Andrew Breitbart to union thugs: “Go to hell!”

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Last night Andrew Breitbart spoke in warm 76 degree temps at the Florida First Coast Tea Party in Jacksonville, headlined by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Today Breitbart flew to Wisconsin where the weather was cold, wet and miserable. He was there to introduce Sarah Palin, as you saw in the video above. Tonight he writes about what happened behind the scenes in Madison:

But there was another group also there to greet us; the shock troops sent by Richard Trumka and president Obama’s Organizing for America. This was my second trip to Madison in the last couple of months and the defeats that the union’s leadership have suffered in that time have plunged these losers into an even more animalistic state of frenzy. Still stinging from last week’s election reaffirmation of Gov. Scott Walker’s policy of requiring public sector unions to face some of the economic realities that the rest of us have to deal with, the counter protesters both homegrown and bussed in them were louder, ruder and more desperate than ever. Their goal is to be as intimidating as the Green Bay Packers offensive line and it’s one of the only areas that they’ve had success.

The TV cameras showing the speech caught little of this phalanx of thugs that we had to walk through. Middle fingers flew and the trendy talking point insult of “Koch Suckers!” was everywhere. Sarah Palin was called names that made me wonder if Bill Maher was writing for this mob. Apparently, women-hating sexual mockery is acceptable if directed at the right, even if that woman’s children are present.


As I took to the stage, the shouting from those trying to disrupt the Tea Party intensified. Inarticulate shouting becomes their last weapon as their policies crumble. I thought of the hypocritical calls for civility amidst the dishonestly cynical opportunism of blaming Sarah Palin who shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I thought of the smug entitlement of government workers demanding to keep their gold and benefits packages while the nation tightens its belt. I thought of the business owners and politicians being bullied in an official capacity by the unions and then actually threatened by zealots who took the union policies to their only logical conclusion.

I’m proud of what I said. I told the sanctimonious shouters promoting class warfare to go to hell.

There may be those on the left who really want civil discourse. It’s possible there are some who realize that our national debt is, in fact, out of control. There’s a chance that sane debate is the actual goal of a number of self-proclaimed liberal activists.

But I didn’t see any of those people in Madison on Saturday morning. I’m not going to pretend that I did. It was a mob, whipped up by the divider-in-chief and his cronies who live off of union dues and taxpayer funded handouts. And in case any of you in the back row missed it , I repeat – go to hell.


Sarah Palin knocks it outta the park!

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Sarah Palin knocks it out of the park in Madison, Wisconsin at today’s Tax Day Tea party. As John Nolte writes at Big Government: Sarah Palin Steps Into Wisconsin, Points to Left Field, and Hits a Grand Slam

If Sarah Palin’s not running for president, what a terrible waste that would be of the single best stump speech I’ve heard since, well, Palin’s ’08 convention speech, which just happened to be the single most electrifying political moment of my adult life. A thrill didn’t just run up my leg that night, it ran up everything in me that’s American, and today in Madison, WI, it happened again. Surrounded by an obnoxiously hostile, astro-turfed, pro-union crowd that tried and failed to drown out her message with obnoxiously hostile astro-turfed noise, the former Alaskan Governor took the fight directly to the growing pile of Obama’s failures in the most effective way we’ve heard yet from a potential GOP challenger.

If you want to know why Obama’s Palace Guards in the MSM are determined to destroy this woman and all of popular culture has risen up to help, press PLAY. If you want to know why the GOP Establishment had better start looking over their collective shoulders, press PLAY.

You see what else she did there? Exactly what she did as a reform-minded governor in Alaska. She called the GOP Establishment out for everything they’re doing wrong, appealed to reasonable rank-and-file union members disgusted by their leadership, and reaffirmed her own proud union credentials. Better yet, she also launched the kind of tight, sharp, and articulate attack on President Obama’s failed presidency that likely has the White House — and their media allies — loosening their ties, clearing their throats, and looking for any word she might have mispronounced as an excuse to drown out her appealing message with the furtherance of a cruel “stupid” narrative they’ve been failing at for two-plus years.

I’ll ask again: How can someone so “dumb” be so right about everything?

Read the rest of Nolte’s observations about how the media will try to spin this. As James Pethokoukis writing with a headline that reads: “Sarah Palin in Madison, Veni Vidi Vici ” at Reuters puts it:

So MSM, keep obsessing over the shiny new Trump toy if you must. But better keep an eye on a certain sharpshooting, grizzly mama. She’s back.. . . . .


Sam Webb: Communist Leader Lays Out Stark Choice for America

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The Communist Party USA held a special annual conference in New York over the weekend. Normally national conferences are only held every 5 years or so. This one was held to help build the current anti-Republican movements playing out recently in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, California and other states and to prepare to for the crucial 2012 elections.

Party National Secretary Sam Webb delivered the keynote speech and like most communist leaders, is a pretty tedious speaker. Stick with him though, as he does make the battle lines for America clear.

Either the Tea Party/Republicans win in 2012, or the Communist Party/Democratic Socialists of America/Democrats do.

That is the stark choice facing America and the rest of the free world.

Also, hope you notice Terrie Albano‘s little joke that Sam Webb may have had a hand in the “dumping” of Glenn Beck form Fox News.

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