By: Wayne Leeper
A Land Called America

Today, in Arizona, we saw what can happen when one deranged individual takes it upon himself to resort to violence in response to what he considered to be a wrong. The Representative who was shot could just as easily have been a Republican, although her party is not important. Just a few days ago she was standing on the floor of the House of Representatives, reading from the Constitution of these United States of America, our Constitution. She is a conservative and is without a doubt a patriot as was the federal judge who was killed in the same tragic event. There are changes that need to be made. Obama and his progressive (liberal) minions must be removed from power, but not with violence and guns. We have every right to protect ourselves from our government or any others who would attempt to enslave us.

Our founders were faced with this situation and responded appropriately. They did not possess the power of the ballot box, so they had to resort to the cartridge box. They left us a better option. “We the People” are the ultimate authority in America and we have the right to legally remove those who would seek to destroy this great nation of freedom. If we are attacked, we have every right to defend ourselves, both as individuals and as a nation. This is true even if the attacker is our own government. But, unless that happens, we must use legal means to accomplish our goals. Today, five people died for no justifiable reason, including a very conservative Senior Federal Judge and a young and innocent 9 year-old girl, plus a number of others. There can be no reason which could ever justify this in the mind of any reasonable patriotic person.

I hope the lesson we take from this is that nothing is accomplished by turning to unreasonable violence to accomplish our goals. We are better than that and any action of that type would be condemned by every person who has ever served and fought for this great nation, from the signing of our Declaration of Independence until this day.

Wayne D. Leeper