NoisyRoom Daily News Links – 10/20/18

Book Review – The Wyvern In The Wilderlands

UK: Anjem Choudary Released from Prison

Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Attacked ‘Bullshit’ Stay-At-Home Moms For ‘Leeching Off Their Husbands’

Facebook Just Silenced Political Speech in America. And No One Seems To Care.

Facebook Removes Farrakhan Video Comparing Jews to Termites

BREAKING… Saudis Admit Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed And 18 Arrested.

‘Death threats’ against restaurant owner who hosted GOP candidate

JUST IN: Trump creates new video calling Democrats an ANGRY MOB and it’s awesome!

THIS IS INVASION! Watch insane video of the MIGRANT MOB breaking down the border fence and flooding into Mexico

Anti-Kavanaugh man ARRESTED for threatening to murder two GOP Senators!

Honduran caravan migrant calls Trump the ANTI-CHRIST, says they’re workers and FIGHTERS



Jamal Khashoggi, missing activist and writer, killed in fight, Saudi state media reports

WATCH: Illegal Immigrant Caravan Violently Storms Gate at Mexico Border

We’re Not Battling Craziness. We’re Battling Evil.

City official charged with murder after state rejects ‘stand your ground’ shooting of alleged shoplifter

Trump to campaign for Cruz in Texas, 77K sign up for venue that fits 18K



The End Game of Climate Change: Socialism


Book Review – The Wyvern in the Wilderlands

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Purchase at Amazon

Recently, I received a copy of The Wyvern in the Wilderlands by Eddie Patin. I’m a huge fan of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter books, so this looked interesting, to say the least. I was not disappointed either.

The book is a wild ride between universes. I don’t want to give the book away, but let’s just say you will constantly be trying to figure out how the hero is even still alive. The action is very fast-paced and if I were playing the lead in this, I wouldn’t have survived five minutes dealing with the monsters that our hero Jason beats time and again. The life expectancy in some of these wild places is less than zero.

The book captivated me from start to finish and that is not easy to do. I plan on reading the whole series and after you jump into the book, you will too. Rarely do I see characters described so vividly that I can fully picture them the way I do in this book. And you will love not only the story but the ending. It’s a rollercoaster from top to bottom. Even my husband is reading it.

If you are into fantasy and sci-fi, this book is definitely for you. If you love monster hunting, this series is excellent.

Here is the synopsis from Amazon:

Explore other Universes.
Hunt Deadly Monsters.
Make a Profit.

Jason always loved dinosaurs as a kid. He never thought that one day he’d be trapped on a dinosaur world struggling to stay alive.

This is the story of Jason Leaper of Earth, universe 934. In the mind-bending expanse of parallel universes and higher dimensions, the unexpected death of an alternate Jason Leaper launches our hero’s boring life into a wild adventure of survival, fantastic creatures, and bizarre other worlds!

All Jason Leapers across the infinite multiverses have the ability to rift–to open portals through other dimensions to shift between alternate realities. And when the last survivors of the Reality Rifters–an interdimensional Monster Hunter crew–come looking for Jason 934, the directionless man suddenly finds his latent powers awakened and his life is changed forever. When he is suddenly teleported to the Wilderlands, a vicious and primordial alternate Earth overrun with dinosaurs, primitive savages, and epic wilderness, Jason is cast into a visceral struggle for basic survival and needs to figure out his rifting powers in a hurry if he expects to get home. And when the monster hunting planeswalkers finally catch up to him, will Jason Leaper 934 slay the apex predator in the region and take his place in the Reality Rifters?

The Wyvern in the Wilderlands is a fast-paced survival story and is the first book in the “Monster Hunting for Fun and Profit” series about Jason Leaper 934 and his planes-walking Reality Rifters, Monster Hunters for hire. If you love books about guns, survival, vicious and terrible mythical monsters, cosmic horror, time travel, DINOSAURS, and exploring strange new worlds … read this today!

If you are looking for a great present to give others this holiday season, I would definitely recommend these books. You’ll be hooked in no time. If you are old enough to remember “Sliders” and “Quantum Leap” and you loved those shows, you will love this book. If not, then you are in for a new treat that will make you want to watch those shows.

Happy monster hunting! You can get your copy at Amazon.


