Book Review – Agenda 21

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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I am a big fan of Glenn Beck’s books. His most recent, Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck with Harriet Parke, does not disappoint. The book is very well done, with a great plot and characters. It is realistic and disturbing. It’s a great read, but this first installment is a sobering look into what will transpire if we do not change course from the Progressive’s vision of our future.

The heroine of the story is Emmeline, who was about four years old when her parents were rounded up and placed in what can only be called an austere camp. A prison camp that is in the formation of a circle, where the homes are cinder block, with only a mat to sleep on and energy boards. Most were shot that would not go to the camps – some escaped and are referred to as the ‘shadow people.’ All tenants must earn their keep by producing energy for the collective. Producing children is required and the mother never holds her child. The state takes them immediately. Pairing is assigned. Nature and authority are the only things revered in this world. Meals are two cubes a day. Non-production is rewarded with death.

Think it can’t happen? Think again… Agenda 21 is very real as has been written about on this blog many times and it is spreading across the US. The Progressive Marxist elites will not stop until we are stacked and packed in hovels or trailers. They will take the land for themselves to create more wealth with carbon credits while we sweat and toil for them in ghettos.

Agenda 21 is a look into where this road leads. The ending of the book brings hope and definitely leaves it open for a sequel. I would recommend this book to everyone I know. You can’t fight your enemy, if you don’t know your enemy. And this is not about animals and plants; it’s about power, control and money.

A final note… Make sure you read the end of the book which gives research and facts on Agenda 21 and how to fight it in your communities. This is the fight of our lives. Take the fight to the Progressives, don’t wait until it comes to your doorstep.

You can get a copy of Agenda 21 at Amazon.com or off Glenn Beck’s web site. You should get several copies. I can’t wait for the sequel. Beck does it again with the help of Harriet Parke. Fantastic!!!


Voice of the Copts: Request Holy See Investigation

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

As an Italian citizen and a Catholic by marriage, I am writing to your Holiness on behalf of my human rights organization, Voice of the Copts. Our mission is to raise awareness in the West about the plight of the Egyptian Christians and their struggle against Islamic supremacy. Born into a Coptic family in Cairo, Arabic was my native language while growing up. Today I find these assets valuable in interpreting and explaining current events as they pertain to the hidden realities of Islam and its impact on the free world.

For many years I have found various doors opened to our organization, and many willing to listen to the grim facts now facing democratic nations dealing with an encroaching Islam. Only the grace of God has kept us in our work as we have put our personal finances to good use in fulfilling our goals.

Naturally, I thought the Christian community around the world and especially denominations in the United States would embrace my message and join with us in this very serious endeavor. I found the opposite to be true. Most churches, including the Coptic Orthodox and the Catholic Church, are, if not indifferent, uninterested in offering us opportunities to speak out on the dangers of what lies behind the persecution of Christians and Jews even as we have asked for no special treatment and no financial contributions.

To put it bluntly, whenever we met with Catholic bishops and priests in America to tell the story of Copts, our request for action was largely ignored. I was utterly mystified by the consistency of this response. I found it inexplicable – until now.

My answer arrived just a few days ago with an incident involving Catholic Bishop McManus of Worcester, Massachusetts who reversed his decision to have a friend of mine, Robert Spencer — a fellow activist, author and expert on Islam — speak at their men’s conference on March 16. The Bishop caved in to the false charges of an Islamic supremacist group that viciously attacked Mr. Spencer with names such as arch-Islamophobe and hatemonger, claiming he had no authority to speak about Islam.

The Catholic diocese complied with these audacious demands and canceled the engagement without interest in pursuing Mr. Spencer’s point-of-view or the issue of free speech. Such submission through appeasement weakens the church.

I have always believed that my lack of progress toward activating the church with my message of the Coptic struggle was never solely due to my personal failing. The rescinding of Mr. Spencer’s invitation by the Bishop in reaction to pressure by Muslim activist, Abdul Cader Asmal, reaffirms my true belief that the real failure resides in the local church — its unwillingness to recognize the important role it could play in standing up for the very freedoms that afford religious practice.

Muslims in Egypt and other Islamic-majority countries attack Christians and their churches, oppressing them by serial acts of violence perpetrated in the name of Allah and Islam just because of their Christian faith. Church leaders in free nations must speak out in defense of their brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer persecution and are weakened by strong waves of Islamic attacks, powerless to help themselves under brutal regimes. In speaking out, we exercise the teachings of our Lord’s words.

