Flashback: Anarchy USA

By: Brent Parrish
The Right Planet

Buildings burning during the Watts riots in of 1965, southeast Los Angeles. The chaos in Watts foreshadowed future riots to come in other major urban centers — Newark, New Jersey; New York City; Cleveland, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Illinois; and Atlanta, Georgia; and Detroit, Michigan. (Credit: Sodahead)

The following documentary, produced in 1965, deals with a rather difficult subject matter for many Americans to address these days—namely, racial agitation and its Marxist roots. Although many who marched for civil rights back in the ’60s did so out of a sincere desire to see an end to race-based discrimination, and worked hard toward that end, there was certainly a Marxist element within the civil rights movement that wished to agitate and exploit honest grievances by inflaming the more extreme elements on both sides of the racial divide.


Video: Anarchy U.S.A.: In the Name of Civil Rights


This amazing documentary was forgotten for many years. Although it was produced in 1965 at the height of the civil-rights movement, it is far from being out of date. It provides lessons and insights that could not have been appreciated almost five decades ago.

This is not about blacks vs. whites, instead of merely telling the story of the 1960s riots, this is about what preceded those riots, who wanted them to happen, how they were organized, and what they were intended to accomplish. The focus is not merely on racial issues but on how any difference between groups of citizens can be used to manipulate them into acts of self-destruction.

One of the most common tactics of Marxist-Leninist-style “revolutionary social change” is racial agitation. The concept of racial agitation is so central to the “revolutionary struggle against the bourgeoisie” (a.k.a. upper and middle classes) that the Soviets made it a field of study at places like Lenin’s Institute of Higher Learning (also known as the Marx-Engels Institute) situated in Moscow’s Znamenka quarter, and Patrice Lumumba University, also located in Moscow.

The main focus of study at these “institutes of higher learning” included subjects such as racial agitation, trade union building, all facets of selective Russian history, even training with small arms and explosive devices.

There’s a big difference between addressing honest grievances and purposefully trying to drive a wedge ever deeper, for the express purpose of dividing people along racial and ethnic lines. But that has long been the tactic of radicals and revolutionaries … divide people and create as many sub-divisions as possible (e.g. classes, races, genders, etc.)—all pitted against one another—then accuse their enemies of the very same offenses they themselves are committing. It is psychological warfare designed to demoralize and shame the individual into guilt-ridden compliance with society’s (i.e. the state) wishes, or demands—whichever comes first.

Admittedly, the documentary, Anarchy USA, does get into some controversial subject matter toward the end of the film concerning Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s connections with known communists, socialists and fellow travelers during the civil rights movement of the ’60s. For some, this is tantamount to sacrilege. For others, they will claim King was a socialist at heart … and that’s a “good thing.” For still others, they will claim he was a full-blown communist enjoying full backing from Moscow—a true Hero of the Soviet.

First, I don’t think too many decent people would not wholeheartedly applaud King’s dream of a world where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” But when one simply asks the who, what, why, where, when and how regarding Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it does reveal some interesting and, at times, uncomfortable facts about King, to be sure. But none of this is meant to impugn the man. They’re just facts.

There has always been a great deal of controversy surrounding the reasons why King’s records were sealed until 2027. Suffice it to say, it’s more controversy than I wish to explore here. But, naturally, the question of King’s records being sealed does tend to make one curious.

Via Listserve:

On January 31, 1977, district Judge John Lewis Smith, Jr., ordered all known copies of recorded audiotapes and written transcripts resulting from the FBI’s surveillance of King between 1963 and 1968 to be sealed in the National Archives and away from public access for 50 years.

The video below by Stefan Molyneux entitled “The Truth About Martin Luther, Jr.” is well-researched and does a better job than I can of pulling back the covers a bit and providing a fuller picture on King’s life.

One thing that is often overlooked by many Americans is the fact that Martin Luther King Day is the only national holiday dedicated solely to a single individual. The U.S. used to celebrate the birthdays of former presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But, now, we simply celebrate “President’s Day.” That’s rather symbolic, and represents a rather profound cultural shift, if you ask me.

One of the fascinating parts of in the documentary, Anarchy USA, is the interview with a black American by the name of Leonard Patterson, a hardcore communist for some 10 years before becoming disillusioned and leaving the Party (CPUSA) in 1937.

Leonard Patterson during his interview that was used in the civil rights documentary, Anarchy USA (Credit: The John Birch Society)

Via InsideJBS:

As a young man in the 1930s, Patterson joined the US Communist Party (CPUSA). Recognition of his devotion to the Party along with his eagerness to follow its programs propelled him to steady advancement within the movement. Eventually, communist leaders brought Patterson to Russia for two years of schooling in their strategy and tactics. While there [Lenin’s Institute for Higher Learning], he shared living quarters with future CPUSA Chairman Gus Hall.

