Defining Justice

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The term “justice” is being used as a weapon against all of us. Gone are the days when you can just say that you are seeking justice. Heavens to Betsy! You can’t just say that anymore… The left now uses it to define a plethora of Progressive causes. And baby, it has little if anything to do with actual justice.

Justice, justice, everywhere justice:

  • Birthing Justice
  • Borders Justice
  • Climate Justice
  • Collective Justice
  • Disability Justice
  • Distributive Justice
  • Economic Justice
  • Environmental Justice
  • Farmworker Justice
  • Food Justice
  • Gender Justice
  • Health Care Justice
  • Housing Justice
  • Immigrant Justice
  • Labor Justice
  • Media Justice
  • Organizational Justice
  • Prison Justice
  • Procedural Justice
  • Racial Justice
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Restorative Justice
  • Social Justice
  • Transformative Justice
  • Urban Justice
  • Worker Justice
  • Workplace Justice

On and on and on, ad nauseum… No real justice, just catch-phrase justice du jour. I am petitioning currently to have “Hellish Justice” added to the list so we can officially use it when we kick out all the Progressive Marxists. I’ll let Media Matters know when we add it to the list.

I am massively sick of all the labels. So I agree with Zombie – Justice Justice Now! Read it all. Zombie hit it out of the park once again right into the the legal lap of the Left – it makes the craven stupidity and cowardliness of the Left’s word games blatantly obvious. Oh, and Lefties… Go get a new hobby that doesn’t include the word “justice” in it. It’s just tacky.

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