We’re Taking Our Country Back – Patriots Arise

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

To say I was despondent over the health care atrocity passing this weekend would be an understatement of some magnitude. But I’ve had a day to think and three people have rallied me to keep on fighting. The first is the above video from our friends at Power Line. It brought into focus for me the true evil that is trying to manipulate the greatest country on the face of the Earth – in fact the greatest country the planet has ever known. The video reminded me that America can come back from the dark; can defeat the enemy from within.

The second is Glenn Beck. This is a man that in my opinion, speaks from the heart and is a true patriot. He is someone I would be proud to call friend. The Progressives have truly awakened a sleeping giant and we are coming for them:

The third is Kim Priestap – a tremendous blogger and a friend. She gave me a figurative slap up alongside my head when I really needed it today. Kim reminded me that the States will fight right alongside all of us. My state of Idaho will be among the first to sue over health care – our Governor Butch Otter was the first to throw the state gauntlet down last week and I am honored to support him.

We now have to focus and rally together as never before. Things are going to get very interesting and we, as patriots, will have to make very difficult decisions in the days and months ahead. Above all, we have to make a stand and keep fighting for the Constitution, our founding principles and our country. We should thank our craven politicians and the Progressives. They are taking off their masks and are revealing exactly who the enemy is.

Be willing to give all for your beliefs. Take care and protect your family and neighbors. Pray. And get up every day and fight for America and for the future of our children. Fight for the ethical and right thing. We may have lost a battle, but the war is far from over and we will win it.

Now is the time for patriots to arise… Protest, campaign and vote the bastards out.

3 thoughts on “We’re Taking Our Country Back – Patriots Arise

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  2. Terresa,

    Thank you for posting this. I got the link from the AZ tea party patriots website.

    I, too, was discouraged, but my husband helped me to see the silver lining in all of this.

    He said that either way, if the bill passed or not, we win. The country and conservatives have been energized, and we are now even more determined to fight the good fight.

    BTW, I have attended numerous tea party rallies in my area, and there are Republicans, Independents AND Democrats who have participated and are fed up with this out of control spending and government takeover.

    I have great hope for the future. You’re right. We must continue to fight, and with this new found energy snd determination to preserve our freedom, we will win the war.

    Count on it.

  3. Thank you flybynite – it is with fellow Americans and friends like you that we will stand strong together and face the coming fight. Millions are standing up and I have faith in Americans to fight as no other country ever has or will to keep our freedoms intact for our children.

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