Leonard Patterson studied at Lenin’s Institute for Higher Learning, also known as the Marx-Engels Institute, in Moscow. His roommate at the Marx-Engels Institute was none other than future CPUSA head Gus Hall, who later ran as the U.S. presidential candidate on the Communist Party ticket from 1972-1984.

Gus Hall has often been quoted as allegedly saying he didn’t need to run for president on the US Communist Party ticket post-1984 because the Democratic Party had already adopted the US Communist Party’s (CPUSA) platform.

Via YouTube/Hal Shurtleff:

A former communist [Leonard Patterson] who trained in Moscow discusses his experience in the Communist party and how the Communist Party inflitrated the Civil Rights Movement. Mr. Patterson was on the Speaker’s Bureau of The John Birch Society.

One of the more important points ex-communists turned vocal anti-communists like Leonard Patterson and Manning Johnson have made, in my opinion, is they are not saying there aren’t real grievances, both past and present, between blacks and whites in America. But what they have said is they believe many of these problems concerning bigotry and prejudice can be worked out amongst ourselves sans the intrusion of government. Leonard Patterson and Manning Johnson came to the final conclusion that the Communist Party simply viewed black Americans as pawns on a chess board—a means to an end, period.

One particularity riveting tale of a black American turned Communist revolutionary is that of the late Anthony Bryant (read more here), a former Black Panther who found himself imprisoned in Castro’s Cuba for several years, and witnessed the horrors of communist dictatorship firsthand. Bryant personally experienced the total police state that had been created to “defend the revolution” in Castro’s Cuba; he described it as living hell. Bryant allegedly said, “Communism is humanity’s vomit … and we need to clean it up.”

Anthony Bryant

The late KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov (a.k.a. Tomas Schuman) wrote a pamphlet in 1985 entitled Black Is Beautiful, Communism Is Not. Bezmenov claimed the communists in Moscow viewed Western intellectuals and black Americans who eagerly embraced the ideology of Marxism-Leninism with utter contempt. They were the “useful idiots,” as Lenin once called them. Bezmenov intimates that he and his KGB comrades marveled at how willing and eager the “useful idiots” were.

Bezmenov also expresses incredulity at how a black American like the rabidly pro-Stalinist Paul Robeson, for example, never noticed there were no black faces on the Politburo, yet believed Stalinism promised “liberation” for blacks, ignoring Russia’s own long history of “racism” and “intolerance” for ethnic minorities. Stalin himself complete exiled around a dozen nations. Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky points out, “Stalin exiled about a dozen of nations completely. Part and parcel. Chechens, Ingush, Kalmiks, Karachaevs, Crimean Tatars. A dozen of nations completely wiped out!

Now, some might have issues with the fact that the documentary, Anarchy USA, was produced by The John Birch Society (JBS). There has long been some very virulent and vitriolic criticism of the JBS that has not only come from the left-side of the political spectrum, but from the right-side as well. I’ve even asked some people lately what they thought of The John Birch Society out of curiosity. Overall, people seem to have rather negative connotations with the organization. But when I probe deeper, as to why, they typically can’t provide a specific reason. It’s almost as if someone told them they are supposed to hate The John Birch Society, so they do.

(Credit: John Birch Society)

The reason why I started to take a deeper look at some of JBS’s work was due to a viral video of Robert Welch, founder of the JBS, that was making the rounds around 2008. In the video, Welch describes a hidden agenda by powerful forces he calls the “insiders,” and their plans to subvert our current form of Republican government (as described in Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution) to a purely collectivist, socialist-style government.

Robert Welch made the following predictions in 1958 about the “insiders” plans to subvert America:

  • Greatly expanded government spending;
  • Higher, then much higher taxes;
  • An increasingly unbalanced budget;
  • Wild inflation of our currency;
  • Government control of prices, wages and materials (supposedly to control inflation);
  • Greatly increased socialistic controls for operation of our economy and activity of our daily lives;
  • Far more centralization of power in Washington and practical elimination of our state lines;
  • The steady advance of federal aid to and control over our educational system;
  • A constant hammering into the American conciousness of the horror of modern warfare, the beauties and absolute necessities of peace – peace always on Communist terms, of course;
  • The consequent willingness of the American people to allow the steps of appeasement by our government, which amount to a piecemeal surrender of the rest of the free world, and of the United States itself.

