Brian De Palma Badmouths America on Russia Today

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Brian de Palma

Brian de Palma

Film director Brian de Palma badmouths his country big time with Valeria Paikova of Russia Today.

De Palma enthusiastically feeds Paikova’s blatant Kremlin line propaganda, with not a trace of shame.

The irony of criticizing the most benevolent country in the world, on the the propaganda outlet of one of the world’s worst tyrannies, appears to be lost on Mr. De Palma.

RT: You’ve studied the phenomenon, or rather the pathology of violence for over four decades. Why is America so keen to get involved in conflicts wherever they happen, Afghanistan to Libya, shooting first and thinking later?

BDP: Many things that are repeated over and over again sort of create a special atmosphere. One is: ‘America is the greatest nation in the world!’ I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that! Do they say that in Russia? Do you say Russia is the greatest nation in the world?

De Palma’s mindset is a great example of why Hollywood needs to be fumigated.


Pimping Patriotism for Progressivism

Before you cheer these two adds, watch them carefully. The Progressives are brilliantly using the things we hold dear: God, the military and hard work to woo us into their camp. This is nothing more than pimping Progressivism.

Oprah paints a picture of our military heroes coming home. I too, want to see them come home, but for vastly different reasons. She is cheering Obama ending the war. I decry him for tucking tail and running. Letting our boys and girls die in vain and giving victory to his buds, the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh, and Jeep is a sellout to foreigners.

The Dodge ad is no better. They shamelessly use Paul Harvey who was a true conservative and who has gone on to heaven. He never would have allowed this. It deceptively shows how hard working Americans support a Marxist government controlled company. Just reprehensible.

This is Progressive Marxist propaganda that does Goebbels proud.


Proposal For International Criminal Court Based On Sharia

By: Aeneas Lavinium

Galileo before the Holy Office, a 19th century painting by Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury.

We are currently witnessing the latest phase of the plan to impose Islamic law on the non-Muslim world. The intention seems to be to establish an international court based on sharia as an instrument to impose sharia law on non-Muslims. The court will probably take on a form similar to the International Criminal Court at The Hague in the Netherlands. Perhaps the aim is for that court to be replaced by on that is more sharia compliant.

The first indications of this new phase of activity came from Iranian politician Mohammad-Ali Esfanani. Iran’s Press TV reported (1):

“Esfanani further called for the establishment of an independent international Islamic court to examine all cases of genocide, moves against humanity and blasphemous acts against Islam’s holy figures and values.” (emphasis added)

It is clear that he is concerned that the excesses of regimes like the one in his own country that are run according to the principles of sharia can be criticised. Like all tyrannies, the Iranian regime appears to want to go about its barbaric practices with zero criticism, even via countries that still cling to a modicum of freedom. Of course Mr Esfanani did not mention anything about the significant human rights abuses that take place within his country’s own borders. The plight of Iran’s Bahá’ís probably never even crossed his mind. It is time for the hypocrisy of people like Mr Esfanani to end.

Mr Esfanani did take a swipe at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) (1). The OIC will undoubtedly take up his idea with glee despite his criticism as it fits with that organisation’s modus operendi. The OIC is not shy in demanding that the fear of God be put into any and all who dare to question Islamic dogma. Indeed the prime purpose of an international sharia criminal court would be to punish critics of Islamic doctrine. Such an institution has been unknown in Europe since the days of the Inquisition. The OICs aim is not to allow Muslims to peacefully practice their faith, but to impose that faith on those who do not want to have anything to do with it! In any case, Mr Esfanani’s comments come on the eve of the OICs 12th Summit that takes place in Cairo this week (2).

The OIC has already indicated that it will be intensifying its efforts to curb Western freedoms which might be an indication of its intention to create an international sharia court:

“According to the OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the leaders of Islamic nations need to have a new approach for dealing with the threats of Islamophobia.” (emphasis added) (2)

In his call for an observer office to combat religious intolerance (3), İhsanoğlu made no mention of the religious intolerance and persecution that takes place in OIC countries. The OIC’s approach is all about imposing sharia rather than actually confronting real religious intolerance.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the anti-freedom and anti-human rights stance of the OIC Western governments persist in their collaboration with this gang of freedom hating tyrants! Real human rights are being put in serious jeopardy as a result. The progress of recent centuries that was achieved under Western leadership will be rolled back if OIC ambitions are realised. OIC zealots are rapidly pushing us into a new age of heresy where even the most basic decencies will not apply to those who fall foul of religious dogma.

The United Kingdom Government confirmed its collaboration with the OIC back in June 2011 when it realised its ambition of being granted observer status in that organisation (4). Instead of standing up for the British people who value freedom and human rights the UK Government gave its backing to the very organisation that wants to destroy the principles of human rights. Look at the record of OIC members to see their true position on human rights, look at the persecution and discrimination that goes on in OIC member states! The UK Government, by its collaboration with the OIC, is effectively endorsing the idea that OIC values and dogmas should be allowed to become established in the UK.

Given his Muslim Brotherhood credentials, Western backed Egyptian tyrant Mohamed Morsi will undoubtedly guide the OIC itself in the direction favoured by Iran’s Mohammad-Ali Esfanani. His Islamist dictatorship now holds the Presidency of the OIC so he will have a prominent role in this week’s summit. It seems inevitable that the bullying approach of the OIC will intensify now that Islamists are gaining power across the Islamic world. It may not be long before a sharia inspired version of Interpol will be prowling the world in search of heretics!

In the Western world we have seen what laws to protect religion lead to. The illustration at the top of this article shows what happened in the West only a few hundred years ago – The Inquisition. Surely we must ensure that a system like sharia that uses beheading and amputation as instruments of its penal system is not to be part of our future? Laws based on religious dogma lead to human rights abuses and undermine the most basic of our freedoms. It is time for tyrannical regimes to get their own houses in order before they lecture others. Western leaders should stop making excuses for human rights abusing countries and stand up firmly against them.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) will continue to monitor and draw attention to the religious hatred directed against non-Muslims that is tolerated and perhaps even encouraged by OIC member states. It will continue to oppose the policies of Western government that help the OIC build up its infrastructure of religious intolerance.

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