Sowing the seeds of destruction

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Bear with me as the pieces of a puzzle are placed before your eyes, a chance to see how the seeds of constitutional destruction are sown.   If I were to tell you that storm troopers from our government planned to come to your house tomorrow without a warrant, kick down your front door, throw you to the floor as they placed handcuffs on each member of your family prior to carting everyone off to a re-education FEMA camp and at the same time executed a search of the house, confiscating any firearm you might have; would this sound possible or is that something so remote as to be considered…crazy?

If you’re into politics or social media it isn’t hard to find folks bashing their opponents, not necessarily with facts; rarely are facts important; but with insults simply because they can.  If you don’t agree with this, that or the other; you must be…crazy.

Conservatives are crazy. Sometimes they’re stupid, racist or even evil. On creative occasions they’re all four – at least that’s how they’re portrayed by the American media.”

That’s an interesting word, crazy.

It gets bandied about in light conversation or by the news media, most often when referring to individuals or groups of individuals who express opinions which don’t comply with the opposition’s; but, it’s also considered a medical term, one that identifies individuals who are a threat to themselves or others.  For example, “Those crazy Tea Baggers, can you imagine what our country would look like if they ever got elected?”

Insanity, craziness or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns. Insanity may manifest as violations of societal norms, including a person becoming a danger to themselves or others, though not all such acts are considered insanity. In modern usage, insanity is most commonly encountered as an informal unscientific term denoting mental instability, or in the narrow legal context of the insanity defense. In the medical profession the term is now avoided in favor of diagnoses of specific mental disorders; the presence of delusions or hallucinations is broadly referred to as psychosis.[1] When discussing mental illness in general terms, “psychopathology” is considered a preferred descriptor.”

Statist propaganda has been applied toward anyone who holds the 2nd Amendment as important in our day as well as those who challenge man made global warming as a hoax.  Call it Climate Change, Global Warming or what ever you want; the end game is a totalitarian power play to enslave each and every individual on this planet via an imposed world wide governance system concocted and promoted by the United Nations.

If you don’t jump on the Climate Change bandwagon you must be…wait for it…crazy, delusional or a ‘denier’; similar to the Flat Earthers…and we all know how insane those folks are. Lest I forget, these folks only watch Fox News which explains their break with reality.

Enter Gov. Jerry Brown and the anti-2nd Amendment crowd, those who want to confiscate any and all firearms from law abiding citizens because they think anyone who owns a gun must be…crazy. There’s a bone chilling article by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, If You Are Deemed A Threat, They Are Coming For Your Guns – Now In A State Near You, which points to the slippery slope we now are being swept down by the gun grabbers who don’t agree with or support our Constitution, even those who raised their arm to the square pledging to support and defend the Constitution when elected to positions of government.

“Governor Brown just signed a gun confiscation bill that should send a chill down America’s spine. California leads the way, right off the Constitutional cliff, by becoming the first state that allows family members to ask a fascist judge to confiscate guns from a relative that they believe is a threat.”

Let me guess, you get a free Brown Shirt any time you turn in a relative. For those not up on their history that’s a direct reference to NAZI Germany and tactics employed to keep the masses in line.

Make no mistake folks; a large portion of our society doesn’t like Constitutional protections, God given inalienable rights, afforded individuals. They have vowed to radically transform our country given half a chance. Obama depends on useful idiots to pave the way and has managed to hold the Oval Office long enough to implement many of his Executive Orders which are nothing less than the seeds of our constitutional destruction.

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Virginia Right’s Tom White continues to be a major source when it comes to Virginia Politics. This week, he was cited by a local CBS affiliate WTVR in a report on a controversial video being shown to local schoolchildren that essentially blames 9/11 on America… his fine piece this week goes into further details.

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National Security Threats Brought Into Focus

By: Roger Aronoff
Accuracy in Media

“[President Barack Obama] came into office believing that through the power of his personality, and the belief that if America changed its behavior, everything would be okay—that the problem was not the ideology of radical jihadists, the problem was America,” said former Congressman Pete Hoekstra.

On September 29th, I attended an EMPact America conference about the dangers a weakened America poses to the world, the necessity for a stronger military in the face of worldwide threats, and how America has switched sides in the War on Terror. It was a sobering and frightening look at a number of the issues that confront America today. One can’t possibly do justice in a single column to all of the outstanding speakers and panels assembled, but it is available online for viewing, and is well worth watching. Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy was the main organizer and moderator of the event.

I will emphasize that there were four members of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB) who spoke. Among them, the aforementioned Pete Hoekstra, Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.), former CIA officer Clare Lopez, and former Congressman and Lt. Colonel Allen West (Ret.).

Among the threats discussed were the current conflict with the Islamic State, as well as al Qaeda and jihadists overrunning states such as Libya. Add to this Russian and Chinese aggression, and America’s lack of leadership is becoming painfully apparent.

Admiral James “Ace” Lyons criticized the Obama doctrine, which he said was to “embrace our enemies, undercut our allies, and, under the false premise that U.S. power has been the problem, you then undercut the U.S. military.”

Allen West and Ace Lyons both criticized the restrictive rules of engagement that our troops currently operate under. Admiral Lyons said that the restrictive rules have impacted “the will to win,” and that if we let our military do their jobs they will achieve victory. West said that we’re coming up with rules of engagement that benefit lawyers, not the men and women in combat.

