Links To Visit – 07/10/2010

Weeding Out “Minnick Myths” – Statism-Socialism At Work Folks…Video Proof Of Errors Being Preached!

Daily Caller – Lawmakers question whether Obama violated law by backing pro-abortion Kenyan constitution (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner/Curtiz Frantz)

examiner.com – Democrats to launch massive blitz in December

examiner.com – School to teach homosexuality to 1st-graders

examiner.com – Obama refuses to deport thousands of identified illegal immigrants

NewsRealBlog – Obama’s Fine With Iranian Seat on UN Women’s Rights Commission (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Yahoo! News – Iran to review woman’s stoning verdict (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Human Events – Obama’s Lawlessness on Immigration (Hat Tip: Carolyn Cooke)

The Hill – Black GOP candidate slams Obama for exploiting race (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

examiner.com – Video: Ground Zero mosque ad banned by CBS

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Financial News Update – 07/10/2010

Oil Exec’s Wife Injured By Bomb Left at Front Doorstep

Morgan Stanley: Central Banks Have Begun Ditching The Dollar Again…

A Quick Primer On Why Everyone Thinks The Economy Is Headed Into The Toilet Again

Why It’s Clear Investors Have No Idea What’s Safe Anymore

Keith McCullough: Politicians Are Incompetent And Should Not Be Listened To On The Yuan

Check Out The Huge Number Of People Who Are Being Cut Off From Unemployment Benefits

Judge Tells Hedge Funder: Nice Try, But You’re Banned From Our Fancy Garden Forever

Pending Home Sales Have Crashed To Record Lows, Prices To Follow

OMG, The Death Cross Is Broken

The Ugly Picture Of Consumer Credit

One Unemployed New Yorker Gets Cut Off Every 80 Seconds

Asia Surges After Surprise Interest Rate Hike

Senate doctors release report on ObamaCare

Report: The top ten freest economies

Competitive Currencies Instead of the Euro Monopoly

State-by-state breakdown of Obama’s ‘stimulus’ disaster

It Begins… First Oil Rig Relocates From Gulf to Foreign Waters

FOX Economist Gasparino on Obama: “How Can You Vote For a Man Who Considers a Marxist to be His Spiritual Mentor?” (Video)

Unemployment Rates: Republican Majority vs. Democrat Majority

PAPER: Optimism on hold; Recovery economy falters

Dem Lame Duck Strategy: Union ‘card-check,’ cap and trade, and so much more

New rules mean millions more tax forms for businesses

Equal Opportunity, Or Playing Politics?

Fox Business: More Taxes on the Way

China’s Trade Surplus Widens, Adding Pressure on Yuan

Bank of America Says $10.7 Billion of Trades Wrongly Classified

Treasuries Tumble, Pushing Up Yields on 10-Year Notes by Most Since April


Venezuela nabs two for trying to ‘Twitter’ a run on banks.

“The Toilet Paper Crisis of 1973”

Dollar weakness reflects optimism.

U.S. marks 3rd-largest, single-day debt increase, $166 billion jump spurs concerns over policy.

Deficit hits $1 trillion in June for second year, and IMF presses US to cut debt.

Mortgage Applications Rise 7% as Rates Fall

The US: A Long Economic Winter Ahead

UK: 70 Top Graduates for Every Job Opening

Europe’s “Toothless” Bank Tests Making Matters Worse

Makow: Use World Currency to Renounce the Debt

New Loan Delinquencies on the Rise Again

Office Vacancy Rate Keeps Climbing