FDR Exposed Final: Desperation,Communist Infection and Votes Over People

By: Jay Loeffers

Good evening everyone, how are you doing? Well, this is my final article on Roosevelt. This is about his 4th election cycle, his failing health during his train stop tours, the bromance with labor unions and how they were infected with communists and how he used both the Polish and Japanese Americans as pawns to get voted in again. Roosevelt had being a lying bastard down to a fine art form, both to his supporters and the American people in general. His progressive weakness in foreign policy didn’t help America at all. FDR’s turning a blind eye to both the Soviet and American communist’s influence in regards to the labor unions, didn’t do them any favors either. This is a line by line look at Roosevelt’s last days in office.


1944, what an election year! New York Times reporter, Turner Catlege, wanted to interview Roosevelt this election cycle. He had not seen FDR in a few months and he enjoyed talking to him. Then one day he got a call from the White House Secretary and he was invited over. When Catlege came into the President’s office, he was shocked by Roosevelt’s appearance. Catlege said, “So much so that my impulse was to turn around and leave, I felt I was seeing something I shouldn’t see.”

Even during their conversations together, Catlege noticed Roosevelt was drifting in and out of the conversation and babbling on about the Teheran water system and how Stalin had joked about killing 50,000 Germans after the war. Roosevelt’s poor health effected his usually good speeches. In Bremerton, Washington, during a whistle stop tour on august 12th, his speech was not up to snuff and FDR’s secretary, Grace Tully, said, “It was one of the poorest speeches he ever made, both in form and delivery.” There were no teleprompters back then.

As time went on, Roosevelt’s doctors forced Roosevelt to work fewer hours a week and his staff made sure this was done. He would only work 20 hours a week during his last days and was taking more and more vacations away from the White House. FDR also knew to stay out of the public eye as much as possible.


The polls for Roosevelt were not looking good for him and with the pressure building to get him to dump Vice President Wallace and toss him under the bus, he got more and more afraid that Wallace would hurt his reelection chances. Wallace had said to Roosevelt that he would stand by him and keep the old team together. Of course Roosevelt lied to his face and told him that he would keep him. FDR turned around and sabotaged Wallace left and right. Wallace was out and Henry Truman was in. Watch out Biden… this will happen to you.

By this time, Congress was controlled by mostly Republicans. During the 1942 session, they had already pulled out some of Roosevelt’s favorite entitlement programs, such as the WPA, NYA, CCC and Roosevelt’s propaganda program the OWI. They cut that one during the war. FDR had used all of these programs to control the American people through a welfare state and to buy votes. One Roosevelt election tactic that Congress saw right through was his attempt to federalize the ballots. FDR thought that American soldiers were a good voting block source and he wanted to buy their votes. The Congress, doing its constitutional duty, prevailed by utilizing that pesky state’s rights amendment and saved the day for once.

Roosevelt’s Republican opposition, Thomas Dewey, who was the governor of New York, in his time in office had cleaned up New York City’s government corruption. Dewey had campaigned on Roosevelt’s age and health, war preparedness, his failure on the communist problem in America and his spending policies. But when it came to Pearl Harbor and how the beginning of the war was handled, Dewey was relentless. General George Marshall was worried about vital information not getting out to the public if Dewey were to dig deeper on the matter, so Marshall sent a letter to Dewey stating his worries on the Pearl harbor matter, as well as top secret information that should not be revealed.

Dewey was angry and thought this was an FDR conspiracy to stop him from using this tactic. Then Marshall called in Dewey for a one on one meeting. He told him the dangers of what he was doing because they had finally cracked the Japanese codes. They didn’t want the Japanese and the public to know about it. So, Dewey realized his mistake and complied and he lost the election.


Did you know that one of the goals of the communists in 1965 was to take over the American labor unions? But they had already done it by the 1940s anyway. Looking at Roosevelt’s relationship with unions and blind views on the communists, it’s easy to see that they had already been penetrated by factions of the communist party all with the blessings of the KGB and Stalin’s knowledge.

A democratic member of the House Un-American Activities Committee, one Martin Dies, said that
“many communists were involved with union and political action committees” started by Roosevelt and his union buddies, Philip Murry and Sidney Hillman. Roosevelt was not allowed to raise election money through the labor unions directly, so he bypassed Congress and helped create P.A.C. – the aforementioned Political Action Committee in the unions. Its public face was to “educate” union members through speeches and printing and passing out union propaganda. In reality, it was a back door way to get money from the unions despite the election laws. The leader and founder of the US Communist Party, who was jailed and then pardoned by Roosevelt, later on went to bat for Roosevelt in his election. Roosevelt again choosing votes over the people.


