2 thoughts on “Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu Speaks Out Over Operation Fast and Furious

  1. This corrupt thug Holder needs immediately dismissed, arrested and tried for negligent homicide, murder, political purpose to legislate gun bans. Where’s our Congress, where are the representatives we elect and pay pretty well to manage for us? Everyone needs to call email write demand response. When do we see action? Why is it ok for government to break laws? The same thing went on in Florida, Obrien same person in Phoenix did same idiotic plan in Florida sent guns thru Honduras to Mexico. Remove Holder now, ODUMBO should be arrested before end of month.

  2. Unfortunately, this criminal act was paid for by “We the Taxpayers”. It was included in H.R. 1 and appropriated $10,000,000 to the
    “ATF Project Gunrunner”. It was signed by Obama in February 2009.

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