Hello America. How’s the general feeling around the country today? Well, with the elections out of the way and Obama rushing his socialist “flexibility” through, we do have to be prepared for what’s coming. I thought I would pull back and look towards the philosophy and writings of AYN RAND and her fictional and mythical character JOHN GALT… who is he? What did he represent for AYN RAND? What do you see in JOHN GALT America? What does he mean for you personally? I am rereading ATLAS SHRUGGED as I write this and have watched part 2 at the movies already. I am looking at the current political landscape and I am worried that people have forgotten themselves. Well, at least 51% of them have and with Obama repeating the failed and deadly policies of the third Reich, while the welfare state is not taking notice of this. Let’s look at the legend of JOHN GALT and what AYN RAND thought he brought to the American public.


Ayn Rand’s vision of America through John Galt was an America full of innovation and innovative thinkers and risk takers, as well as business creators. Secondly, she envisioned a “hands off” government that would stay out of the way of innovative Americans and allow for expansion, hiring of a workforce and investing in new technology and research without hindering them through unneeded regulations, crippling taxes and radical interference. But in the 1950s, she noticed that the slow creep of socialism which had started with FDR’S NEW DEAL was expanding ever so swiftly. Being from the Soviet union, she knew what was coming if no one paid attention.


The legend of John Galt and Atlantis

John Galt was going around America offering a choice to the most talented and innovative artists, scientists, inventors and business innovators, to come with him to Atlantis and be free to operate their businesses and ideas any way they wanted without interference and very few regulations. These actions caused what was called “halting the engine” and only a few like Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden noticed something was up, but didn’t put their fingers on it at first.


JOHN GALT is: Steve Jobs in his garage in 1978 building the first home based computer.

JOHN GALT is: the founder of AVON, offering women a business opportunity in an age where that was frowned on.

JOHN GALT is: the finest and most accomplished artist in music, painting, photography – showing off his works to all without government censors.

JOHN GALT is: an inventor like Benjamin Franklin and his wood burning stove, bi-focal glasses and lightning rod; simple devices that no one takes notice of today, but were instrumental in moving American society forward.

JOHN GALT is: DAVE THOMAS of WENDY’S… an adopted child and an army vet creating a burger chain without frozen burger meat.

You see it now… JOHN GALT is all of us, the average American that refuses to give up and go out and create something wonderful, great and inspiring. Something that moves you and America forward towards independence and liberty without government regulations and interference. If you’re reading this blog and have never heard of AYN RAND or her book ATLAS SHRUGGED, please borrow a copy and read it. It will open your mind and change your thinking like it did me.