We do not advocate holy war. Our adversaries do that. We only ask that church leaders who are bound up in fear, intimidation and lies as a result of false propaganda and inter-religious dialogue be given license to think critically, assess the origins of persecution forces around the world and judge accurately the reasons for Christian victimization. This license can come only from the official heads of church denominations in statements contradicting the disinformation campaign forced upon Christians and Jews in the West.

To make certain that each and every believer becomes aware, properly informed and conscious of the threat we face, the church must first create a new openness and interest in learning the truth from correct and trustworthy sources — without expurgation, mitigation, or political correctness. Every single Christian must comprehend the worldview held by the perpetrators of these unspeakable crimes against Christians and Jews around the world — before it is too late.

His Holiness, as we are certain of your wisdom and concern for our beloved church, Voice of the Copts kindly requests the Holy See to conduct an immediate investigation into the Diocese of Worcester to determine the reasons behind the Bishop’s behavior. Please attend also to other dioceses around the world likewise misled in their responses when confronting similar dilemmas — acting out contemporary portrayals of Judas who betrayed Christ for thirty pieces of silver.


Dott. Architetto Ashraf Ramelah,



United Nations – Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development and the Regional One Bay Area Plan

By: Heather Gass

Over the past few years, I and many others in the Bay Area have been fighting against a plan that will socially re-engineer our lives referred to as the One Bay Area Plan. It will transform the lives of over 9 million people and towns in 9 counties over the next 25 to 30 years into high density stack and pack housing next to mass transit all in the name of saving the planet and reducing GHGs (Green House Gases). Private property outside of city and county urban limit lines will be highly restricted and/or off limits as part of the first ever statewide re-wilding and corridor system in California is created. The crazy thing is no one seems to know about it. Bay Area residents and taxpayers have been kept out of the process. Most have never heard of the regional unelected bodies pushing these plans or the legislation we are now being asked to follow, but all will be affected by it in some way in the near future.

Although I will be focusing on the regional plan in the Bay Area, this is happening all over the state and country under different names, so don’t feel left out. I have done thousands of hours of research over the past few years and discovered the genesis of these plans and who is behind it. I am hoping that by providing the historical timeline and links to back up my findings that it will be clear that these plans are not being pushed by the people of the Bay Area, the local municipalities or by state level mandates. These plans were hatched long before the state legislation was enacted by a small group of NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations), stakeholders, foundations and regional unelected bodies funded with tax payer money.

There are three main pieces of legislation that are being followed in California to complete the transformation and socially re-engineer our lives; SB375 (2008 Sustainable Communities Strategy), AB32 (2006 Global Warming Act) and AB2785 (2010 California Essential Habitat Connectivity Map). All of these bills were signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger. The global warming bill calls for a reduction in GHGs to 1990 levels by 2020. The SB375 bill links land use to transportation and specifies the majority of future construction be compact, high density, low income housing next to mass transit in order to force Californians out of their cars and single family homes to ostensibly reduce GHGs. AB2785 identifies (maps) an animal and vegetation corridor system throughout California, connecting large blocks of government regulated land through private property that must be taken in some way to complete the California Wildlands corridors. This map is most egregious in that it casually illustrates (with a sliding scale of less to more cost) how much it would cost our government (in terms of dollars, conservation easements, eminent domain, zoning to open space, etc.) to take the land from private individuals in order to complete this map. California planning organizations are expected to use it in their planning for land use and transportation process. What people don’t realize is that this map is NOT about preserving land (Open Space) for the animals and plants. These land masses that are being set aside are being incorporated into giant land trusts for the purpose of selling carbon credits in the trillion dollar Cap n’ Trade scheme that recently started in this state. A few large land trusts and foundations will be the beneficiaries of this giant piggy bank. Here’s a list of land banks (http://www.dfg.ca.gov/habcon/conplan/mitbank/catalogue/). The CARB board will be giving many of the credits away to preferred corporations and to entice cooperation in the program. This is a fraudulent pay to play scheme and giant land grab, not an environmental initiative.

The few, regular citizens, who have found out about the One Bay Area plan were horrified and attended workshops and hearings in an attempt to stop this plan from being adopted. Where did this plan come from? And why are unelected regional agencies dictating how and where the people of the Bay Area will live in the future?