Communist Antifa Places Severed Pig Heads At Campaign Offices In Texas Calling For A Violent Revolution

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Communist Antifa is beloved on the left and defended by both Democrats and the media. That’s because they share the same goals of revolution, chaos and a violent coup. Hell, they’re all communists.

This past week, at least five separate GOP offices were vandalized and attacked by these goons. Now, Antifa has stepped up their game by placing severed pig heads at multiple polling locations and campaign offices in the Austin, TX area. But you won’t hear about this. Instead, you will hear the left whine incessantly because Republicans have correctly labeled the left as having an angry mob mentality. They simply love mobs like Antifa, Democratic Socialists of America, the Communist Party USA, and all their minions bent on terrorizing those who do not share their violent Marxist views.

Red Guards of Austin just recently posted a blog post to their more than 8,000 Facebook followers where they commemorated Mao Zedong’s brutal communist revolution that resulted in millions of people being slaughtered. Meanwhile, NoisyRoom.net and Right Wing News were purged from Facebook with other conservatives because of what Facebook and Media Matters have deemed as ‘wrong-think’. If only we had hearted a butcher like Mao, we could have stayed on Facebook. No great loss.

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Vermont GOP Candidate Receives Violent Threat By Socialists: ‘We will rape you for days…open season for Republican death’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Over the weekend on Saturday, WCAX put out a report that Vermont State Police are investigating a death threat mailed to Deserae Morin. She’s a Republican candidate running for the Vermont State House. Let’s just say the threat was something not to be ignored or taken lightly.

Morin took a pic of the threat that she received at her home. It read: “C*nt, we are hunting you. My comrades will kill you and the Constitution. First, we will rape you for days. You will scream and know that agonizing horror. No equal rights for Republicans. Socialism is here. Open season for Republican death in Vermont. Fear our revolution. AA. It’s time.”

This is what the left has stooped to and it’s no surprise it happened in the socialist utopia of Vermont… Bernie Sanders anyone?

I've received my first official death threat, also rape threat… And a threat to all Vermont Republicans.My entire…

Posted by Deserae Morin on Saturday, October 13, 2018

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Violent Antifa Communists Attack Patriot Prayer In Portland Again

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Antifa got their violence on again in Portland, Oregon this weekend against the right-wing Patriot Prayer group. Black-clad masked communist Antifa thugs faced off with the group in ongoing protests and counter-protests that periodically went unchecked by police.

The fight took place on Saturday following a protest on Friday that was held following the death of Patrick Kimmons. Kimmons was shot by police on September 30th after he allegedly shot two other men.

During the protest on Friday, a 74-year-old man for some reason decided to drive through a crowd of these animals. They predictably responded by attacking the car and busting a window. It was all caught on video too.

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About That Facebook Purge… Then They Came For NoisyRoom

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

There is an old adage out there in journalism and it should apply to blogging too that reads something like: “Report the story, don’t be the story.” I find myself along with many others today being on the wrong end of that quote, unfortunately.

I started NoisyRoom.net on 9/11/2001 in support of those who perished in the deadly terrorist attack carried out by Islamists that sunny day. Over the years, I have written on counter-terrorism, geopolitics and a whole range of political issues. I have made quite a few friends along the way… many that I respect and admire a great deal. I’ve also made some notable enemies including Media Matters.

For years I have used both Facebook and Twitter to primarily put out news links to people who might not see them, therefore disseminating actual news, not propaganda. Once in a while, I get fooled, but not often. I have also opened up my blog to numerous colleagues who have sought a place where they can be heard that won’t censor them for their political stances.

A few months ago, I came to the realization that the small amount of advertising income I made off the site was no longer worth it. Google was dictating to me what stories I had to delete from my site to receive income from them. Approximately a month after I ditched them, Google banned me for a practice they called ‘scraping’. That is the practice of taking content from other blogs and media sources without permission and without attribution. I have never done that. But any excuse will do if you want to get rid of someone. That one did nicely for Google.

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NoisyRoom.net Has Been Disabled By Facebook In A Massive Purge

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

As you may or may not know, there was a massive purge at Facebook this morning. Suddenly, both my personal account and NoisyRoom’s were disabled. I contested it and sent in my ID, but I hold little hope that it will do a lick of good. I’ve been censored over there.

