Marxist Democratic Socialists of America, Helped Obama Win in 2008

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

President Barack Obama has a long history with the U.S.’s largest Marxist based organization, Democratic Socialists of America (D.S.A.).

With several thousand members (many of whom are also Democratic Party activists and office holders), and considerable influence in academia, the media, mass “community organizations” and labor unions, D.S.A. has the power to direct or influence hundreds of thousands of activists in the “correct” direction.

Here is hard evidence that D.S.A. threw its entire weight behind their long time ally Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential elections.

From the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee Minutes of Meeting of September 13-14, 2008:

DSA’s main program focus through the rest of 2008 will consist of (1) working to help ensure the election of Barack Obama and (2) continuing work on the Renegotiate NAFTA petition drive.

Work on the Obama campaign will include:

1) email blasts and other communications issuing from the National Office attacking McCain/Palin and explaining the necessity of voting for Obama;

2) encouraging locals to do DSA-day volunteering en bloc for the Obama campaign;

3) circulating pro-Obama/anti-McCain literature that YDS is developing to non-youth DSA members;

4) encouraging DSA members to write anti-McCain letters to the editor for their local newspapers, and provide them with sample language and tips on getting published;

5) if YDS organizes volunteer efforts for Obama, especially in swing states, urge them to open their actions to a multi-generational component, and if they agree, inform DSA members of the availability of this option;

6) materials from DSA on reasons to support Obama shall reference the Economic Justice Agenda whenever possible. Work on the Renegotiate NAFTA campaign.

The motion carried unanimously.

Would Obama have won in 2008, without the efforts of D.S.A. and their allies (and self proclaimed Obama “friends”) , the Communist Party USA?

IMHO – no.


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