For me, it is difficult to listen to Robert Welch’s 10 warnings and not agree that many of his predictions have, indeed, come true.

There are other reasons why I decided to give JBS a second look. One of the biggest is the orchestrated smear campaign by the state-run (a.k.a. main-stream) press against the TEA Party movement. Now, I realize Democrats in Congress and the press may not agree with the political positions of many in the TEA Party, but to label those associated, or even loosely involved, with the TEA Party as “racists,” “fascists,” “terrorists,” “suicide bombers,” “a**holes,”crazies,” “slope-headed morons,” “hostage takers,” “knuckle-dragging neanderthals,” “extremists,” “homophobes,” “teabaggers,” “bigots,” “xenophobes,” etc., is really shocking, considering such invective is directed at a significant segment of the American populace and emanates from our own elected leaders, and major news networks.

Examples of progressive hate speech. (Credit: John Birch Society)

Several years ago I was listening to some comments by far-left leaning “progressive” Julian Bond, who disparagingly remarked that the TEA Party was just a bunch of “Birchers.” Well, I don’t always just judge people by the company they keep, but by the enemies they have as well. But I digress.

At the time Bond was making his “Birchers” comment, I didn’t know much about The John Birch Society. But one of the first things that came to mind regarding Julian Bond’s remarks was how he was linking the TEA Party with JBS. I couldn’t help but think to myself whether JBS had been subjected to the same sort of relentless smear campaign by the hard-left and “progressive press” like the TEA Party is consistently subjected to, as evidenced in Bond’s derisive comments. Well, let’s just say I’ve found ample evidence of it.

Julian Bond

Now, while I support many of the positions the TEA Party supports, it doesn’t mean I always agree with the TEA Party. And I can say the same about The John Birch Society. Frankly, it would require a separate article to cover all the areas where I agree and disagree with JBS. I’m not a cheerleader. But I have found from conducting my own independent research that a great deal of what I have learned on subjects like communism, internationalism, constitutional matters, and related topics, often corroborates with information JBS had published years ago.

One must admit that it is damn near impossible to engage in civil political discourse when the one you’re trying to communicate with wishes only to engage in extremely offensive and hyperbolic rhetoric and behavior as a means to end debate or dialog before it ever starts.

As recently as 2011, the Soros-funded, lefty rag Think Progress ran a hit piece entitled “John Birch Society Celebrates Koch Family For Their Role In Founding The Hate Group” in response to a JBS editorial entitled “Fred Koch: Oil Man Against Communism.”

The John Birch Society wrote a response to Think Progress. Here’s a slice, my emphasis:

Another falsehood comes in the next paragraph stating JBS “published a piece this morning celebrating Fred and the Koch family’s pivotal role in developing the group.” Then they offer an excerpt, actually a combination of sentences spanning five paragraphs, that they try to pass off as indicative of the scope of the article. However, readers can see that the article is a history article about Fred Koch, his fight against Communism, and the journey he took to build a successful business. This is the second installment of our Americanist Entrepreneurs series that we began last month with JBS Founder Robert Welch.

Next they claim Fred had a history of bigotry and tried to back this up by pointing to evidence that the reader is once again just supposed to trust them on. One piece of evidence of this bigotry is that he was against the “civil rights leaders” and that JBS believed that “integration would lead to a ‘mongrelization’ of the races.” So readers are to believe that if one does not agree with the proposed big government solutions of the 1960s that they will be labeled as bigots. And the latter part of their above sentence makes some pretty hefty charges, but again, is not substantiated. In fact, JBS has never advocated for forced segregation or forced integration, both unconstitutional. Our documentary from the 1960s, Anarchy USA, depicts the Communist influence in the 1960s that resulted in dividing the people, setting up crisis and proposing and passing sweeping big government changes. The “mongrelization” comment in this documentary occurred in a film clip of a white racist’s rant and was included to show how the divided people were fighting against each other and how extremism on both sides enflamed racial tensions. This section of the video ended with the voice-over comment: “And so the seeds of dissension were sown among both the black and white races.” To portray the “mongrelization” comment as JBS policy is completely irresponsible and wrong.

The motives of Think Progress are clear here: to continue the smear campaign against the JBS that began decades ago by others and to use the guilt-by-association smear to their advantage to cast a negative light on those involved in the Tea Party. Think Progress chose to ignore facts and embrace falsehoods that only further its political agenda.

You know, I’ll have to say that JBS must’ve said something to get ‘em all riled up like that. But you can make up your own mind. Back out quiet.


