Links To Visit – 07/13/2010

CNN – New containment cap lowered over crippled Gulf oil well (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

RealClearPolitics – Krauthammer: “We Are Having A Capital Strike” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

TBO – New moratorium applies to any deep-water floating facility, drilling (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

CFP – Our Toxic Gulf: A Wakeup Call (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner) – Where Do Libertarians Belong?

The Anchoress – 5 Things I Love About Jesus

Bookworm Room – Sex and State Power (Hat Tip: Dr. Melissa Clouthier)

Wired – Daily Pentagon Jackpot: Oil Spill Edition (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

chron – New offshore oil moratorium not focused on depth (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Science Blogs – Out in the Oil with Captain Dave (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The New Editor – 38- and 31-Year Disaster Anniversaries

NTI – Former Senators Criticize Possible Cut to Bioshield Funds

NTI – U.S. Details Planned Nuclear Stockpile Cut, Funding Priorities

NTI – Iranian Nuclear Scientist Appears in Washington – Study: Franken stole the election in Minnesota

Phyllis Chesler – Muslim Honor Killing Elephants in the Room at the New York Times

Phyllis Chesler – Are Some Honor Killings More Equal Than Others?

Dr. Melissa Clouthier – The Islamists’ (And Liberals’) Fight For The Mind By Way Of Sexuality [Updated Title]

The Loft – When all else fails, accuse the Tea Party of being Racist

GOPUSA – Sowell: Signs of the Times

Caroline Glick – A war on who’s terms – Obama ignores another judge to re-impose moratorium – Voters reject Obama in record numbers

The Daily Bell – Iran War Even Closer?

FSM – Exclusive: Peace, Tolerance and Religious Freedom? No Way – Philly murder rate up, Mayor doesn’t focus on real issues

Jihad Watch – White House denies NASA chief’s claim that he was told his mission was to make Muslims feel good

Jihad Watch – Somalia’s al-Shabaab jihadists claim responsibility for Uganda bombings

Jihad Watch – Obama at odds with Petraeus over identifying enemy as “Islamic”

Jihad Watch – Obama “is a cultural Muslim whose sympathies lie with the Islamic world in its life-death struggle against Israel”

Atlas Shrugs – 4 Christians Arraigned today on “Misdemeanor Charges” for Handing Out Leaflets at Muslim Festival UPDATE: VIDEO

Atlas Shrugs – Bloomberg: Investigating Shady Money Behind 911 Mega Mosque is “UNAMERICAN”

Flightglobal – F-15 Silent Eagle scores two firsts with export license, flight test (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

World Tribune – Obama rejected Netanyahu request for F-15E in ‘tough’ session (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

RiaNovosti – Russia’s new generation S-500 missile defense system to enter service (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Washington Examiner – Republicans should embrace Paul Ryan’s Road Map (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fox News – Is the NSA’s ‘Perfect Citizen’ the Ultimate Spying Tool? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

IBD – Dropping The Shield (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner) “In space, no one can hear you surrender.”

WKRG – Coast Guard Lifts Ban On News Coverage Near Booms (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Heritage Foundation – Live from the Gulf: Obama Team Blocks Media from Oil Spill (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

OilPrice – BP Committing Ecocide on Islands in Gulf (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

StratFor – The Death of Deep Throat and the Crisis of Journalism (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

HotAirPundit – Texas Governor Rick Perry: “This Administration Has Texas On Its Radar And It’s In a Bad Way” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

DEBKAfile – Hectic preparations for historic Ahmadinejad visit to Beirut (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Politico – NRA takes flak for ties with left (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Radio Patriot – “Danger Close” – Lt. Gen. William Boykin (US Army Ret)

The Radio Patriot – Glenn Beck – Racism

The Radio Patriot – Can I haz one?

The Radio Patriot – “To Russia with Love”

Gateway Pundit – Megyn Kelly Destroys Far Left Crank Kirstin Powers in Epic Black Panther Catfight (Video)

Gateway Pundit – FOX News: Tea Party Preempts ‘Racist’ Resolution, Condemns ‘Bigoted’ NAACP

Gateway Pundit – It Begins… 4 Christians Charged With Disturbing the Peace for Preaching About Jesus

Gateway Pundit – Black Conservatives Condemn NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party Patriots

Gateway Pundit – We Will Not Be Silenced! St. Louis Tea Party Passes Resolution Condemning NAACP Racism

Gateway Pundit – Bill O’Reilly: Media Networks Are Not Honest & Their Agenda Is to Protect Obama (Video)

Gateway Pundit – NAACP Leftists Claim “Hardcore White Supremists” Are Behind Tea Party Movement

Gateway Pundit – It Comes to This… Mexican Baseball Game Called Due to Gunfire

Gateway Pundit – US Media Mogul Zuckerman Admits Writing Obama’s Speech

Gateway Pundit – Michelle Obama to NAACP: “America Is Still Unequal” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Felons Voting Illegally Likely Gave Franken Senate Seat

Michelle Malkin – Harry Reid said what?!?!

Michelle Malkin – Mocking war hero Nick Popaditch: A teachable moment; Updated

Michelle Malkin – “Have your facts:” Megyn Kelly vs. Kirsten Powers on NBPP thug case

Michelle Malkin – “Wake the F**k Up Michelle Malkin, You’re Black”

Michelle Malkin – Michelle Obama: Take Your Vacation in the Gulf, America — If You Need Us, We’ll Be Vacationing in Maine

Michelle Malkin – White House Denies Assigning NASA Administrator to Perform Muslim Outreach

Michelle Malkin – Scott Brown Will Vote for Dodd-Frank Bill


Chicago Sun Times – BLAGO TRIAL: Witness says Emanuel told him Obama wanted Jarrett in his old Senate seat

Yahoo! News – French parliament approves burqa ban

Yahoo! News – Vanished Iranian scientist turns up in Washington


Breitbart – Iran-backed group ‘eyed attack on US bases in Iraq’

The Washington Post – WASHPOSTABCNEWS POLL: Confidence in Obama reaches new low

Breitbart – VIDEO: Dem Congressman ‘Unaware’ of Black Panther Case

Yahoo! News – Thousands of laptops stolen from U.DS. military contractor

Breitbart – FLASH: Senate panel puts off Supreme Court vote

ABC News – BP Successfully Installed Containment Cap Onto Leaking Well… Developing

USA Today – Backlash grows vs. full-body scanners; Fliers worry about privacy, health risks


Reuters – Muslims seek to add holidays on NY school calendar

The Weekly Standard – POLL: Boxer Trailing Republican for First Time

Forbes – Two Venezuelans Face Up To 11 Years In Prison For Twittering

Fox News – Police: Illegal Immigrants Raped 14-Year-Old Girl at July 4th Party

Fox News – NAACP Set to Vote on Resolution Calling Tea Party ‘Racist’

Fox News – Libyan ‘Aid’ Ship Abandons Course

Fox News – 82 Cops Injured in 2 Days of Ireland Riots

Fox News – Feds Detain 12th Suspect in Russian Spy Ring

Fox News – Uganda Makes Arrests, Foils Other Attack

Fox News – Four La. Cops Charged in Katrina Shooting

Fox News – Tiny, Toxic Mushrooms Kill Hundreds in China

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