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KeyWiki Gets a Little Publicity in Portland Maine

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

An op-ed in Maine’s Portland Daily Sun has taken a swipe at New Zeal’s sister site KeyWiki.

While negative in tone, the column by Bob Higgins does pay us a backhanded compliment or two, even if he gets my country of origin wrong – hint Bob, its similar to the name of this blog.

While doing some background in a few stories lately, I constantly seem to be getting results from a page called “KeyWiki,” yet another in the duplication of the whole “let’s build a crowd-sourced encyclopedia” thing. Damn the accuracy, let’s get it up and running!…

One thing troubled me with this new wiki source. Every time I typed in the name of some radical right winger or someone who edges toward that wing of the party, there was no reference.

Intrigued, I got digging at it. The site was set up by Trevor Loudon, who if he lived in the United States would surely be a follower of Brother John Birch and his benevolent society of Communist-hunting knuckleheads.

Loudon is a native Australian, but that diminishes not his desire to put names on lists of American political figures that he feels are the enemy. It’s a short march from certain political viewpoints in the modern American political scene to the Bircher camp…

Want a quick example? If you go to the despicable page in question, and type in “OccupyMaine,” you get a list. You get the names of all of the folks who stood up that first weekend, talked to the press, and decided that they wanted to protest.

Portland Representative Diane Russell has a page. On hers, it describes her support as one of many nationwide legislative members who wrote a letter to the White House supporting the Health Care initiative. 

Type in the name of your favorite personality on the left, either local or national. I bet they have a page.

Have we really come back to this point in American politics, where names are back on lists for some future unknown purpose?…

Are we really ready to reignite the “culture wars” of the 1980s all over again? Last time, it got ugly. This time it won’t be fought with the same conventional weapons, but the smear weapons of the Internet. Once your name is out there and on the list, you were involved, even if you weren’t. See? It says so right here.

So what is KeyWiki?

KeyWiki is basically an online encyclopedia of the covert side of politics – focusing for now on the left, particularly the US left. Why? Because right now the left is in power in the world’s mightiest nation and is covertly seeking to destroy the United States of America, as we have known it, forever.

The KeyWiki editorial team believes that this is the world’s biggest, largely unreported story. If the left succeeds in reducing America to vassal status (or even worse) the real bad guys of this planet – in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Damascus, Havana, Managua, Caracas and Pyongyang, will have no effective opposition. They will run riot.

America is the last, best hope of mankind. If freedom is lost in the United States, it will almost certainly be lost everywhere.

How does it work?

KeyWiki works similarly to Wikipedia and other wikis – except that only authorized persons can contribute or edit material. This means that we can post very hard hitting material, without fear of trolls or lefty lackeys deleting it.

KeyWiki has more than 57,000 profiles of US leftist activists and organizations, from Barack Obama and George Soros, right down to street level communistsanarchists and Occupy Wall Street.

We have profiles of US Senators like Bernie SandersTom Harkin, and Dick Lugar (yes Republicans can be leftists too!), Congressmen like John Conyers, Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, Rosa DeLauro, Bob Filner, and pinko Nancy Pelosi, plus hundreds of state reps, city councilors and public officials.

We have bios of socialist journos like John Nichols and Harold Meyerson, plus labor officials like Richard Trumka and Eliseo Medina, green activists, hundreds of academics, teachers, clergymen, actors, lawyers, racial agitators and even former terrorists.

We have extensive portraits of several hundred leftist organizations, from the Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America, to Demos, the Institute for Policy Studies, the Apollo Alliance and United for Peace and Justice.

KeyWiki achieves consistently high Google rankings, with thousands of our pages coming up at number one, two or three in any search. As KeyWiki grows, the left is finding it harder and harder to keep their activities hidden from the public.

Support KeyWiki

If you’d like to donate to KeyWiki, sponsor our research, supply information or become and authorized volunteer contributor, please contact editor Trevor Loudon.

We definitely need more volunteer contributors!

Please get behind this exciting project for election year! Tell friends and colleagues about KeyWiki! Spread the word!


Tea Party Patriots, Conservatives: Worship the Cash Cow Do We?

Tea Party “leaders” always pull their followers’ faces to the focus of spending, debt, and taxes… spending, debt, and taxes… spending, debt, and taxes….

But is money really the biggest political and social problem in America, right now?

Has it been, really?

What if we reduced government spending and balanced the budget every year, and still continued to give away our Popular Sovereignty, while selling our national sovereignty to the United Nations and globalist banksters, in the name of “keeping up with the global economy?”

Have to have “global standards,” after all, don’t we?  So then, don’t we need “global governance?” And when we finish adopting our global mandates, will we find any difference between governance and government?

But it appears we are running out of the money we hold so dear.

After the insolvency bubble bursts, will America be deemed a “failed state?” And if so, will it become “too big to fail” – without help? And would the world, so harmoniously and sweetly, come together with all its central bankster money and gold, to give us “an offer we can’t refuse?”

If that happens, would we, like Esau of old, give away our birthright, for that bowl of soup bailout?

What would Mitt Romney do, for instance?

What would you do?

Video, “Steve Taylor – Cash Cow


No servant can serve two masters;
for either he will hate the one and love the other,
or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.
You cannot serve God and mammon
– Jesus Christ