The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results – 08/01/14

The Watcher’s Council

Warsaw Uprising Jewish overreaction sad parody

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up.

The war between Hamas and Israel in Gaza has been very much in the headlines and recently something occurred that is unprecedented in America’s relationship with the Jewish State. This week’s winner, Joshuapundit’s Obama Betrays Israel In A Last Ditch Effort To Save Hamas is my chronicling of that event and what it means. Here’s a slice:

President Barack Obama took some time off the golf course to call Israeli PM Netanyahu and demand an immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.In a statement the White House put it this way:

“The President made clear the strategic imperative of instituting an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities based on the November 2012 ceasefire agreement. The President reaffirmed the United States’ support for Egypt’s initiative, as well as regional and international coordination to end hostilities.”

Horse manure.

What happened is this; Secretary Kerry had originally told the Israelis that any ceasefire would ultimately entail Hamas disarming, but that for now what he was looking for was to implement the Egyptian proposal, which called for a ceasefire but allowed the IDF to stay in position and refused to recognize any of Hamas’ demands, which involved an IDF withdrawal and the opening of the Israeli-Egyptian blockade, put in place to stop Hamas from obtaining heavy weapons from Iran.

Then Kerry tried to bypass the Egyptians and instead came up with a brand new proposal using Muslim Brotherhood friendly Qatar, who funds Hamas, and the anti-Semitic Islamist government of Turkey as intermediaries.The trio met in Paris, a city where John Kerry has had experience orchestrating betrayal before.


That new proposal was very different from what Kerry had told the Israelis only a day or two earlier. As one of my notorious Lil’ Birdies told me directly, it recognized Hamas’ position as the ruler of the Gaza Strip, promised Hamas millions in aid and ‘reconstruction’ money ($47 million from the Obama Administration and $48 million from Qatar alone) and made no demands on Hamas as far as any demilitarization. Their rockets, tunnels and other weaponry would be allowed to remain in place. The IDF would have to withdraw, and the Rafah crossings and the Israeli Egyptian blockade would be lifted. Even worse, the wording of the proposal put Israel and Hamas on the same level, with no difference between the two.

This ridiculous proposal was unanimously rejected by Israel’s security cabinet, even the most dovish members. They were literally shocked by this duplicity.

This was on Friday. The call from Barack Hussein Obama to Binyamin Netanyahu came today.

In his call to Netanyahu, Obama spoke of the need to enact “a sustainable ceasefire that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs, while strengthening the Palestinian Authority.” He said that, ultimately, “any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza.”

So in other words, Hamas is to be rewarded, even though they were the aggressors, even though they are a terrorist group, even after the entire world has seen where that money goes. And the ‘Palestinian Authority’ which Hamas is now part of? That has to strengthened. Maybe, with some Obama funded ‘strengthening,’ Hamas and their Fatah partners might have better luck next time attacking Israel and killing Jews…

The story the White House is putting out now, of course, is that the leaked proposal was ‘just a draft’, accompanied by the usual verbiage by this president of his commitment to Israel’s security. Virtually no one in Israel believes that now.

Among other things, both Hamas leader Khalid Masha’al and Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh have already said that demilitarization will not happen, and both the president and John Kerry knew it. That why the so called ‘draft’ made no mention of it.In fact Hamas has already used a nice chunk of its ‘humanitarian aid’ money to purchase replacements for its missile arsenal from North Korea, which are en route.That’s something else the president and our Secretary of State had to be aware of too.


Even worse, Obama is trying to hold the safety of Israel’s population hostage. The Iron Dome missile defense system has been key to limiting Israeli civilian casualties.It was developed by Israel’s Rafael, but as part of the quid pro quo for doing some of the funding as a joint weapons project, the U.S. demanded that while the system itself could be produced by Israel, the missiles themselves would be produced in America, and those are made by Raytheon.

At this point, Israel has used up a significant part of its stocks and had asked America for a resupply. Congress almost unanimously authorized the funds. But then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in a heartless and nasty maneuver that had to come straight from the White House attached it to the $3.7 billion the president wants to fund amnesty for illegal aliens. The Senate Republicans as I write this are attempting to write up a separate bill to bring to the floor, but it’s not certain Harry Reid will even allow it to come to a vote in the event the legislation gets out of committee. And then, even if it passes, it has to go back to the House and be signed by the president, all of which could take a very long time, especially with the president’s 18 day luxury vacay at Martha’s Vineyard coming up.

