step down from 9mm (see this helpful handgun caliber guide), and a smaller round has less recoil, which theoretically means you can shoot more accurately and hit the target more.

Even if you’re not a smaller female, the Bodyguard 380 still could be a great option for you in the hot, sweaty summer months when you don’t want to be dragging around a much heavier gun. Some men also like the Bodyguard as a back-up gun.

As is no surprise given that it is a smaller firearm, the size of the grip can take some time to get used to; there isn’t much room for your hand! Additionally, the Bodyguard has a Double Action Only (DAO) trigger, meaning that it is a long trigger pull. Given this fact, it really isn’t designed for far-away target shooting, as the larger trigger pull can cause you to move the gun while firing, which isn’t a big deal a couple feet away, but would be a miss at 25 feet.

Given its lower cost, decent features, and ease in concealing with almost any attire, the Bodyguard is a great option for those who haven’t carried before or those who want a back up gun or something lighter for the summer.

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