Journalist and Grieving Father Calls for Mass Mexican Protests; Anonymous says ‘Wait For Us’

Gulag Bound
By: Tallulah Starr

From a mid-February article posted on Breitbart:

“We are sick and tired of you politicians… because in your struggle for power you have torn asunder the fabric of the nation.”— Javier Sicilia, Mexican Journalist

Javier Sicilia, poet and columnist for two of Mexico’s leading publications, has declared his outrage, following the murder of his son, Francisco, 24, and four close friends. Mr. Sicilia is calling for national protests. He has accused the Calderon government of being “incapable of creating the consensus that the nation needs to find unity.”

As the world seems to be embroiled with massive, localized citizen protests, the call by Sicilia sounded like a recent announcement by the online activist group named “Anonymous.”

I found Anonymous, several years ago on YouTube, protesting the Church of Scientology in Paris, London, Los Angeles, and other cities. Each call to protest came with an anonymous, computer-generated video which warned Scientology that they were the target of protest. Then, during the international protests, video was captured and uploaded to YouTube, generating viral discussion. The videos were stylish, well-produced and aspirational.  Since then, Anonymous has grown, broadened its target base and now have a variety of hashtags and presences on Twitter, changing as the “op” changes. It now appears to be driving global protests against corporations and nations.

In late February, in the midst of other international protests, a tweet came through with a simple statement warning that Mexico would be next. Interested, I clicked on the Tweet link.

February 17, 2011 letter from Anonymous Mexico

Here is the translation (with apologies for the limited powers of Google’s Translation utility):


Manifesto for Mexico Operation

We are collectivist independent individuals, no leader or political preference, here to inform the Mexican people and the world of our decision and thinking through the following declaration:

Anonymous is formed by a large group of people to get together to fight those who restrict our freedom of expression, for systems that treat us as if we were mere puppets, without the right to protest or demand anything. But they are wrong. We have said enough, we have rebelled against a system that breeding asleep and submissive, it thought that its acts would go unpunished and the truth disguised forever. This system is the same as punishing those who tell the truth intentions. And it occurred to it to reveal it or bring it to light, it was punished without hesitation.

For this sole reason, in defense of freedom of expression, on and off the Internet, we understand that traditional mainstream media, in collusion with the government underestimates the social reality of the country and the people trying to silence the voices of citizens with messages across all media, discrediting and comparing citizens to criminals, but we are not those that have led the country to ruin. We understand that the national policy of repression towards citizens violates the individual rights of people to express themselves freely and without censorship.

We reject and show our total rejection to hundreds of absent journalists, before the absolute passivity of the Federal Government, as well as the mismanagement in the fight against drug trafficking that has been translated into more than 30,000 citizens: innocent civilians, who proved ineffective in this struggle.

We call on President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa to take action on the matter and allow the democratization of media, with greater openness to alternative media and critics, in which every citizen can participate without fear of being censured for expressing their ideas, strengthening initiatives that allow citizens access to the Internet, as this more than demonstrated that it is the most free press vehicle that exists, at the time being, the only way to strengthen a country, and finally, the repositioning of the right of the plebiscite.

And aware of the abuse of power by the Federal Government of the Republic of Mexico, because of manifest to the world with the current situation of a being a lawless country, torn by a social crisis with no response and lack of respect for its citizens, Anonymous will not idly stand against injustice. We believe that someone must do the right thing, that someone must bring light to darkness, that someone must open the eyes of a sleeping public, avoid further abuse of power that goes beyond our human rights.

We reiterate that our statements do not have a political character and will continue until something is done about it.

In conclusion, we appeal to all citizens of Mexico and the world that has a social conscience and to get involved and continue to manifest itself. Each in its own sphere, each with their level of engagement, with freedom to speak to the information and culture. So that together we can destroy the secrecy and live in full freedom to think and express.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Wait for us.

You decide.