I obviously didn’t hear the phone call between Netanyahu and Obama, but I would bet my dollar to your dime the subject came up, and that it was made plain to Netanyahu that unless he accedes to Kerry and Obama’s demands and enables Hamas to rebuild, Israel might not get those Iron Dome missiles for awhile.

And of course, there’s almost certainly another motivation for President Obama here. The biggest beneficiary of the current turmoil in Gaza is none other than Iran,because it takes the eyes of the world off the West’s craven caving in on the July 2oth deadline to resolve Iran’s rogue nuclear weapons program. Not only did the Iranians get another four months of ‘negotiations’ while the centrifuges spin, they got appeased for their trouble with a badly needed $2.5 billion bribe in the bargain.

President Obama realizes that like the Saudis, Egypt and the Emirates, Israel was appalled by this appeasement. And he knows that Netanyahu has his eye very much on that situation.In the president’s view, it probably works much better for him if Israel still has to deal with a military threat to the south as well as from Iran’s proxy Hezbollah in the north rather than to see Hamas defeated and Israel perhaps free to think about doing something about the Iranian threat itself.

More at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Fred MarounWhat Do Israel’s Critics Really Want? submitted by Simply Jews. Here, an Arab blogger asks and answers the simple and direct question in a simple and direct way. Do read it.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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Written with Great Weariness

Arlene from Israel

Our whole nation is weary – strong, determined, clear about who we are, but weary.  How could it be otherwise?  We are contending with both an evil enemy and an insane world.

Shabbat is coming within hours – for which I thank Heaven.  I had thought perhaps a brief post today, one that simply provided background. No way…

What I wrote the other day – about how I would really need to post every two hours to keep my readers informed – continues to be the case.  I will send this out as late as possible before Shabbat and post again after, as necessary.


A brief chronological re-cap of today’s events:

The US and the UN jointly announced a 72 hour “unconditional” ceasefire, consented to by both sides, that would begin at 8 AM here. During those three days, it was said, there were to be negotiations on extending the quiet more permanently.

What? Another ceasefire?  Another attempt by our prime minister to show that we were on the right side and had humanitarian concerns?  I was deeply unsettled by the involvement of both the US and the UN, but the fact that Egypt would mediate talks was a good sign.

My first thought as the ceasefire began was with regard to work on taking out the tunnels.  Just yesterday, Netanyahu had said work on the tunnels would not stop even if there were to be a ceasefire (and I have to assume he knew it might be coming when he said that).

Via official channels it was hard to come by this information. Aaron Lerner pointedly asked a question about whether “continuing to work on the tunnels,” meant just filling them with sand, or using explosives to properly blow them up.

Unofficially, from a source with connections inside the government, I was told that we would be continuing to blow them up and hoped that information was correct.

Following this, it then seemed important to monitor what would be happening with regard to the teams going to Cairo for the negotiations – and the issues of demilitarization, which Netanyahu had spoken of yesterday.  I saw that Egypt would not entertain the participation of Hamas without a PA presence, and that the Israeli delegation would includeShin Bet chief Yoram Cohen and the head of the Policy and Political-Military Affairs department in the Defense Ministry Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Amos Gilad.


All of this became moot within two hours, however, when Hamas broke the ceasefire: in the Rafah area of southern Gaza (near the Sinai) terrorists emerged from a tunnel and began to shoot at IDF soldiers.  Reports followed of a fierce battle there.  Israel declared the ceasefire formally at a end; from the prime minister’s office came a statement about how the UN and the US can now see how Hamas conducts itself.  Hamas meanwhile attempted to point a finger at Israel – the “occupier” as the one who broke the ceasefire.

Reports of a fierce battle in the Rafah area then followed – a suicide bomber apparently emerged from the tunnel with the others and blew himself up, killing two.

After this, came the chilling news that in the course of the fighting, an IDF soldier has been kidnapped.  He was grabbed during that battle, when the terrorists emerged from the tunnel (in the course of a “ceasefire”).  The IDF has identified him: Second Lieutenant (Platoon Leader) in the Givati Brigade, Hadar Goldin, 23, from Kfar Saba. There are enormous intelligence efforts and an intense search on-going in order to locate Goldin; the period of time from when he was grabbed until it was known that he was gone was short – which increases the possibility that he may yet be found. A search is being done house to house in the area. It is not known if he had been wounded.


Hamas’s Moussa Abu Marzouk announced that Hamas had captured a soldier, but a spokesman for the Hamas military wing has denied a kidnapping.

Netanyahu has informed Kerry that Hamas will bear the consequences for whatever follows.  Kerry termed the kidnapping during a ceasefire “barbaric”  We are currently hitting Gaza very hard.


