Socialism Summit brings more empty promises

For Immediate Release: February 19, 2010
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After hearing early reports of a new TARP-funded federal program under the management of federal and state officials, Republican U.S. candidate Danny Tarkanian expressed skepticism that more government intervention would truly help Nevada’s homeowners.

“On the anniversary of the failed stimulus plan, I have read news reports that President Obama and Harry Reid are making new promises to Nevada homeowners that more federal government help is on the way in the form of TARP funding to be managed by federal and state agencies,” remarked Tarkanian.

NOTE: Today’s Review-Journal reports: “State and local housing agencies would decide how to spend the money under federal guidelines, according to a senior U.S. official who briefed reporters.”

“Nevada homeowners are already feeling burned by the broken promises of the stimulus,” said Tarkanian. “They are rightfully going to look at this as more empty promises that government will solve their problems. They are tired of their tax dollars being redistributed as a slush fund for federal government solutions. Nevadans just want their tax money back so they can pay their own mortgage and bills. And they would prefer my plan for real, sustainable economic growth to help restore the value of their homes.”

NOTE: The Associated Press reports: “The money for the new rescue effort will come from the $700 billion financial industry bailout program, according to a senior administration official who spoke anonymously Thursday night because the formal announcement had not been made.”

“If as reported, these are recycled TARP bailout funds, these funds should ideally go to pay down the national debt or instead, go directly back to the taxpayers of Nevada to help pay their mortgages,” said Tarkanian.


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Anti-American radicals upheld as ‘role models for citizenship’

From: WorldNetDaily
Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques

The Dumbing Down of America Series

A book for high-school students glorifies communists, socialists and at least one activist who has called for “resistance” against the U.S. government, WND has learned.

The work, “Americans Who Tell the Truth,” has been used in schools across the U.S., according to its author. The book, however, does not inform readers of the extremist backgrounds of the personalities upheld as heroes.

Robert Shatterly, creator of the book project, told WND the work features portraits and brief descriptions of dozens of personalities who are “role models for citizenship in the attempt to win democracy.”

Shatterly said his book, and a related traveling art exhibit featuring the same personalities, have been featured in many U.S. schools. He also posted an online curriculum for educators to teach American history through the lives of the personalities in his book.

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O’Reilly and Gun Rights

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

O’Reilly’s position is simply unconstitutional. The 2nd Amendment is THE most important amendment – without it, the others are moot.

Gateway Pundit: Bill O’Reilly interviewed Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oathkeepers, tonight. During their discussion O’Reilly supported gun confiscation during hurricanes. He told the Oathkeeper that his views on the Second Amendment were “extreme.” Bill O’Reilly stated clearly that any mayor – such as in New Orleans after Katrina – had a perfect right to confiscate guns because they had to maintain “control.”


Last I checked, the Second Amendment doesn’t mention anything about severe storms.

Glenn Reynolds added: That’s funny. O’Reilly calls the opposing position “extreme,” but such gun confiscation is illegal under federal statute, and as a matter of constitutional law; in fact, the city of New Orleans lost a lawsuit over gun confiscation during Katrina. But then, O’Reilly’s no libertarian, to put things mildly. And he’s consistently weak on the law, also to put things mildly. Still, he should have been better briefed for this show, as he came across looking like a fool, and making his “extreme” guest look sober and well-informed by comparison.


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Stock A Safe Haven With Food And Firearms To Protect Against Doomsday Pillagers

January wholesale prices jump 1.4 percent. Justin notes: “That equates to a 16.8% annual wholesale price inflation rate!”

Fed bumps up rate banks pay for emergency loans.

National Debt, Budget Deficit Scary Forecast for Taxpayers: Obama to Sign Fiscal Reform, Economists Predict Cutbacks, Tax Increases

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