You can follow the messages of Anonymous on Twitter at: #Anonops. Observing the chatter on Twitter, Anonymous appears to be a leaderless, global group of democracy-loving and chaos-friendly technocrats.  Is Anonymous being used or financed by Soros or others? I don’t know. Time will tell if the calls for mass protest in Mexico by the grief-stricken father and the group Anonymous are related but we’ll be watching.

Update: Today, warnings were issued to Americans traveling to a large portion of Mexico:

State Department officials report that the worst blockades are in and around Nuevo Laredo.

Officials issued a specific warning against going to Nuevo Laredo’s “Boys Town” due to violent crime there.

Also on the list is Federal Highway 2 between Ciudad Acuña and Reynosa.

Travel is restricted for American federal government employees between Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey.

The warning comes out one day after the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) confirms 177 bodies have been found in 36 narco graves in the San Fernando area.

Since our own government seems so ambivalent about the protection of its citizens stuck on the border and so close to the chaos, we hope everyone is prepared, should the people of Mexico decide to flee north from the chaos and criminality.

As Americans survey the trails along our Southern border, littered with drugs, guns, bombs, as well as raped, kidnapped, and beheaded Mexicans, We The People are just as disgusted and outraged as Señor Sicilia.


Obama Administration Thuggery: Replace Your CEO or Else

Gulag Bound
By: Janet Smiles

Reported in the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. Effort to Remove Drug CEO Jolts Firms

A government attempt to oust a longtime drug-company chief executive over his company’s marketing violations is raising alarms in that industry and beyond about a potential expansion of federal involvement in the business world.

The Department of Health and Human Services this month notified Howard Solomon of Forest Laboratories Inc. that it intends to exclude him from doing business with the federal government. This, in turn, could prevent Forest from selling its drugs to Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration. If the government implements its ban, Forest would have to dump Mr. Solomon, now 83 years old, in order to protect its corporate revenue. No drug company, large or small, can afford to lose out on sales to the federal government, a major customer.


The “action against the CEO of Forest Labs is a game changer,” said Richard Westling, a corporate defense attorney in Nashville who has represented executives in different industries against the government.

According to Mr. Westling, “It would be a mistake to see this as solely a health-care industry issue. The use of sanctions such as exclusion and debarment to punish individuals where the government is unable to prove a direct legal or regulatory violation could have wide-ranging impact.” An exclusion penalty could be more costly than a Justice Department prosecution.

He said that the Defense Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, for example, have debarment powers similar to the HHS exclusion authority.


From the Forest Laboratories, Inc, press release:

Forest Laboratories Chairman and CEO to Challenge “Unwarranted and Unprecedented” Potential Action to Exclude Him from Federal Healthcare Programs

NEW YORK, Apr 13, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) —

Forest Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: FRX) today announced that Howard Solomon, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, will challenge a potential action by the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS-OIG), to exclude him from participation in federal healthcare programs. Mr. Solomon was notified yesterday of the potential action in a letter from HHS-OIG.

The potential action emanates from matters that were settled by Forest in 2010 with no finding of knowledge or wrongdoing by Mr. Solomon. The only basis given in the letter notifying Mr. Solomon of the potential action is that he is “associated with” Forest. The letter gives Mr. Solomon 30 days to respond and say why he should not be excluded. Should HHS-OIG determine after that that Mr. Solomon be excluded, unless the effectiveness of such exclusion is enjoined by a court, Mr. Solomon would be required to step down from his present executive positions. Mr. Solomon plans to commence immediate litigation to prevent such exclusion from taking effect if HHS-OIG determines to proceed.

Board member and Chairman of the Audit Committee William J. Candee III, speaking on behalf of Forest’s entire Board of Directors stated, “It would be completely unwarranted to exclude a senior executive against whom there has never been any allegation of wrongdoing whatsoever. Mr. Solomon has always set a tone of the highest integrity from the top. At Mr. Solomon’s direction, the Company has significantly enhanced its sales force monitoring and compliance procedures. We believe the potential HHS-OIG action may well be beyond its legal authority.”