For those of you who read what I write, you know that I did not violate any standards. In fact, I don’t send out most of what I write. I send on big news links and a few memes. It was enough to get me banned and the pages are simply gone.

I am still on Twitter at terresamonroe if you want to reach me there or you can always email me at terresa AT noisyroom.net.

I knew this would eventually happen but kept telling myself why would they do this to legitimate writers and researchers? Well, that’s not the point, is it? This is very political and anyone who supports conservatives or those on the right is in the crosshairs.

I will keep blogging and will have more to say on this once I cool off. Never be afraid to speak up and don’t quit out there. I sure as hell won’t. Read the media’s take on this below – anyone who knows me knows my pages were not like this at all.

From the Washington Post:

Facebook said on Thursday it has purged more than 800 U.S publishers and accounts for flooding users with politically-oriented content that violated the company’s spam policies, a move that could reignite accusations of political censorship.

The accounts and pages, with names like Reasonable People Unite and Reverb Press, were likely domestic actors using clickbait headlines and other spammy tactics to drive users to websites where they could target them with ads, the company said. Some had hundreds of thousands of followers and expressed a range of political viewpoints, including a page which billed itself as “the first publication to endorse President Donald J. Trump.” They did not appear to have ties to Russia, company officials said.

Facebook said it was not removing the publishers and accounts because of the type of content they posted, but because of the behaviors they engaged in, including spamming Facebook groups with identical pieces of content and using fake profiles.

“Today, we’re removing 559 Pages and 251 accounts that have consistently broken our rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior,” the company said in a blog post. “People will only share on Facebook if they feel safe and trust the connections they make here.”

But the move to target American politically-oriented sites, just weeks before the Congressional midterms, is sure to be a flashpoint for political groups and their allies, who are already attacking the tech giant for political bias and for arbitrary censorship of political content.

Ever since Russian operatives used Facebook to target American voters ahead of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Facebook has been under immense pressure to crack down on content that could disrupt the democratic process in the U.S. But the challenge of policing domestic content is even thornier than going after foreign interference because it harder to define what constitutes legitimate political expression. By removing the groups entirely, Facebook is effectively saying that they will not have an opportunity to redeem themselves.

One of the pages — “Nation In Distress” — pitched itself as the “first online publication to endorse President Donald J Trump.” Founded in 2012, it had amassed more than 3.2 million likes and over 3 million followers, according to Washington Post review on Thursday. In recent posts and photos, it had criticized journalists for failing to report on Trump’s approach to China and shared a link to a story that had called Rep. Maxine Waters “demented.” The page affiliated itself with a website called “America’s Freedom Fighters,” which appeared to post its own content and duplicate press releases written by others about violent crimes and gun rights — all alongside a sidebar of ads.

Another page, Reverb Press, had over 700,000 followers. Posts attacked President Trump and referred to Republicans as “cheating scumbags.” A third left-leaning page, Reasonable People Unite, posted a screenshot from a Twitter user who said, “Somewhere in America, a teenage girl is listening to her parents defend Brett Kavanaugh and she is thinking to herself, if something like that happens to me, I have nowhere to go.”

More on the media’s hit job can be found here. This is full of lies.


Violent Far-Left Thugs Accost And Harass Ted and Heidi Cruz At DC Restaurant

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

A constitutional conservative can’t even have dinner in peace with his wife these days in DC. A group of radical protesters named “Smash Racism DC” accosted, harassed and shouted down Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife, Heidi, at a restaurant called Fiola in DC Monday night forcing them to make an early exit. The situation was tense and caught on video as a crowd of communists surrounded the Cruz’s like a pack of hungry hyenas.

The thugs were incensed over Cruz supporting his longtime friend and colleague, Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. He’s facing multiple fake sexual assault accusations from two uber-liberal women the left dug up to smear Kavanaugh. It was a last-ditch attempt to stop him no matter what it took. The Dems jumped into the mud hollow that comprises the Kavanaugh hearings and wallowed in the muck, reveling in dirty tricks and sliming a man with a spotless record.

Two one-minute video clips were posted to the Twitter page of a group called “Smash Racism DC.” Personally, I had to ban two far-left communist agitators already this morning on Twitter over this crap. Not only has the left dumped millions into defeating Cruz in Texas in an effort to flip the state blue, they are also out in force attacking conservatives on social media today over Cruz.

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