Miri Regev (Likud) released a statement on the question of Israel’s participation in ceasefires today (emphasis added):

We call on the Prime Minister to return Israel her sovereignty. We must stop these cease-fires – they give over a message of hesitancy.

“We must not accept a single condition in a cease-fire. We must either demilitarize or retake Gaza; there is no middle ground. Now is the time.”


I’m with Miri. After this kidnapping, I trust and pray that Netanyahu will be as well:

The apparent goal of the kidnapping is so that Hamas can go to Cairo to negotiate a permanent truce from a strong bargaining position.  In their dreams.

There must be – there surely will be – no negotiations as long as they have one of our boys – only action to defeat them with finality.


An excellent cartoon:

Negotiating With Hamas Cartoon


I close here with links to diverse sources (compiled earlier) that will provide you with further insight into how Hamas functions.

Shifa hospital in Gaza was hit recently, and there were furious accusations of Israel having done it.  It turns out that Hamas itself that had done it, as terrorists were careless in the launching of rockets.


This was hardly an exception – it just made press more broadly because a hospital was involved.  In point of fact, Hamas rockets fall short about 25% of time and kill people in Gaza:


We know that Hamas cares not at all for the lives of its civilians, but not many know that child labor is used in digging the tunnels, and it is estimated that at least 160 children have died in the process:


See a tunnel hidden in the bathroom of someone’s house:



Is your mind boggled yet? Getting the picture of the obscene neglect of the people visited upon them by Hamas?

Know your rights! For Undocumented Aliens and Unidentified Aliens

By: James Simpson
DC Independent Examiner

This post is dedicated to Barry Rascovar. I was sent a brochure last night from a friend that explains to “immigrants” the Department of Justice’s position on discrimination against people for their “national origin.” Of course, this brochure implies that it holds for illegal aliens as well as legal immigrants. An illegal alien does not enjoy these protections, but DOJ likely won’t tell them that. Quite the opposite. Under the leadership of terrorist sympathizer Eric Holder, DOJ may even defend such people in court because the agency is trying to undermine the rule-of-law everywhere, but especially for Democrats’ new favored demographic, illegal aliens. We wondered however, how the Democrats would react to an intergalactic alien traveler. Would he/she/it be offered the same protections?

The brochure leads off with the following explanation for the benefit of “immigrants”:

Federal laws prohibit discrimination based on a person’s national origin, race, color, religion, disability, sex, and familial status. Laws prohibiting national origin discrimination make it illegal to discriminate because of a person’s birthplace, ancestry, culture or language. This means people cannot be denied equal opportunity because they or their family are from another country, because they have a name or accent associated with a national origin group, because they are limited English proficient (i.e. because they are illegal. Legally immigrated citizens are required to be proficient in English, Ed.), or because they participate in certain customs associated with a national origin group (one New Jersey judge ruled that a Muslim man could beat his wife senseless because it was an accepted act in his culture. Fortunately he was overruled, Ed.), or because they are married to or associate with people of a certain national origin. The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division is concerned that national origin discrimination may go unreported in the United States because victims of discrimination do not know their legal rights, or may be afraid to complain to the government (i.e. because they are illegal, Ed.). If you think you, or someone you know, has been discriminated against because of national origin and want to learn more about exercising your legal rights, you should read this brochure. This brochure explains the laws prohibiting national origin discrimination and provides some examples. You may find additional information about the Civil Rights Division and its Sections on the internet at http://www.justice.gov/crt. You may contact the Division to report complaints of discrimination as explained below.

… In some cases, the Division may only become involved if there is a “pattern or practice” of discrimination. A “pattern or practice” generally means that there is more than a single incident of discrimination, and that there is a policy or repeated conduct that is discriminatory.

“Undocumented” Alien Discrimination

Following are some actual examples of discrimination taken directly from brochure that an immigrant or illegal alien might encounter.

A young man of South Asian descent is assaulted as he leaves a concert at a nightclub. The assailant, a member of a skinhead group, yells racial epithets as he beats the victim unconscious in the club’s parking lot with fists and a pipe.

I’m sure this happens all the time here in America. Here’s another.

At Ku Klux Klan meetings, a Klansman tells other members that Mexicans and Puerto Ricans should go “back where they came from.” They burn a cross in the front yard of a young Hispanic couple in order to frighten them and force them to leave the neighborhood. Before burning the cross, the defendant displays a gun and gives one of his friends another gun in case the victims try to stop them.