What is it called when the government decrees who will be the CEO of a private corporation?

Fascism: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.


Radical Muslims, Environmentalists, and the Green Jihad

Gulag Bound

Gulag Note: Mark Musser is tentatively our guest for the second time on Monday, May 2nd’s Gulag Night, to discuss this subject and the development of the green movement in America.  In our first interview, broadcast April 4th, Mark presented the roots of that movement in German post-enlightenment philosophy and ensuing NAZI culture.  See his recent article in Gulag Bound: “ NAZI Political Biology: The Hotwiring of Power Politics, Naturalism, Environmentalism & Racism.”

by Mark Musser

also published as a Special Report from the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism

Rep. Keith Ellison, the Muslim Congressman from Minnesota who shed tears in protest over the congressional hearings on the growing radicalization of Muslims in the U.S., wrote the foreword to a book entitled Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet. In Arabic, “deen” means religious creed. The author of Green Deen is Ibrahim Abdul Matin. He wrote his book to demonstrate that there is a close relationship between Islam and modern environmentalism.

It turns out Ellison would have been a good witness to how Muslims are being radicalized as foot solders not only for global Jihad but for a “green” future. It is an unholy alliance that threatens our future but which escapes the attention of media predisposed to believe that radical Muslims working with environmentalists could only produce positive results.

What is fascinating is that Matin works in New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s environmental planning department as a policy advisor for New York City’s long term sustainability, and was one of the Muslims promoting the idea that the new mosque being considered near Ground Zero should be a green one. In fact, Matin devotes one whole chapter of his book to “Green Mosques” and provides a list of environmentally friendly practices that can and should be implemented at each local mosque. Being the progressive Muslim that he paints himself to be, Keith Ellison was very impressed with Matin’s abilities and proudly decided to endorse his book.

One of the reasons Ellison decided to work with Matin was because of his own growing personal involvement in the green movement, which surprisingly enough, is becoming more popular among Muslims. In an interview posted on the DC Green Muslim’s website, Ellison commented that “my involvement in politics is really rooted in my desire to try to promote unity among people, trying to promote unity with the Earth and creation, and trying to promote justice.” Ellison is also involved in an organization called the “Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota (EJAM).” Ellison, the first Muslim Congressman in U.S. history, thus believes in green Islamic social justice of sorts—a veritable Islamic political ecology.

Ellison first met Matin in 2008 at a Muslim American seminar caucus in Washington, D.C.  Matin was a fellow of “Green For All,” the very organization founded by communist Van Jones to help promote the financial wonders of the so-called Green Economy. Matin also helped organize Green For All’s National Day of Action calling for “Green Jobs Now” which more than 50,000 people attended. Ellison was very impressed by Matin’s influence at the caucus: “Ibrahim made an important connection that day—that the faith community needs to be involved in the green movement.” He went on to conclude his foreword by saying that “Green Deen brings faith communities into the environmental movement by changing the conversation from the facts of global warming to the fact that we all live and work here together and have a collective responsibility to keep this place clean and safe for everyone.”

While there is certainly no small controversy over exactly what a caliphate may be, especially with regard to how Sunnis and Shias view it, or how closely it may be tied to the ushering in of Sharia law, Islamic totalitarianism, terrorism and violence, it is a word that shows up often in Matin’s Green Deen. Matin innocuously translates the word “caliphah” to simply mean “steward,” a very environmentally-correct term. While this may satisfy the environmental consciousness of modern Western elites, this definition is, of course, very far removed from how most of Muslim history has understood this word.