Over the years, the two main bodies pushing this plan MTC (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) and ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments) have pointed the blame at either local jurisdictions or at state legislators as the responsible parties for this plan. At times they claimed this was an organic, bottom up plan that the local municipalities want and were asking them to implement. Then on other occasions, they claimed they were only following state level mandates and that if we had a problem with this plan we should be taking it up with the legislators who voted for the bills. The truth is ABAG and MTC were behind this plan way before the legislation was enacted and have been quietly involved in the forming of this plan for almost 20 years and if you include international connections, it is even longer (See U.C. Berkeley PhD. Judith Innes White Paper). ABAG led the effort and along with other agencies they engaged in backroom secret meetings, formed international alliances, regional compacts with stakeholders and NGOs in an effort to reach their goal of transforming our cities and towns into the United Nations vision of Sustainable Communities ultimately leading to the passage of AB32 (2006), SB375 (2008) and AB2785 (2010) legislation that codified this agenda in California. The following timeline will illustrate how this so-called regional plan came about and who is behind it. You will learn, as I did, that this plan is not a grassroots effort and was not originated at the state level. It is an international plan from the United Nations and is referred to globally as Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

These regional agencies are unconstitutional and the elected officials appointed to them have in my opinion violated Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution by joining an international alliance with ICLEI and should be at the very least investigated and/or abolished.

I have included links throughout so you can check the facts for yourself. This plan is being duplicated all over the country and the world, but the Bay Area is one of the four initial pilot programs within the U.S. The pilot areas were Denver, Atlanta, Chicago and the Bay Area. In my research, I found a white paper about the Bay Area Alliance written by Judith Innes a PhD from UC Berkeley (white paper “Getting Serious about the Three E’s”). She followed the alliance process from 2004 to 2007 and validates my findings. She points out how flawed the process was with virtually no experts being used to prepare data and reports and how the stakeholder workshops were misleading and outcomes were controlled and predetermined.

1987 – The term “Sustainable Development” was adopted at the Brundtland Commission meeting in 1987 as part of the “Our Common Future” outcome document. The official definition of Sustainable Development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The term Sustainable Development encompasses three main principles; Equity, Environment and Economy. Economy is the key word used to describe replacing free market principles with PPPs (Public Private Partnerships). The Environment is used as catalyst for change and Equity describes the social and environmental justice and the redistribution of wealth. Not equal justice. Social equity is the driving factor to alter the function of law to impose social requirements replacing individual rights.

1990 – The United Nations accredited NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) ICLEI (International Council for Local and Environmental Initiatives) was founded in order to establish Agenda 21 campaigns throughout the globe. The ICLEI Charter/Constitution defines a world congress of mayors and elected officials working together with ICLEI serving as the international agent representing the members of the world congress throughout the globe. ICLEI serves as liaison between local governments and international governments. ICLEI members pay dues and must explicitly adopt the ICLEI Constitution which follows the 16 principles of the Earth Charter and a model of global governance. This international membership by cities and counties violates Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution: “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation… with a foreign power.” The ICLEI headquarters in North America is in Oakland, CA. Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner founded ICLEI USA. ICLEI is responsible for injecting international climate, land use and other policies into local governments. Many cities, counties and regional bodies across the country are contracting with ICLEI.

1992UN Agenda 21 Earth Summit hosted by Maurice Strong, was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At this summit the term Sustainable Development was adopted as part of the global Agenda 21 campaign. 178 nations pledged their support for Agenda21. President George Bush, Sr. signed on to this for the U.S. Although this is technically a non-binding soft law, since Congress did not ratify it, Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development have been incorporated into every aspect of our government through Executive Orders, the EPA, ICLEI and other regulatory agencies, bodies, boards and commissions. (See also video: Nancy Pelosi sponsored H.Con.Res. 353 on Sustainable Development.)

1993 – President Clinton signs Executive Order 12852, creating the President’s Council for Sustainable Development effectively bypassing Congressional approval of Agenda 21. This council was tasked with injecting Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 into all levels of our government nationwide.

1996 – Richard Clarke, retired Chairman and CEO of PG&E and Michele Perrault, International V.P. of the Sierra Club (both members of the President’s Council for Sustainable Development) present the idea of a regional sustainable development initiative to the ABAG general assembly and to other NGO’s and stakeholder groups.

