The Fair Tax Solution – Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Written by: Ken Hoagland

I have been an accountant for years and for as long as I can remember I have railed against our tax system. It is a behemoth that is patently unfair and so complicated and voracious that no tax payer can avoid the beast and its appetite indefinitely.

Years ago, I heard about the Fair Tax from Neal Boortz – someone I respect a great deal. The Fair Tax is a flat sales tax that only taxes at the point of consumption, not at the point of production. Therefore, you are not penalized for the work you do and what you create, merely for what you purchase and use. This tax would do away with all other taxes (and I mean all of them) and used items would not be taxed at all since this would amount to double-taxation.

The concept is more than just a sane alternative to our current system. It is a way to get a hold on our massive debt (along with cutting spending by over 50% in my opinion). Not only is it a survival necessity for America, it would draw investment and production to our country as we have never seen before. Once again, America would lead the world in production and in financial matters. We would still take a long time to recover from the criminal spending of our leaders and our lax management of our country, but we would come back strong.

This is a terrific book. It is couched in terms that all of us can understand – not just accountants and economists. My hat is off to the Fair Tax movement and Ken Hoagland. All Americans should look at this proposal and push it forward. The IRS has to be eliminated along with big government or America is surely doomed.

Buy this book – heck, buy multiple copies and give it away! Americans can take their country back. Instead of expanding the powers of the IRS, we need to do away with them.