The Harvester of Sorrow Part 1: Phony Class Warfare

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello everyone! Well, it’s been an interesting week with Obama and Biden taking on American freedoms and the NRA, basically practicing class warfare on gun owners. Today, I am going to start a 3-part article on Joseph Stalin’s war on the Ukrainian peasant farmer and the death and misery connected to this little known and never taught bit of Soviet Union history. Warning: some parts will contain graphic stories of cannibalism!


In 1927, the average farmer in the Ukraine was a pretty happy fellow. For the first time, the land he worked on was his and his alone. The Bolshevik government needed a recovery, so they gave peasants some economic freedom to speed up this recovery. But again, there were still parts of this country that were run on the old feudal system. The average Ukrainian farmer was a proud and hard working man, who was rightfully stubborn about his traditions.


All of the government party agreed in 1927 that they needed to upgrade and modernize all of their agricultural methods. But the problems they found were many. Specifically, not enough land with an ever increasing population. They were hindered by primitive farm technology and the farm yield hadn’t changed for 200 years.

Then there was the Russian elitist view of the peasant farmer. One group saw them as the backbone and the soul of the country and the hope of the future, while the second group viewed them with hatred because the more radical intellectuals tried to recruit them for socialist positions. But many said no to this.

Then there was Lenin’s view of the farm peasant. His views matched Karl Marx’s views on personal property ownership, which is to say, the farmer worked for the state and all of his property belonged to the state. Karl Marx and his followers had a great distaste for the average working peasant and even more hatred for small scale production and individual achievement from this dirty tiller of the soil.

“The interest of socialism are above
The interest of the right of
Nations to self-determination”

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