With Stalin’s invasion of Poland was in full force and rumors of a Polish mass murder by Stalin were at hand, Polish Americans all over the land were rightfully worried about Poland and their families still over there. They were wondering what Roosevelt would do. In the meantime, a newly formed Polish American Congress was created to address Polish issues of the day. Roosevelt had polls showing he was losing the Catholic vote and many of them were Polish, so to address the Polish worries, he invited the Congress to the White House to sway them. Roosevelt said, “Poland must be reconstituted as a great nation.” The Congressional leader Charles Rozmarek was still wary of Roosevelt and didn’t fully believe him. Two weeks later, Roosevelt, sensing a disturbance in the force (sorry could not help it), called over Rozmarek for a more private meeting. FDR said to him that Poland would be treated fairly in the forthcoming peace talks…

After this private meeting with Roosevelt, Rozmarek endorsed FDR for president and he would regret that later in the year. During this time, the Vice President of the Polish Congress still didn’t believe Roosevelt’s B.S. So, he wrote a letter to Senator Arthur Vanenberg:

“We cannot prove that they have been ‘sold down the river’ and if they have, we cannot conscientiously promise them that they can rely upon us for a better deal when we collide with Stalin at the peace table.”

On election day, Roosevelt won almost 90% of the Polish American vote with the help and backing of Rozmarek. As it happens, Roosevelt happily would not see Stalin for months… That’s when the sausage hit the fan! Polish Americans from all over the country were learning about Roosevelt’s concessions to Stalin and there would be no self-determination for Poland after Yalta. A very angry and betrayed Rozmarek said he denounced the “illegal communist government” and the “dictatorial manner in which the Polish question was settled.” After these findings of his, he turned his back on Roosevelt and changed parties. He then supported Thomas Dewey for president. Roosevelt lied and betrayed people for a few more votes.


By March of 1944, it was so very clear that none of the interned Japanese-Americans were of any threat to America or a risk to national security. Many were able to get out and serve in the military with full honors despite their treatment in America. Again, Roosevelt wanted to keep them in the camps because letting them out would hurt his vote numbers in California and as we know, votes are more important than the American people’s liberties and rights.

May 26th of 1944 – at a meeting Henry Stimson said, “The ban should be lifted” and Harold Ickes said at this same meeting, “Unless it were determined as a matter of deliberate policy to postpone the ban on the Pacific Coast until after the election, it should be lifted right away.” In a later diary writing, Ickes noted a small problem:

“That Roosevelt might lose the Korematsu v. United States case before the Supreme Court in the fall and that would leave us on the eve of the election in the position of having committed an illegal act.”

During the campaign, Roosevelt won that Supreme Court case 6 to 3 because of his “COURT PACKING” scam. He had most of the judges in his back pocket and they backed up Roosevelt’s executive and wholly unconstitutional orders. When the complaints started to roll in, they were passed on to the Secretary of State John McCloy. General Bonesteel was unaware of FDR’s political moves and told McCloy, “That mass exclusion is no longer justified.” McCloy basically told Bonesteel when they last met that he was to wait until after the election and stay out of it. Roosevelt won the election. All the Japanese were released and FDR avoided disaster that time. Picking your reelection power over your people, who by the way are your bosses, will never endear you to them in the long run or help your self-determined legacy.


There was one problem that Roosevelt could not hide from, lie his way out of, manipulate, buy off or kiss ass to avoid and that was a stroke. Roosevelt would not enjoy his election victory for long or see the end of the war.

April 12th, 1945 – Roosevelt was home in Warm Springs, Georgia, having his portrait painted. Roosevelt said, “I have a terrific pain in the back of my head.” He slumped over and was carried to his bedroom where he died minutes later. The last person to be with Roosevelt would not be his wife Eleanor, but his old lover and mistress, Lucy Mercer, now his secretary. Eleanor had found him with her early in their marriage in 1918 and FDR had promised Eleanor he would never see her again. That was so Bill Clinton of him.

Very shortly after his death, while his wheelchair was still warm, Congress amended the Constitution to put a strict two-term limit in place for the President of the United States and this was more then likely sped up when they found out his plan to make himself DICTATOR OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


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