Everyone who opposes illegal immigration likely falls into this category according to the Holder DOJ. The Klan is everywhere in this racist America you know. Those tea baggers are all racist, KKK members who really just hate you for your differentness, and with America’s racist gun culture, this is what you can expect. There’s a gun behind every bush!

Discrimination in Employment

An American company recruits workers in a small Mexican town, promising them good work at high pay. The company smuggles the Mexicans to the United States in an empty tanker truck. When they finally arrive in the U.S., the workers are threatened, told that if they attempt to leave their factory they will be killed.

Sure they do. Happens every day. This is what you, an illegal alien can expect from those evil capitalist companies that are the ugly face of selfish, consumerist, imperialist America. And they will kill you too, if they can get away with it, because they hate you. But only after working you to death in sweatshops for pennies a day. They should all be put out of business! Here’s another:

A transit worker’s supervisor makes frequent racial epithets against the worker because his family is from Iran. Last week, the boss put up a fake sign on the bulletin board telling everyone not to trust the worker because he is a terrorist.

Right, I am sure you all have similar stories of such injustices in the workplace. We have no idea what prompted you to come to this awful country, but since you have, we urge you to join SEIU, AFSCME or some other righteous trade union and vote Democratic!

The DOJ then tells you what to do:

You could be a victim of a civil rights violation. These examples could represent criminal violations of civil rights laws. The Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division prosecutes people who are accused of using force or violence to interfere with a person’s federally protected rights because of that person’s national origin. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your national origin you may contact the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

Unidentified Alien Discrimination

So now we’ve dealt with those situations an undocumented alien might typically encounter in these hostile, bigoted, fascist, homophobic, xenophobic United States. But what about the situations an unidentified alien traveling the space and time continuum from a different galaxy might encounter? How did DOJ overlook that? Is DOJ guilty of a microaggression? Are they subconsciously displaying soft racism against the differently-universed?

We decided it was critical to include this often overlooked group. Surely DOJ will quickly revise their important pamphlet, or at least award us a government grant. Following are likely examples of unidentified alien encounters:

You just landed your UFO in an abandoned lot in a major city. It’s been a long trip from outer space, but being new to the area you decide to go downtown and learn more about your new home. There are what appear to be a lot of kindred spirits – laughing youths with bald heads, spiked Mohawks and bright green and pink hair – loitering around a bar named “ARYANN RIZISTANTS TOO.” Underneath is a sign “Skinheads Welcome! – Illeagles Unwelcome!” Optimistically, you approach a rather large, bald-headed individual and, smiling solicitously, speak the most friendly, welcoming “hello” in your language:

“Snorkellatta, smalobypooallatpuet, laskeraouropoloffle SNORGSNAP!”

The man turns and looks at you, responding: “What the…? What did you say, faggot??!!” He then proceeds to beat you senseless with a bat and steel chain you didn’t notice he was hiding under his long black skin covering.

You could be a victim of a civil rights violation. The Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division prosecutes people who are accused of using force or violence to interfere with a person’s federally protected rights because of that person’s national origin. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your national origin you may contact the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Know your rights!

Here’s another. We use the same individual because there are only a few recorded instances of aliens from another planet actually visiting here. It did not go well for them. Remember Roswell!

Slowly recovering, you meander off looking for some more compassionate spirits. You round the corner and stumble into a PETA/CODE PINK protest against meat eating and the Afghan war. You cheer up when you see that the PETA women are, like you, naked. They are draped in what looks to be some kind of animal flesh. It reminds you that you haven’t eaten since passing Alpha Centauri a few months ago. You begin salivating. A pair of CODE PINK protesters see your nakedness and notice you drooling. These are real womyn and reasonably assume you are merely a typical white male chauvinist pig disgustingly demonstrating your compulsive white male dominance traits by presuming you can mate with them just like that. If you were familiar with this particular tribe’s culture and traditions you would know that you would have to participate with them in at least one of their protests before mating. They kick you senseless and one tries to rip off what they think is the offending part of your anatomy but it is actually your breathing tube.

You could be a victim of a civil rights violation. The Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division prosecutes people who are accused of using force or violence to interfere with a person’s federally protected rights because of that person’s sexual orientation. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your sexual orientation you may contact the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Know your rights!

We continue with the travails of this unfortunate intergalactic traveler.

Choking and gasping, you struggle back toward your spacecraft but are jumped by two Black Guerrilla Gang members who demand all your money. When you extend your digit out from your body in the standard intergalactic sign of peace, they empty their Glock 9mm pistols into you.

You could be a victim of a civil rights violation. The Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division prosecutes people who are accused of using force or violence to interfere with a person’s federally protected rights because of that person’s national origin. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your national origin you may contact the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Know your rights!