1997 – ABAG and several dozen NGOs around the Bay Area sign a Compact forming the BAASC (Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable Communities) (See Compact for Sustainable Bay Area). This document specifically states that MTC and ABAG as well as other groups joined forces to implement a regional plan for a Sustainable Bay Area. The document states “It is founded on the principle of the Three Es of Sustainable Development – prosperous Economy, quality Environment, and social Equity.” It also states “The Bay Area Alliance adopted the definition of sustainable development endorsed by the United Nations’ World Commission on Environment and Development.” And goes on to clearly point out “The Bay Area Alliance also operates within an international context. The Earth Charter Initiative (www.earth-charter.org) is an outgrowth of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and has many principles similar to the visions and commitments contained in this Compact.” Sunne McPeak represented the Business (Economy) side of the Alliance. Sunne McPeak also served on the ABAG board, Bay Area Council and she oversaw the Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the Department of Housing and Community Development, the California Housing Finance Agency, the Department of Real Estate and many others. She was a key player in pushing the SB375 legislation behind the One Bay Area plan.

1999 – Five regional agencies MTC, ABAG, BAAQMD (Bay Area Air Quality Management District), BCDC (Bay Conservation and Development Commission) and RWQCD (Regional Water Quality Control Board) were working on Smart Growth Strategies.

2000 – Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg launched SCOR (Speaker’s Commission on Regionalism) to promote regionalism and collaboration across California. Sunne McPeak representing the Bay Area Council and many of the BAASC, NGOs and stakeholders was part of this new group. The main purpose was to push for legislation institutionalizing regionalism throughout California. Sunne McPeak was also the ABAG President.

2001 – First Round of stakeholder workshops (approximately 1000 participants) from all 9 Bay Area counties. These meetings were mostly attended by ABAG and MTC officials, planners, developers and social/environmental justice advocates who were stakeholders in the BAASC.

2002 – Second Round of stakeholder workshops (approx. 1000 participants). Three Regional Scenarios are proposed (Central Cities, Network of Neighborhoods and Smarter Suburbs). The preferred scenario was Network of Neighborhoods. ABAG develops policy-based projections using the Smart Growth Scenario as a starting point.

  • Publication of “Shaping Our Future” was the result of this coalition.

2003 – ABAG Executive Board adopts policy-based projections. Abandoning the trends based projection model used in the past. This approach forces development to occur based on the preferred land use and transportation scenario. MTC’s RTP (Regional Transportation Plan) is based on ABAG’s projections.

2005 – Governor Schwarzenegger passes Executive Order S-3-05 to reduce GHGs in California to 80% below 1990 levels by the year 2050.

2006AB32 legislation passed – calls for a reduction in GHGs to 1990 levels by 2020. CARB (California Air Resources Board) is appointed to oversee and monitor state level GHGs.

2007 – California Center for Regional Leadership hosts a meeting where, then Assembly Member 11th District DeSaulnier (co-author of SB375 with Darrell Steinberg) and Van Jones both speak about pushing regional legislation. (http://calregions.urbaninsight.com/regcivic/bln/20071126/index.html)

  • SB375 legislation introduced (Assemblyman Mark DeSaulnier was one of the co-authors of SB375 with Assemblyman Darrell Steinberg). Mark DeSaulnier served on the following boards ABAG, MTC, CARB and BAAQMD (Bay Area Air Quality Management District) all proponents of this legislation.

2008SB375 legislation passed – Links land use to transportation. Directs regional agencies to create blueprints focusing development in PDAs (Priority Development Areas) next to mass transit for the purpose of reducing GHGs based on AB32 legislation.

2010 – AB2785 legislation passed – California Wildlands Act. The California Essential Habitat Connectivity report sponsored by DOT (Dept of Transportation), CalTrans and DFG (Dept of Fish and Game) shows many maps of the intended wildlife corridor system throughout California. This document is quietly being used by all planning, transportation agencies and commissions throughout California without the public’s knowledge.

2010–2012 – MTC/ABAG and a host of paid stakeholders and NGOs launch a series of public workshops. This time the public really engaged in opposition to the plan. Here’s a video of citizens opposing the plan at a workshop held in the County of Alameda in January of 2012.

