Victim: The Nation

By: Mark Cromer
Victims of Illegal Immigration – A Collection of Essays
Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri

The long hollowing out of America’s once-mighty manufacturing base, which effectively ended the generational tradition of sons following their fathers into jobs that provided a secure paycheck and a pension, has been followed by the in-sourcing of waves of cheap, illegal labor to replace American workers, and, in doing so, suppress wages and benefits.

To the black citizens in south Los Angeles who have watched as their jobs, schools, and communities have been overrun with illegal immigrants, there is a bitter irony in lofty progressive cant about justice for illegal immigrants, even as blacks find themselves again being pushed to the back of the economic bus.

Political gains by blacks in Southern California, that were secured over many decades of struggle, now face their own twilight as the sweeping demographic shift eventually eliminates black voting power in communities across the southland.

Two or three generations deeper into this crisis, the real question will be what citizenship will be worth. What cherished hallmarks will the designation “American” hold?

Like the microcosm of Southern California, it will be a nation that is brimming with people struggling to survive, and yet with even less of a cohesive sense of a national identity – of just what an American is – than at any other time in the country’s history. The meaning of American will simply be whatever one wishes it to be. Instead of a bedrock sense of ideals and values, it will be malleable, transitory, written in chalk.

Ironically, far from bringing more people closer to the “American Dream” (that once-perennial hope which defined a country and provided more opportunity for its citizens than any other nation on earth), it will now be further away than ever before for most of its people.

California’s grim fate should serve as a warning for the rest of the nation. There are towns, counties, and states that are experiencing, like California did in the late 1980s and early 1990s, exploding populations of illegal immigrants that are reshaping their communities, their culture, and their quality of life at a pace and on a scale that would have been unimaginable a generation ago.

In places like Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Georgia, the future is being decided today.

If American citizens cannot muster the political will to act decisively to preserve their overarching culture and the quality of life that was passed along to them after so much sacrifice across the 20th Century, then they will find themselves in the same terminal condition that California is in today – an inglorious ending for a nation whose lamps once burned so brightly with promise.

Mark Cromer is a widely-published journalist. This was excerpted from “California Twilight: A Native Bears Witness to the End of the Golden State,” www.noozhawk.com.


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Victim: The Senior Citizen

By: Allan Wall
Victims of Illegal Immigration – A Collection of Essays
Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri

We’re constantly lectured in the Main-stream Media that illegal aliens are just doing the jobs Americans won’t do and that our economy would collapse without them. News stories nearly always present illegals as sympathetic victims of American intolerance. The reality is much more complicated, however.

Local news stories, seldom publicized nationally, reveal a slew of horrible crimes committed by illegal aliens. This story in Maryland, for example, is of a pair of illegal alien lawn workers who were treated kindly by an elderly lady who employed them. In gratitude, they killed her, in a horrific manner.

It all started with Ramon Alvarado and his cousin Jose Alvarado, both from El Salvador, who had been allegedly living in the United States for a decade. Not to worry, Immigration and Customs Enforcement [sic] had issued detainers on the cousins and Jose’s wife, meaning there was a possibility of them being deported eventually. It didn’t happen soon enough, though, to prevent this murder. (It doesn’t help that Maryland has “sanctuary cities” and grants driver’s licenses to illegals.)

The two men already had criminal records in Maryland – Jose for check fraud and Ramon for driving without a license or registration. These sorts of crimes didn’t lead to deportation.

Lila Meizell, an 83-year-old resident of Wheaton, Maryland, hired the cousins to do yard work for her for two years. Ms. Meizell was pleased with the yard work, according to her daughter. Besides paying them, she gave them food, soft drinks, and tips.

So why did they kill their kindly employer? After being paid, the cousins decided to milk some more money out of her. Jose took the check for $75 and added two zeros to the number. That way they were able to cash it for $7500. Then Jose and Ramon decided to kill Lila to cover up the fraud. The cousins broke into Lila’s home, where Ramon grabbed her and smashed her head. While still alive, Lila was doused with gasoline and her body set ablaze. When emergency personnel arrived it was too late. (Two police officers and a firefighter were also injured while responding to the fire.)

The cousins were arrested, tried, and sentenced. Since Ramon did more of the dirty work, he got two consecutive life terms. The judge said to Ramon, “The inhumane manner you chose to exterminate a lady well into the autumn years of her life strongly suggests that you are sadistic.” Strongly suggests? There is no doubt about it. Jose got a life sentence without parole.

Those murderers never should have been in our country in the first place, or after having entered, they should have been deported long ago.

Allan Wall, a columnist for Mexidata and VDARE, resided many years in Mexico and has recently returned to the United States.