Atlas Shrugs – It’s Friday Night — Obamacrats Bad News Dump

Think things are out of hand yet ? Kenny S wrote, “the media went on the Memorial Day holiday about a half-hour ago. About ten minutes later, ‘guess who’ passed a tax increase on the per-barrel rate for oil – from 8 cents to 34 cents.

The House vote was 215 to 204.

Everything is about to go up in cost….. EVERYTHING.

Your income, if you’re lucky enough to still be employed or still in business, stays the same (actually decreases due to the additional expenses for everything is about to go up in cost.” – GOP: Obama’s Sestak story is a poorly-thought-out lie

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Fox News – Arizona Gov. Clashes With State’s AG

Gov. Brewer accuses state’s attorney general of conspiring with the White House as it considers whether to sue state.