As you can see, the One Bay Area Plan did not originate as an organic bottom up plan, nor did it start with state level legislation. The President’s Council on Sustainable Development brought the idea to the regional agencies. The regional agencies then joined forces with local NGOs, stakeholders and foundations. The plan to socially re-engineer the Bay Area was going on long before the legislation (SB375, AB32 and AB2785) came to pass. This first ever regional plan in the Bay Area is scheduled to be adopted by the JPC (Joint Policy Committee) of MTC and ABAG in June of 2013 and when it does, local jurisdictions will become virtually irrelevant. When money and power are concentrated at higher and higher levels by unelected regional boards, bodies and commissions, the end result is uncontrolled corruption. Someday the citizens of the Bay Area and California will wonder what happened to their beautiful unique towns and suburbs and go looking for answers. I’m hoping my research will give them the answers they seek and help them hold those behind this plan accountable.


Everybody Draw Obama Day

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

The news sometimes seems to go around in circles, repeating itself with only the names of the characters getting changed. Take what happened this past week, for example, and tell me if it doesn’t sound familiar. That wanna-be Muslim occupier of The White House, you know who I mean, he was the candidate of The Muslim Brotherhood and The Democratic Communist Party, tried to impress his mindless electorate that he was a champion of the Second Amendment. He bragged, as he usually does, in an interview with the New Republic that he went skeet shooting “all the time” and that set off a storm of inquiries. At first no one connected with the White House could recall ever seeing Obama handle a gun let alone shoot one. So, in an attempt to quell the turbulence, the White House conveniently released a publicity photo of Barry Soetoro/aka/Barack Hussein Obama shooting a shotgun. But here is where the stories begin to fold together. The White House issued a stern warning to anyone who would take that photo and photoshop it. And as true Americans always enjoy a challenge, lots of people did.

The White House has released a picture purporting to show President Obama “skeet shooting” at Camp David. An activity he claims he does “all the time.”

The White House also warns all you mischievous internet types to not mess around with the picture:

“This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.”

In memory of Molly Norris.

Back in 2010, a Seattle, Washington cartoonist named Molly Norris took exception to some radical Muslims who threatened the creators of the TV show South Park for showing a picture of the Islamic prophet Mohammad. The true believers of Islam, the ones who devoutly follow every word in the Koran and the Hadith’s, have absolutely no sense of humor nor respect for our Constitutional Right to Free Speech. They strictly ban all kinds of music, dancing and even statues. And they are willing to cut off the heads of anyone who insults their so-called Religion of Peace. Now that is a self contradiction, if I ever heard one. Anyway, back to the story. So Molly Norris sent out a call to establish May 20, 2010 as the day “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. Wikipedia has the following details:

U.S. cartoonist Molly Norris of Seattle, Washington, created the artwork in reaction to Internet death threats that had been made against cartoonists Trey Parker and Matt Stone for depicting Muhammad in an episode of South Park. Depictions of Muhammad are explicitly forbidden by a few hadiths (sayings of and about Muhammad), though not by the Qur’an. Postings on RevolutionMuslim.com (under the pen name Abu Talha al-Amrikee; later identified as Zachary Adam Chesser) had said that Parker and Stone could wind up like Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was stabbed and shot to death.

Norris said that if people draw pictures of Muhammad, Islamic terrorists would not be able to murder them all, and threats to do so would become unrealistic. Within a week, Norris’ idea became popular on Facebook, was supported by numerous bloggers, and generated coverage on the blog websites of major U.S. newspapers. As the publicity mounted, Norris and the man who created the first Facebook page promoting the May 20 event disassociated themselves from it. Nonetheless, planning for the protest continued with others “taking up the cause”. Facebook had an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” page, which grew to over 100,000 participants (101,870 members by May 20). A protest page on Facebook against the initiative, named “Against ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'”, attracted slightly more supporters (106,000 by May 20). Subsequently, Facebook was temporarily blocked by Pakistan; the ban was lifted after Facebook agreed to block the page for users in India and Pakistan.

In the media, Everybody Draw Mohammed Day attracted both support from commentators who felt that the campaign represented important issues of freedom of speech, and the need to stand up for this freedom, as well as criticism from other commentators who found the initiative crass, juvenile, and needlessly offensive.

Molly Norris began to receive death threats from outraged Muslims and was advised by the FBI to change her name and relocate. So in her honor and in spite of the Muslim Obama threats I have attempted to collect as many illustrations of sharpshooter Barry as I can find, just to pay homage to the young woman who came up with the original idea that if enough people create a picture to mock an overinflated ego then the powers that be cannot attack them all. Some of these people have taken the strict advice from the White House not to photoshop the original image, just to play some games with it.