However, no matter how green a Muslim may or may not be, by definition, the caliphate must still be an Islamic theocratic state under the dominion of Allah. Even though Matin maintains that he wrote his book to help rebrand Muslims from being considered terrorists to environmentalists, he still prefaces his entire book with the idea that “the earth is a mosque.”  This means at once that the environmental holism being espoused by Matin must necessarily be subject to Allah’s totalitarian authority over the earth. In other words, environmental holism and Islamic totalitarianism go hand in hand in Matin’s Green Deen.

Secret Conquest

If the entire earth is a mosque, as Matin maintains, then Allah’s boundaries are boundless, and this means that simultaneously Americans must live under the theocratic dictates of Allah, and environmentalism can easily be used alongside Sharia law to help bring America to its knees under Islamic jihadist control. While many on the left would naively consider such a possibility beyond the pale, something along these lines is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood has in mind for the future of America. Indeed, in 1991, the radical Muslim Brotherhood espoused that “the process of settlement…in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” In other words, something like environmentalism can be easily used as a jihadist tool in the hands of a green Muslim to help sabotage America from within. After all, Matin says that “Muslims have a personal connection to the color green,” and that “the favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad was green.”

More troubling is that Keith Ellison’s pilgrimage to Mecca in 2008 was paid for by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, which is just another name for the Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison also likes to attend Hamas rallies, and has even worked with communist front groups like the National Lawyers Guild. He even once went so far as to praise the terrorist record of Bernardine Dohrn—the wife of the infamous Bill Ayers. After converting from Roman Catholicism to Islam, Ellison also praised the likes of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam during his college days. This hot-wiring of the anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, together with environmentalism, only helps to serve up an explosive eco-fascist concoction not seen since the 1930’s.

Ibrahim Abdul Matin

With such a cadre of characters and organizations under Ellison’s belt, is it any wonder that suspicions should arise over his activities, even over something as allegedly harmless as environmentalism? Which brings us back to Matin. Why in the world would Matin want Ellison’s endorsement if all he wants to do is try and show Americans that Muslims are not terrorists but are becoming progressive environmentalists? Neither should it be overlooked that the Muslim American Society also touts the Green Deen book. Matin even considers Malcom X to be a green Muslim, who was also one of his heroes as a child when he used to listen to his tapes. Such disconcerting connections betray the image that Matin’s Green Deen is as benign as it reads.

Indeed, Matin’s whole approach to energy is viewed as a green Muslim apocalyptic dichotomy between heaven and hell. Matin considers gas, coal and oil as energy from hell, i.e., from the ground: “it is dirty, and it is a major cause of pollution and climate change.  Energy from hell is non-renewable; it takes away from the Earth without giving back. It disturbs the balance of the universe and is therefore a great injustice.” As such, it appears that energy from hell needs to be placed under the caliphate control of Allah to help bring about a green Muslim social ethic on the earth: “one way we can stand out firmly for justice is by ending our reliance on oil and coal. Energies from hell are particularly devastating and unjust to people and the planet.”

From One Hell to Another

With the likes of the OPEC oil cartel largely run by the Middle East, coupled with the environmental restrictions on the homefront, perhaps the earth indeed is becoming one giant mosque. Worse is that Matin’s Green Deen only promises to become more hellish, leaving America increasingly exposed to the harsh natural elements of the sun, storm and wind. Yet, Matin views such exposure as a gift from heaven. For him, solar and wind power are Allah’s answers to America’s energy problems: “energy from heaven comes from above. It is not extracted from the Earth and it is renewable…energy from above is a gift from heaven.” The problem now, however, is that America’s electrical grid is not ‘smart’ enough yet to incorporate Allah’s heavenly gifts into her energy system.

