Links To Visit – 05/26/10

Bloomberg – CHINA MAY SHIELD NKOREA – Feds taking over permits for Texas plants (Hat Tip: The Anchoress)

Pajamas Media – Obama’s State Department (of Relativism): For Free Speech and Against It in Same Sentence (Hat Tip: The Anchoress)

drkatesview – Arizona, Americans, and America (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

drkatesview – The Republic versus the Renegades (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

PLOG – Captured: A Look Back at the Vietnam War on the 35th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon (Hat Tip: ThirdWaveDave) – Democrats rushing through massive attack on free speech – Deregulation did not cause the Gulf oil spill – Why is Citizens Bank using Alexander Hamilton in their TV ads? – Democrats rushing through a massive attack on free speech – Obama pretends to compromise on immigration – Racial violence spreading through Philly public schools

The Aaron Proctor Show – Episode FT4 – Time For A Real Change In DC – Bizarrovania: Rendell makes cuts, GOP upset


Bookworm Room – “Red, white and blue, we spit on you”

Ace of Spades – Obama Deploying 1,200 National Guardsmen to the Border (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Free Republic – Communist Party USA, Obama’s brown shirts claiming credit for Obamacare, promising more victories (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Kim Priestap – Joe McGinniss makes his move on Sarah Palin

Election Projection – Interview: Renee Ellmers, Republican nominee, North Carolina District 2 (Hat Tip: Lorie Byrd)

The American Spectator – What Barack Obama Is Thinking

USA Today – Farmers brace for grasshopper invasion (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

BBC News – RFID chip implanted into man gets computer virus (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Atlas Shrugs – The Fix Was In: 911 Mega Mosque Community Board Farce, Board Votes Yes for Mega Mosque

Atlas Shrugs – 911 Mega Mosque in Israel Media

Atlas Shrugs – Iran and North Korea March to War

Atlas Shrugs – Islamic Jihadists Coming Over the Arizona Border

Atlas Shrugs – Muslims at the Salute to Israel Day Parade

Mexican Foreign Ministry – STATEMENT BY THE EMBASSY OF MEXICO (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – World Trade Mosque Gets New Yorkers Fired Up (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

ABC News – Exclusive: All 7 Republicans on Senate Judiciary Committee Ask AG Holder to Appoint Special Prosecutor to Look Into Alleged Sestak Job Offer (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Free Republic – Obama May Have Illegally Spent $10 Million Promoting Abortion in Kenya (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Radio Patriot – “We’re either a nation of laws… or we’re not.”

The Radio Patriot – “This is a nightmare for my family” – Sarah Palin

The Radio Patriot – Dan Friedman’s Keyboard

The Radio Patriot – “Are we even looking for the bad guys anymore?” – Glenn Beck

The Radio Patriot – Atlantis is home. “Final-ly.”

SEIU Blog – SEIU’s Medina: Will the Real Republican Party Please Stand Up…for something? (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Gateway Pundit – Republicans Request Special Prosecutor to Investigate Sestak Scandal! (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Chris Christie to Whiny Teacher: You Can Quit

Gateway Pundit – Joe Biden Jokes to Wounded Soldiers About Richard Blumenthal’s Vietnam Lies

Gateway Pundit – Phoenix Police Officer Shot and Killed (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Florida Woman Fired After Speaking at Tea Party Protest

Gateway Pundit – Sick. Obama Compares “Los Suns” B-Ball Protesters to Civil Rights Legends (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Mexican President Calderon Sets the Rules for National Guard Troops on the Border

Gateway Pundit – Obama Holds San Fran Fundraiser with Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer… Tea Party Breaks Out

Gateway Pundit – Islamists Tell UN to OK Death Penalty for Blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad

Gateway Pundit – Figures. Obama Knew Arizona Immigration Law Would Be Challenged When He Announced 1,200 Guard Troops Would Be Sent to the Border Today

Gateway Pundit – Former ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Arrested at Protest (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Miami Company Releases Gringo Masks for Illegal Aliens

Gateway Pundit – Obama Tells Republicans to “Stand Up to Your Base” & Pass More Radical Leftist Legislation

Michelle Malkin – Look who’s behind the White House/Sestak stonewall

Michelle Malkin – 9/11 families fight sharia “party place” at Ground Zero

Michelle Malkin – Arizona’s Immigration Law Too Salty for Michael Bloomberg

Michelle Malkin – Obama’s border Kabuki: Don’t believe the hype; Update: Meddling Mexico dictates how U.S. should use its National Guard

Yahoo! News – ‘Top Kill’ Operations Start in Attempt to Plug Leaking Gulf Oil

WSJ – Heated Argument on Rig Before Blast

Reuters – Worst clash between Russia and Iran since Cold War

Yahoo! News – SKorea loses track of North’s subs

The New York Post – NYPOST: Two more Census workers become whistleblowers

This Is London – Tony Blair to earn millions as ‘climate change’ adviser

Fox News – Feds issue terror watch for Texas-Mexico border

NBC Dallas Fort Worth – Obama ignores Texas plea for help

The Washington Scene – Barney Frank wants to see Rep. Djou’s birth certificate

US News – Kerry Says voter anger at Washington hypocritical

Fox News – Wisconsin Veteran Must Remove Flag After Memorial Day, Wife Says

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