Hilarity ensues as Twitter users caption and Photoshop Obama’s shooting photo

Posted at 7:57 pm on February 2, 2013 by Twitchy Staff

Dear White House, I didn’t use photoshop, so we’re cool. #SkeetSkeet #Skeetgate #tcot #altcon pic.twitter.com/NHW2ojk0

12:30 AM – 03 Feb 13

There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom http://twitpic.com/c0d2bf via @TwitPic
5:30 PM – 02 Feb 13

@JG41187 My own humble effort. pic.twitter.com/qivaKR4y @BradThor
9:45 PM – 02 Feb 13


@BradThor Funny you should say that I just made this! 🙂 http://s419.beta.photobucket.com/user/jg41187/media/bin-ladengotshottonite_zpsdc199504.png.html?src=pb …

@TwitchyTeam @MichelleMalkin More trouble for me. Here’s another no-no photoshopped image. BHO and the Constitution. pic.twitter.com/ASbQZhJn
10:51 PM – 02 Feb 13

Great photoshop. I am stealing it. RT @wayward_okie: More shooting fun with Obama. “Ehh, what’s up, doc?” pic.twitter.com/bQkhHCkh
3:02 AM – 03 Feb 13

And my favorites posted on the Noisy Room:

What Obama Was Actually Shooting At
Feb 3rd, 2013 by TMH

All The Time
Feb 2nd, 2013 by TMH
By: The Unrelenter

This is two different photographs side-by-side. The one on the right has not been manipulated. Thus, it complies with the White House’s typical strangling of the First Amendment.
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How’s that for deflating a pompous, narcissistic ego. Here is one more that wasn’t photoshopped.

And one more that was.

Everybody Draw Obama Day


Video of Some of the Best 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Ads – Videos

Hat Tip: BB
Freedom’s Lighthouse

Here is video of some of the best 2013 Super Bowl Ads that will air during Super Bowl XLVII Sunday, February 3, 2013:

Sketchers – Man vs. Cheetah:

E-Trade Baby Game Day: Save It:

“Space Babies” 2014 Kia Sorento:

Coca-Cola “Chase”:

GoDaddy.com – Your Big Idea:

Audi – “Prom”:

Volkswagen: “Get in. Get Happy.”:

Taco Bell “Viva Young”:

Samsung El Plato Supremo:

Mercedes-Benz “Soul”:

SodaStream Effect:

Milk Mustache Campaign:


“Terror TV” Comes to America

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I remember 9-11 as if it were yesterday. The shock, the horror, the tears… the vows of ‘we will never forget.’ Evidently, Al Gore couldn’t be bothered with that memory. Money was way too important – bringing America to her knees was too tempting. He sold Current TV for a cool 500 million to Al Jazeera, because they had ‘aligned views.’ I’m sure they do. And as a benefit, the Goracle pocketed 100 million in blood money.

Now, we have opened our door to America to these terror vampires and invited them in of our own free will. Tell, me you haven’t seen this movie before? Ask yourself this, should an enemy propaganda station be allowed to broadcast into millions of American homes? Al Gore, the FCC and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States say yes to that. Why not? We have the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated throughout our government and a President who stays true to his Muslim roots. At least now you’ll be able to watch hot and cold running Islamic propaganda. Terrorist videos showing beheadings of our troops and innocent people being run at all hours of the day and night, all the while blaming America. No more waiting to hear a murderous cleric railing against America and Israel, while calling for a worldwide Caliphate. It’s a brave, new Islamic world and Al Jazeera’s wildest dream come true. Al Jazeera English, “Terror TV” brought to you by a treasonous Al Gore.

The New York Times:

“Current will provide the pan-Arab news giant with something it has sought for years: a pathway into American living rooms. Current is available in about 60 million of the 100 million homes in the United States with cable or satellite service.”