Matin also proudly notes in his book that the EPA received much needed help from a green Muslim by the name of Dr. Aziz Saddiqi. In the 1960’s Saddiqi was a young doctoral candidate who was doing groundbreaking research in the Houston area on chemical engineering. The University of Houston was so impressed with his work that he was offered a job: “Soon he found himself guiding the development of curriculum that would help the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency carry out its new mission of enforcing the Clean Air Act.” His chemical engineering expertise was much needed at the beginning to help the EPA get off of its feet: “In 1973 the EPA was only three years old and did not understand the full breadth of its power.” The EPA thus had a lot of growing up to do, and Dr. Saddiqi was at the heart of it all at the very beginning: “The EPA, its scientists, and its partner agencies needed to be trained on how to monitor pollution from smokestacks and other commonly used industrial practices.”

In fact, it seems that they were all on the learning curve together on this, as Dr. Saddiqui “had to learn how to explain his research in chemical engineering to this group of regulators.” Not to be outdone, Dr. Saddiqi “also authored the training materials used to teach EPA scientists how to sample ambient air and develop pollution controls.” Today, Dr. Saddiqi is in charge of the largest Islamic community in the United States called the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

It is certainly comforting to discover that the EPA had a green Muslim helping them all out at the beginning on how to be good regulators. Environmentalism and the Islamic caliphate working together arm in arm at the very foundations of the EPA?  Green hippies and a green Muslim expert working hard together trying to come to grips with the full regulatory power of the Clean Air Act?

Conflict of Civilizations

However innocent some green Muslims and environmentalists may or may not be in this whole ecological experiment that America is increasingly rushing headlong into, ratcheting up secular problems with apocalyptic concerns and solutions will only feed radicalism and religious fervor. It also draws in the naïve and unsuspecting to do things that they would not normally do. By apocalypticizing their worries and concerns, environmentalists have managed to take something as banal and neutral as handling natural resources and have turned it into a gigantic worldwide ethic of ecological social justice requiring immediate action that now is even beginning to draw in the Muslims as well.

Muslims like Ibrahim Abdul Matin and Keith Ellison would do well to think again about the differences between Gaia, considered the spirit of the earth by environmentalists, and Allah. Though both have totalitarian goals, they are by no means the same. Ecological pantheism cannot be mixed with monotheism, even if the Muslim religion is symbolized by a crescent moon. At some point, these two ideologies will collide, and even though I am not a betting man, I would put my money on the growing juggernaut of Western pantheism. It has already largely devoured the Judeo-Christian worldview in America, and is well on its way to spitting out the pieces of what is left of free market capitalism.

Mark Musser is the author of “Nazi Oaks: The Green Sacrificial Offering of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust” and a commentary on the warning passages in the book of Hebrews called “Wrath or Rest:  Saints in the Hands of an Angry God.”

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Watcher’s Council Nominations: Gassin’ Up Edition

From: The Watcher’s Council

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Exposing Marxism in the Church

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Cliff Kincaid

While Marxists have infiltrated every major religion in the world, from Buddhism to Judaism, from Islam to Western Christianity; American Christianity has been a priority target.

Now investigative journalist Cliff Kincaid and public group America’s Survival is fighting back with a great new website Exposing Marxism in the Church.

According to Cliff Kincaid, too many Christians have been duped into accepting a kind of “heaven of earth” through the pursuit of revolutionary Marxism. Communism’s death toll has been one hundred million dead. But don’t think this “Liberation Theology” is only something that occurs in other countries. It is happening here.

Now, according to Kincaid, we are faced with another threat – radical Islam, a religion of the sword.

Our battle plan does not require the burning of a Koran. Rather, it requires information and education. Our recent conference on Al-Jazeera and Global Jihad is only one part of what we have planned. The new phase of our campaign for America’s Survival is the web site www.religiousleftexposed.com

All reports are unique to the new site. You will not find them anywhere else, except at www.usasurvival.org.

Says Kincaid, “the situation is the following: the Marxists have weakened us from within to such an extent that many of our own religious leaders, not to mention officials of government, do not recognize the threat posed by radical Islam.

We at America’s Survival, Inc. believe that we cannot win the war against radical Islam if the Christian Church is subjected to corruption and infiltration from within. That is why we are today announcing a new website, www.religiousleftexposed.com.”