The police find you and you attempt to describe what has happened but they just keep looking at each other saying “What is it?” Having no idea, they take you to an animal hospital where you die on the examining table while the veterinarian consults his manuals trying to figure out exactly what on earth you are. Of course you are not from earth, silly man!

This example may be a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution. It may also be a violation of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968. That law prohibits discrimination because of national origin, race, color, religion, or sex by a police department that gets federal funds through the U.S. Department of Justice. It may also violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination by law enforcement agencies that receive any federal financial assistance, including asset forfeiture property. This includes most state and local law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, by not recognizing either your species or planet of origin, both the police and veterinarian have caused your death. You may be eligible for a substantial cash award! Call 1-800-AMBLNCECHSR to learn more.

This pamphlet reproduced with permission from the U.S. Department of Justice and provided courtesy the Democratic National Committee with financial support from the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. The Democratic Party joins with ambulance chasers, er, trial lawyers and the Justice Department in ensuring your civil rights are protected. Go to www.DNC.org to make your donation now!

This article was a colossal waste of time but I couldn’t resist. Note for those Democrats who don’t know better, I have taken a few liberties with the DOJ pamphlet. This is a satire piece, in case you didn’t realize it.


Obama and the US Army Open the Door to the UN

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Gen. Markus Laubenthal is the first German officer to be assigned to US Army Europe. He is the command’s new chief of staff. (US Army Europe)

A headline blipped by this morning that I’m sure very few took note of, but it caught my attention big time. As Weasel Zippers astutely put it: “Nein, this could open the door for a UN blue beanie.” Indeed this does, because my friends, if they can put a foreign officer in charge of our troops there, what’s to stop them from doing it here?

From the Army Times:

A German Army brigadier general who recently served with NATO forces in Afghanistan is assuming duties as the chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe, the first time a non-American officer has held that position.

Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, most recently the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in Amberg, and chief of staff of Regional Command North, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, will be stationed at USAREUR headquarters, Wiesbaden, Germany. He could report to duty as early as Monday.

Laubenthal also has served as military assistant to the deputy commander of operations and assistant chief of staff of operations for NATO forces in Kosovo.

As the major staff assistant to USAREUR commander Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell, Laubenthal will synchronize the command’s staff activities much as American predecessors have in the past.

“This is a bold and major step forward in USAREUR’s commitment to operating in a multinational environment with our German allies,” said Campbell.

“U. S. and German senior military leaders have been serving together in NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan for years. Sustaining the shared capability from this experience will benefit both the U. S. and German armies,” said Campbell who has headed the Army’s largest and oldest overseas command since 2012.

This is a first, a big one. Never before has a non-American officer held the position of Chief of Staff of US Army Europe. It boggles the mind. So, let me get this straight… we fire our generals, gut our officers and then place a German in charge? WTH? Does anyone else see a problem here?

And it gets better… you know why we did this? To say we are sorry for spying on Germany. I kid you not. All this crap leads back to Snowden. The Administration is saying this appointment is a rare sign of cooperation following recent spying allegations. Oh, you bet it is. This is a brilliant maneuver to subvert our military command and it happened without so much as an ‘excuse me’ or a ‘by my way’ being ushered:

BERLIN—A German will for the first time become chief of staff of the U.S. Army in Europe, a sign of further cooperation between the two nations despite a chill caused by allegations of U.S. spying here.

Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal from Germany’s Bundeswehr will report to Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell, the U.S. commander for U.S. Army Europe, known as USAREUR, with headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany.

“This is a bold and major step forward in USAREUR’s commitment to operating in a multinational environment with our German allies,” Gen. Campbell said.

The appointment of a German to the position has been several months in the making and is part of the U.S. Army’s strategy to internationalize the command of its overseas operations.

What it is, is a blatant move to allow foreign command and troops eventually to come to American soil. Yep, I said it and Americans better take note. This is a very bad development. What? Didn’t see this coming when Snowden landed on the scene? I did. And Merkel has communist underpinnings in her history and a disturbing bond with Russia. So, tell me again how this helps our national security? The only thing it helps is bringing the UN and NATO into our military’s midst and forcing us into a one world collaboration.

You want fundamental transformation? Look at the ongoing invasion across our Southern border… Look at foreign officers in charge of our troops… Look at Obama’s behind the scenes ties to our enemies and you will discern that where we are heading is very bad indeed. Why are our military officials silent on this? You took an oath, time to honor it. Obama and the US Army just opened the door to the vampiric UN — America do you really want those asshats on your soil?