Want some examples of Al Jazeera’s bias? Media Research Center has a few:

  • In 2006, CNN’s Frank Sesno interviewed Al Jazeera talk show host (and former CNN International journalist) Riz Kahn. Sensno asked Kahn if Hamas is a terrorist organization. “I’m not one to judge,” Kahn demurred. Hezbollah? Sesno asked. “Same thing, you know, I’m not going to judge.”
  • In the midst of the “Arab Spring” celebrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Feb. 11, 2011, some 200 men sexually assaulted CBS correspondent Lara Logan. AJE, which was credited by Western liberals for its ubiquitous and even activist coverage of the uprising, completely ignored the crime. Called out by liberal Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, AJE responded that it “believes, as a general rule,” that journalists “are not the story.” Capehart pointed to an AJE article proving the opposite.
  • Also in 2011, in the Israeli settlement of Itamar, someone stabbed to death five members of a Jewish family as they slept. Among the dead were three children, including an infant. The Palestinian Authority condemned the attack, but there was celebration in the Gaza Strip. A search of AJE’s website for the Itama murders turned up no report on the murders themselves, and just two stories about Israeli reaction to the crime.
  • In 1979, Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar was imprisoned for shooting an Israeli civilian in front of the man’s four-year-old daughter and then bashing in her head with his rifle. In 2008, Al Jazeera threw a televised birthday party for Kuntar, then newly released from prison in a prisoner exchange. Amid the cake and fireworks, an Al Jazeera interviewer told Kuntar, “You deserve even more than this.”
  • A stroll through the opinion section of Al Jazeera’s on Jan. 3, 2013, turned up an accusation the U.S. is “Reviving the Cold War,” that Westerners promote “The Myth of the Murderous Muslim,” that American “oligarchs” love guns but hate “America’s already notoriously weak and undersized welfare state,” and, thankfully, that “Theatre of the Oppressed is found everywhere, providing possibilities for restorative justice from Los Angeles to Guatemala.” In other words, it’s chock full of warmed over Marxism, post-colonial twaddle and left-wing group think.

Not only is the sale of the network an insult to America, it is a national security threat and violates numerous laws. Al Jazeera forced networks to sign and comply with an illegal affiliate contract that forcefully compels the bundling of Al Jazeera with other stations. So you get and pay for Al Jazeera whether you want it or not. They have also violated the Foreign Agent Registration Act because they are a property of the Qatar government as designated by our State Department and have not registered as such or identified themselves as a foreign agent when broadcasting. Cliff Kincaid will be holding a press conference next week and here is a slice of his research on the subject:

First, the “misinterpreted” videos were from Osama bin Laden—and al Qaeda, which is still trying to kill us. There is nothing to misinterpret. Paul L. Williams, author of the new book, Crescent Moon Rising points out that, during Operation Enduring Freedom, the official name for the war in Afghanistan, “All the tapes from al Qaeda were aired on Al Jazeera to inflame the Arab world. They added all that fuel so that our troops would be killed.” Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Afghanistan, who interviewed bin Laden, was sent to prison for being an agent of al Qaeda.

In Iraq, after the American invasion, the same thing occurred. Al Jazeera’s first managing director was exposed as an agent of the Saddam Hussein regime and the channel promoted the anti-American insurgency. The coverage inspired foreign Jihadists to come to Iraq to kill American soldiers, as captured terrorists acknowledged in interviews.

The new film, “Zero Dark Thirty,” mentions that the courier who eventually led the CIA to bin Laden was located in Pakistan near an Al Jazeera office in order to get the terrorist leader’s videotapes to the channel for worldwide distribution. This was no accident. The collaboration between Al Jazeera and al Qaeda continues to the present day. The channel has interviewed almost every major al Qaeda leader, including Anwar Al-Awlaki, who inspired the Ft. Hood massacre through his contacts with Muslim Army soldier Nidal Hasan. Al-Awlaki was also linked to the attempted bombing in the U.S. on Christmas Day by radical Muslim Umar Farouk.

Second, despite what Al Gore implies, the Arabic and English versions of Al Jazeera are paid for by the same dictatorship. Even Hillary Clinton’s State Department admits that, adding that Qatar controls the news policies and personnel of the channel.

And from Right Sight News and James Simpson, you can readily see Al Jazeera’s terrorist goals in collusion with al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood:

As a recognized producer of anti-American, Islamist propaganda, Al Jazeera poses a direct national security threat. Overseas it has fanned the flames of resentment against the West. Within the U.S. it can be expected to collude in the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Civilization Jihad” to gradually subvert American culture and law through deception and “information dominance.”