This new source of alternative news and information is dedicated to exposing the influence of Marxism in religious institutions, especially the Roman Catholic Church.

This new site has a number of blockbuster reports, including:

  • Bitter Harvest: How Marxist Progressives Have Infiltrated the American Catholic Church.
  • The Religious Face of the New World Order: From the Vatican to the White House and the United Religions Initiative.
  • How Marxism Has Infiltrated the Catholic Church.
  • Matthew, MARX, Luke, and John: An examination of how American Catholic Church leaders have compromised with atheistic Marxism.
  • Atheist George Soros funds Catholic Groups.
  • Climategate, the Green Dragon, and the End of Christianity.

America’s Survival, Inc. is a public policy group devoted to analyzing international movements and extremists. It is behind this new project for the purpose of enabling Christians in America and around the world to have the information they need to confront authorities in their religious denominations and clean out corruption from their midst.

Simply put, people must not be afraid to challenge their local pastors and priests. What’s more, we must prevent our contributions from subsidizing left-wing elements in the national bureaucracies of the Catholic and other churches.

Says Kincaid, “my wife and I have adopted the practice of making sure our contributions go only to the support of the local church and the poor. We do not send any funds to the hierarchy.

Please don’t accuse me of anti-Catholic bigotry. As a Catholic himself, I have grown tired of the infiltration of the church by Marxist elements and I believe that the institution has to be purged of these corrupt forces. This unfortunate state of affairs characterizes most elements of the Christian church today.

We have a number of excellent reports at this new site, but I would recommend, as a starter, William Mayer’s excellent analysis in PDF form, Bitter Harvest: How Marxist “Progressives” Have Infiltrated the American Catholic Church.

Will you join with me in this crusade to clean up the Christian churches, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, in America? If we don’t save our churches, I believe we won’t be able to save our country from the dangerous threats we face.

We must have moral leadership from religious leaders. They must tell the truth. They must reject immorality and false doctrines and false teachings.

Please send this to your friends and ask them to sign up for our newsletter.”


Next, a Tax on Water?

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Australia’s ever sensible Carbon Sense Coalition defends CO2 and warns us against the far more dangerous H20.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed there is more justification for a tax on the emissions of steam from a kettle on the stove than a tax on the emissions of carbon dioxide from the gas stove beneath the kettle.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense,” Mr. Viv Forbes, said that neither steam nor carbon dioxide is a harmful pollutant, both are essential to life, both are emitted by burning hydrocarbon fuels and both have some effects on weather and climate.

“We expect the government media claque and research mercenaries to parrot the prevailing political propaganda, but surely it’s time for the independent media to start promoting accurate language and real science in the global warming debate.

“It’s time to “speak truth to power.

“The Green alarmists claim that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant”? We know that many politicians lie to suit their agenda but this lie is so huge that it cannot be allowed to stand.

“Carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are the building blocks for all life on earth. All plant life, animal life, marine life and carbon fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal are composed mainly of various combinations of these four key elements.

“When any carbon compound is burnt in a fire or digested in a stomach, the carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and the hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water. These reactions produce warmth and energy for mankind.

“All life needs food and water. Carbon dioxide is the keystone for all food on earth – it feeds all plants, which feed all animals. Water is the foundation for all drinks. Thus combustion of carbon fuels provides food and drink for all life on earth. Only a fool or a schemer could describe either of these gases of life as a pollutant.

“Both carbon dioxide and water are recycled via the atmosphere, and both make our climate liveable. Carbon dioxide is an invisible gas that has a tiny climatic effect. But water in all its forms such as vapour, clouds, oceans, rivers, rain, hail, snow and ice is vastly more abundant and influential in causing changes in weather and climate.

“If we need a “carbon pollution tax” to reduce global temperature we surely need a “water pollution tax” to reduce snowstorms and floods?”