The President believed that America could engage with moderate jihadists, said Hoekstra. Terrorists “have won in Libya, they’re winning in Syria and Iraq, and there’s nothing more attractive to get converts and to get help than to join a winning team,” he said.

Syria is also Libya all over again, he asserted. This can be seen today with the recent Congressional decision to send $500 million to arm the Syrian rebels—which the government has claimed it is in the process of vetting. This comes at the same time that some members of our U.S. military are receiving pink slips, West emphasized.

The non-state enemy only understands and respects two things, “strength and might,” asserted West. And you simply have to accept the ideology of your enemy, not deny it.

And, he noted, President Obama gave five senior members of the Taliban back to the enemy while the enemy was still fighting America. “That is not what you do in normal battlefield procedures. See, first and foremost, you repatriate [the] enemy after you have whipped the enemy. You don’t repatriate the enemy while you’re still fighting the enemy,” he said.

But President Obama’s aid to jihadists goes deeper, according to CCB member Clare Lopez, another speaker at the conference. When the Arab Spring, or “Islamic Awakening,” spread across North Africa and through Libya, America threw in with Islamic jihad by arming the rebels in Libya, who were clearly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. “Now, the United States government knew perfectly well with whom it was dealing in that revolution. They knew it was al Qaeda, they knew it was [Libyan Islamic Fighting Group], they knew the figures, the names. They had helped get them out of jail, in any case, in the reconciliation process,” said Lopez.

Lopez and other members of the CCB authored an April Interim Report, “How America Switched Sides in the War on Terror.”

Naturally, the left’s hit-man, Dana Milbank of The Washington Post, was there to do his best to mock the message of this distinguished group of Americans. It’s what he does, as we’ve pointed out in the past. What offended his sensibility this time, and sent him packing, was Allen West’s view of the role of the U.S. military:

“Let us do what we’re supposed to do in the military, which is crush the enemy,” West said. “And you know what? If they don’t want to act right, guess what happens? We show up again and we kick their butt all over again.”

This was too much for Milbank, who obviously prefers that the military’s main purpose should be to build roads and schools. West made it clear that he has no problem with the military having a role in, for example, helping girls finally be able to go to schools in Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, he cited that as a source of personal pride. But he also said that shouldn’t be the primary role of the military; it should instead be the role of USAID, or other non-military agencies of the government—or even the United Nations—to engage in such projects.

West’s comments brought the crowd to its feet. “This produced a standing ovation,” wrote Milbank. “And I rose to go to Manassas, to see a better side of America.” As best as I could tell, no one missed him. But I had to wonder what he really thought. Does he really believe that President Obama is making America and the world a safer place?


If You Are Deemed A Threat, They Are Coming For Your Guns – Now In A State Near You

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Gov. Jerry (moonbat) Brown of California

Please define what a person deemed a ‘threat‘ means…

Governor Brown just signed a gun confiscation bill that should send a chill down America’s spine. California leads the way, right off the Constitutional cliff, by becoming the first state that allows family members to ask a fascist judge to confiscate guns from a relative that they believe is a threat. That is so vague and arbitrary that anyone could be deemed a threat and it will be used as a political weapon to instill fear and exercise control, trust me. Several Marxist Democrats proposed this atrocity and they are using a murderous rampage in May near the University of California, Santa Barbara as a convenient excuse. Never, ever let an emergency go to waste. Ever.

Claiming that the parents of 22-year-old Elliot Rodger were thwarted in their attempts to seek help for their troubled son before said rampage, the Progressives gleefully lined up for select gun confiscation.

And they are not alone in the land of fruits and nuts. Law enforcement authorities in Connecticut, Indiana and Texas can now petition for a judge’s order that would allow them to seize guns from people they deem to be a danger. The new California law gives law enforcement the same option and extends it to family members. That’s right… While we weren’t paying attention and were off yelling ‘squirrel!’ at the latest outrage, these asshats were cherry picking legislation and judges to confiscate guns from those they deem ‘not worthy.’ I understand there are crazy people out there, but what happened to due process? What happened to your Second Amendment rights?

Pretty soon, anyone out there that does not agree with the government and the Marxist Progressives, will be deemed mentally unstable and their guns will be taken – door to door. It’s coming.

And dig this… Under the California bill, whoever seeks the restraining order would have to sign an affidavit under oath. If they lie, they could be charged with a misdemeanor. Boy – that’s taking them to the woodshed! A number of Republicans and Democrats voted against this measure, to no avail. And in a total justice vacuum, a court hearing would be held within 14 days after the restraining order is granted to give the gun owner a chance to argue there is no danger. Right… I’m sure all will be forgiven – not. You have to prove you are innocent after the fact — after you have been labeled as guilty of being a threat. So much for innocent until proven guilty. Up is down, black is white. Now that’s Orwellian.

From Yahoo! News:

Currently in California, authorities can seize legally purchased guns only from people convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor, people subject to a domestic violence restraining order or those who are determined to be mentally unstable.

The National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups opposed the restraining order legislation.

“Our concern is not so much what they intended to do; our concern is with the method they put in place to address people with mental or emotional issues,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California. “We think this just misses the mark and may create a situation where law-abiding gun owners are put in jeopardy.”

Ya think?! This bill will allow confiscation against those that are at risk for violent behavior. The Democrats now seem to have their very own dictionary and are just making crap up to suit their evil agenda. Let’s see… The Leftists have already called all gun owners violent, along with Tea Party members, veterans and conservative Constitutionalists. Sounds like they are going to pull on their jackboots and come a knockin’ on a lot of our doors.