Despite Obama administration claims to the contrary, the Muslim Brotherhood is not a benign organization. Current al Qaeda leader, Ayman al Zawahiri, is a longtime Brotherhood member. The Brotherhood’s goals within the U.S. were clearly spelled out in a secret document revealed in the 2004 Holyland Foundation trial (Comments were part of the original documents):

  • Phase One: Phase of discreet and secret establishment of leadership.
  • Phase Two: Phase of gradual appearance on the public scene and exercising and utilizing various public activities (It greatly succeeded in implementing this stage). It also succeeded in achieving a great deal of its important goals, such as infiltrating various sectors of the Government, gaining religious institutions and embracing senior scholars. Gaining public support and sympathy. Establishing a shadow government (secret) within the Government.
  • Phase Three: Escalation phase, prior to conflict and confrontation with the rulers, through utilizing mass media. Currently in progress.
  • Phase Four: Open public confrontation with the Government through exercising the political pressure approach. Training on the use of weapons domestically and overseas in anticipation of zero-hour. It has noticeable activities in this regard.
  • Phase Five: Seizing power to establish their [sic] Islamic Nation under which all parties and Islamic groups are united.

Another document states:

The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions…

Gore is now claiming that Al Jazeera is ‘highly respected.’ This is the same evil, manipulative elitist Marxist who has been shoving the global warming hoax down our throats for years. Peddling fascism while lining his pockets. His blatant hypocrisy doesn’t even give him pause. He figures that there are enough idiots out there that he can get away with just about anything. Kincaid is calling him on it. He’s one of the very few with the stones to do so. Make no mistake, Al Jazeera is the enemy. They are directly or indirectly connected to every military death over the last ten years at least. It’s like inviting Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally into our homes.

Al Jazeera has the capability to now reach into millions of homes to convert Americans to Islam. To prepare them for holy Jihad and radicalize minions in their conquest of America from the inside out. Imagine suicide bombings across America. Doesn’t that just give you a tingle up your spine? Violence, terrorism and brutality will sweep America just like the Middle East if we allow this to continue. Now the infection isn’t just in our hallowed halls of government and in our educational system. This is akin to mainlining it into the body politic. Both sides of the political aisle are complicit in this coup… either promised money and power or out of partisan blindness. It doesn’t really matter – in the end it is the selling out of America to enemies, outside and from within.

This needs to be investigated by serious parties and immediately before it is too late. Cliff Kincaid is a fantastic speaker, a brilliant researcher and writer and a patriot. Pamela Geller is not only my friend, but one of the bravest out there fighting radical Islam. If you are able, catch the press conference while you are in the area. Please RSVP with Phil Kent at [email protected] or call (404) 226-3549. We need your support. You can view the event online at Kenneytv.com and I’m sure it will be on YouTube and/or MRCTV afterwards. Read up on it and fight. We have to force our politicians to do their jobs or be out of a job. Islam has conquered countless countries by force, don’t let them conquer America through the airwaves without any protest from Americans. Terror TV: bringing “peace” to America. Let it not be so.


“Investigate Al Jazeera Now” Press Conference to Reveal Likely Illegal Activity

Cliff Kincaid, president of America’s Survival, Inc., is holding a press conference Tuesday, February 5th from 1 to 3 pm, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. He intends to call on Congress to investigate the controversial sale of Al Gore’s Current TV to “Terror TV” channel Al Jazeera. “While Americans are packing theaters to watch the movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and celebrate the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden, the former al Qaeda’s leader’s favorite TV channel is coming to 40-50 million American homes,” Kincaid said. “Al Jazeera should be exposed as a homeland security threat that already has American blood on its hands.”

Broadcaster Jerry Kenney, (Kenneytv.com) has filed complaints with the U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission alleging that Al Jazeera has been conducting illegal broadcasts into the U.S. These are major allegations that to date have not seen the light of day in the mass media.

Also speaking is Pamela Geller, founder of the Atlas Shrugs website, president of American Freedom Defense Initiative and the leader of the opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque. Pam scored a major victory against Islamic radicals in court by defending her right to post billboards highlighting Islamic terrorism at public transportation stops and other locations throughout the U.S.

Time and Date: Tuesday, February 5th, 1 pm – 3 pm. The National Press Club is located at 529 14th Street Northwest and the press conference is in the First Amendment Room on the 13th floor.

To RSVP contact Phil Kent at [email protected] or (404) 226-3549. More information is available on www.usasurvival.org.