Uh, America… We Have a Problem

By: Jay Loeffers

Hello my NoisyRoom friends! I start with a warning about this article today. It will be unpleasant, graphic and not suitable for young children to read.

America, we have a problem. You have heard it before that America is turning into either France, Europe or Russia and that the Occupy or Peace Movement is a bunch of hippies that just want utopia or world peace. I have heard others say there’s nothing wrong with a little socialism or a little bit of communism… really? So, you mean to tell me that you are that deep asleep and DON’T do history research? That you are not very aware of the implications of those statements? Both INACTION and WORDS have meaning.

The problems in today’s America are more reflective of the recent history of Serbia, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Kosovo. The problems America has are just the mere beginnings of what these smaller, older countries know all too well. The loss of life, the loss of the rule of law, the total disregard for people places and property.

Let’s start with the current communist governments of these tiny little countries and their so-called “ETHNIC CLEANSING” programs during the 1990s. Let’s look at the way both President Bill Clinton and Madelaine “not very bright” Albright, who was the Secretary of State and of course everybody’s friend to human rights all around the world. The U.N. had dealt with this problem as a way to gain political capital for human beings that were being dumped in mass graves. Did you know they were killing all of their own people because they were not MUSLIM? Does this sound familiar to anyone? To be honest, the radical Muslims have caused problems for us since the Roman Empire, England and 1775. We should be seeing a pattern here with Muslims of this radical type, but no one seems to learn from this.

Now let’s go all the way back to the 1940s and look at the states of these countries then and see what happiness went on over there at that time. Again, a warning that this paragraph will be graphic! At this time, World War II was in full swing as America was fighting a war on two fronts. The average Serbian was worried about being beheaded, raped, dismembered, tortured, molested or murdered en mass by their fellow citizens. The Nazi Waffen SS had a hold and occupied all of these little countries at this time. They had formed a new Waffen Division called the 13th Mountain Division – Croatian Waffen SS. This happy summer camp group was made up of both Catholic Croatians and radical Muslim fascists. Both had a blood hate for the Serbian Jews and an extreme group of these Croatians had called themselves USTASHA, led by their humble leader Ante Pavelie.

Let’s look into the list of improvements the USTASHA made in their own homeland. They ended up murdering by hand and tools 300,000 Serbian Jews. The most violent of these was the rounding up of 2,000 Serbians into a church and slicing them up with just knives for several hours. They were known to gouge out the eyes of a Serbian woman for Ante Pavelic’s collection (YUCK). They performed out of the blue random killings and dumped the bodies in the local rivers. Just for fun mind you, they took these poor people into their camps and placed bets on how many they could kill the fastest by hand. Other small acts of kindness such as bashing heads with hammers, raping women and children, dismembering them alive with a saw, decapitation with an ax, beatings with sledge hammers and all this while these dirt bags smiled and celebrated, partied and took pictures and boasted to others about their fun day at work. But here is a kicker for you. The USTASHA scared the crap out of Nazi SS officers and they had to get permission to put a stop to it.

So this is what a socialist utopia will bring to American culture. Hate and a culture of death. Wow and all I wanted was a job and a nice place to live. Remember, both the radical Muslims like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazi Party, were both the same kind of socialist monsters and be warned, there is a rising culture of hate out there and in America. A new major Nazi Party has started in Egypt and in America. The next time you hear some moron say this: “There’s nothing wrong with socialism, it sounds so nice! It helps the little guy in so many ways and its a culture of kindness.” Please slap this moron in the back of the head for me. We have all seen that the Occupy Movement is not so peaceful and has shown their radical violent side already, so be warned. This year, they will ratchet up the rage and the hate for they are part of a bigger problem and they are being used.

I have historical documentation of this history. I will give it to you for free if you e-mail me at [email protected].


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